The Predator hunting Talk cast
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Hosted by: Brian Downs
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 34247
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Title: LIVE from the Predator Masters Hunt and convention

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Past Episodes (43)

Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
02/09/2013 07:00 PM EST
LIVE from the Predator Masters Hunt and convention
01/07/2013 01:00 PM EST
EPISODEFP 9 Lighting the night
11/01/2012 09:00 AM EDT
EPISODE FP-8 The Predator hunting Talk cast
09/14/2012 04:00 PM EDT
EPISODE 7 FP- The Predator hunting Talk cast
09/01/2012 08:30 AM EDT
Season 3 Teaser -Predators Back
01/05/2012 01:22 PM EST
EPISODE FP 6 - The Best Of The Talkcast
03/01/2011 01:00 PM EST
EPISODE FP 5 -Calling in the east with Abner Druckenmiller
02/01/2011 06:00 PM EST
EPISODE FP 4 Bobcats with Kelly Jackson
02/01/2011 06:00 PM EST
EPISODE FP4 -Calling Bobcats with Kelly Jackson
01/01/2011 06:00 PM EST
EPISODE FP 3 - The Predator hunting Talk cast calling fox with Pete Hauer
12/01/2010 06:00 AM EST
EPISODE 2 - FOXPRO's Predator hunting Talk cast Mike Dillon talks decoys
10/31/2010 06:35 PM EDT
EPISODE 1 FP Predator Hunting Talkcast Al Morris shares his secrets
04/11/2010 06:00 PM EDT
EPISODE33 - All around coyote dogs with Barry Stewart
03/28/2010 06:00 PM EDT
EPISODE32 - Getting Kids and Family Involved with Tom Austin f
03/14/2010 06:00 PM EDT
EPISODE 31 - Fox Vocals with Andrew Lewand


- Reviewer: getOUTofARM 05/03/10 05:50 PM EDT

Byron South on Bobcats - Reviewer: JohnnyBrewster 02/08/10 11:04 PM EST
Full Comment: Thanks for your tips on bobcat hunting. I got my first daytime bobcat the first hunt after listening to your discussion on predator talk. I wouldn't have stuck around in the location if it didn't look so "catty". I wouldn't have looked around as carefully as I did to see that cat if hadn't heard you say time after time that most hunters don't see the cats that are looking at them. One last careful scan netted me that cat. Thanks for your sharing your insights! No pun intended.

Episode 18-Calling Bobcats with Byron South - Reviewer: SanDiegoHunter85 01/14/10 02:36 AM EST
Full Comment: I am amazed at how much I have learned about bobcat hunting just by listening to this talk show. I just started predator hunting in December 09. I got my first coyote on 12/26/09, but I have been trying to get this one bobcat. I know exactly where he lives and I have had this feeling of being watched, but I couldn't see him. I realize now that I was on the other side of a field atleast 200 yards from the cover on the other side. Now I know that I need to be a lot closer to the cover and I need an E-call to be able to continuously call with a cottan tail distress, instead of the distress call. I will take all this information I have learned out in the field with me next time and I bet I'll be successful next time. I want to personallt thank Byron South for being a guest on the show and giving all his valuable experience on the matter and I want to thank Brian Downs for his talk show. I plan on listening to every show and learning as much as ya'll can teach me. Again, thank you so much for helping me out with my bobcat hunting problems. Seth Barnes- San Diego, CA

Thanks for the great show! - Reviewer: Fastshot777 01/10/10 11:16 PM EST
Full Comment: Very informative show. I have learned a lot more tricks to use out in the field.

Brian Downs Gets it Done Right - Reviewer: tyson129 12/17/09 11:57 AM EST
Full Comment: If you want to hear some of the top Predator Hunters and Callers in the Industry be interviewed than this is the place for you! Brian Downs gets the top people in the Predator Hunting Industry on his show and gives away awesome prizes to his listeners. Don't Miss a show because you never know when a Pro is going to give you the Tip or Trick you have been wanting to know to help improve your Predator Hunting! Bravo Brian for making this show a great place for all Predator Hunters!

Great - Reviewer: PredatorSlayer 12/16/09 10:29 PM EST
Full Comment: I love your show.

- Reviewer: babyhuey 09/06/09 05:49 PM EDT

Quaker Boy Game Calls Pro Staffer David Nicotera - Reviewer: darkstorm557 08/02/09 04:27 PM EDT
Full Comment: Brian Downs is doing a great deed to all predator hunters. He is as real as it gets. He makes the dream come alive with every show bringing true professionals to your home via computer. Brian cast a small stone that is making big waves. Way to lead by example Brian !!!

Great Great Show. - Reviewer: AusVarmint 03/25/09 08:08 PM EDT
Full Comment: I have been listening to The Predator Hunting Talk Cast since its inception and as an Australian I have learnt so much about predator hunting in the US and in general. If you like hunting predators this podcast is a must listen! You won't be disappointed. Regards, Keith Drain

Great Show - Reviewer: coyote69 03/15/09 04:53 PM EDT
Full Comment: It is a great source of information for every level of predator hunter. It is interactive which is very nice since you can get answers to your own questions.

Spacemanzero's Review - Reviewer: spacemanzero 03/15/09 10:24 AM EDT
Full Comment: I would have to say the show is great. Being new to predator hunting I look for as much information I can get. The content of the show is very informative no matter what area you live. Keep it up Brian.

A show for the novice and the veteran. - Reviewer: PurePredatorCalls 02/13/09 01:33 PM EST
Full Comment: In a information starved world, Brian has brought a information superhighway. The shows have been top notch. The information laid out infront of the General public would take years to learn. Knowledge is the key, to predator hunting. I dont beleive there is any master in this outdoor arena, there are alot of good Predator Hunters, but to have a place where these good hunters openly bring their tips and techniques to the general public. Thanks Brian, Michael Plein Pure Predator Championship Calls 208.420.3405

Oh Ya it is Brian - Reviewer: North American Safari 02/08/09 10:06 AM EST
Full Comment: Hey all. This guy is for real, make no mistake. Works hard, Hunts hard. In my opinion he is crazy! I went down and hunted with him and can't keep up with this guy. You want to know something about predators .... He has got the answer, not from some book but from his personal time in the field.