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Hosted by: Tedd
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 34147
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Title: EPISODE62 - how being inspired by other artists influences on's own art!

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Past Episodes (65)

Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
05/21/2017 09:00 PM EDT
EPISODE62 - how being inspired by other artists influences on's own art!
05/21/2017 07:00 PM EDT
EPISODE62 -How our favorite artists inspire us as Artists ourselves!
02/20/2015 11:41 PM EST
EPISODE60: taking a break before starting your project!
02/01/2015 11:00 PM EST
EPISODE 59 Getting your idea down on paper!
01/18/2015 11:00 PM EST
EPISODE 58 -Panels!
12/25/2013 11:00 PM EST
EPISODE58 -Approach to art Analytical or Emotional?
06/16/2013 09:30 PM EDT
EPISODE57: Cultural/Ethnic expression in Comics!
06/09/2013 08:59 PM EDT
EPISODE56 -Attitude and Art!
05/20/2013 12:30 AM EDT
EPISODE 55 Time and the way it influences our Art
06/24/2012 12:00 AM EDT
EPISODE54 - Is Art Good for You?
05/19/2012 12:12 AM EDT
EPISODE 53 - Pacing Yourself!
02/06/2012 11:00 PM EST
EPISODE 52: How words relate to pictures in comics and Art!
01/24/2012 11:00 PM EST
EPISODE51 -Storytelling without pictures!
01/12/2012 12:23 AM EST
EPISODE50:How do you write for your characters?
12/22/2011 10:30 PM EST
EPISODE49: Death in storytelling!


Great stuff... - Reviewer: smurfwreck 04/29/10 07:58 AM EDT
Full Comment: Ted is one of the most genuine people I've come across online, and the Idiot Engine is a great way to dig into the craft of creating. Ted's honest curiosity and zen-like approach to deconstructing the process of making comics, animation, etc is completely engrossing. I also like his approach to the revolving group of guest hosts which each bring a unique perspective on their craft. Awesome work Ted!

Great show. - Reviewer: BookemDano 01/13/10 03:31 PM EST
Full Comment: Ted is a gentleman and a super cool guy. I love his style of life and art.

Great show! - Reviewer: Inkfink20147 03/11/09 08:58 PM EDT
Full Comment: Interesting perspectives! Fascinating! Keep up the good work!

Ted is cool! - Reviewer: Kevin Cross 02/14/09 06:05 PM EST
Full Comment: What can I say?! This is a great podcast and Ted is one cool host! This gives me some excellent food for thought while I'm working on my comics. I always leave each episode feeling happy and with a Zen-like peace. Love the show!!!

Ted Seko is a sonic JOY! - Reviewer: jimlujan 02/02/09 03:53 PM EST
Full Comment: Great podcasts! I could listen to Ted talk about sprinkler repair and totally be entertained. He's got a way about him to make the everday interesting and fresh. You really get to see things through a new light when listening to the Idiot Engine.