The Indigo Room: Creating Our Reality
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Hosted by: Sydney Chase
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 33443
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Title: EPISODE519 - The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

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01/22/2017 01:35 PM EST
EPISODE523 - The Indigo Room: Creating Our Reality
11/27/2016 01:02 PM EST
EPISODE522 - The Indigo Room: Creating Our Reality
11/20/2016 01:02 PM EST
EPISODE521 - The Indigo Room: Creating Our Reality
11/19/2016 01:16 PM EST
EPISODE520 - The Indigo Room: Creating Our Reality
11/06/2016 01:00 PM EST
EPISODE519 - The Power of Your Subconscious Mind
10/30/2016 12:57 PM EDT
EPISODE518 - The Indigo Room: Creating Our Reality
10/23/2016 01:00 PM EDT
EPISODE517 - The Miracle Working Power of Your Subconcious
10/16/2016 01:00 PM EDT
EPISODE516 - The Indigo Room: Creating Our Reality
10/09/2016 12:00 PM EDT
EPISODE515 - How Your Mind Works
10/02/2016 12:00 PM EDT
EPISODE514 - The Power of Your Subconscious Mind
06/11/2016 12:00 PM EDT
EPISODE512 - Resurrection by Neville Goddard Chat
05/14/2016 12:00 PM EDT
EPISODE508 - Resurrection by Neville Goddard
04/30/2016 12:00 PM EDT
EPISODE506 - The Indigo Room: Creating Our Reality
04/23/2016 12:00 PM EDT
EPISODE505 - Resurrection by Neville Goddard
04/16/2016 12:00 PM EDT
EPISODE504 - Resurrection by Neville Goddard Chpt 20


- Reviewer: capricious 11/02/14 10:32 AM EST

- Reviewer: KayHey 10/04/12 03:00 PM EDT

Elijah to Elisha: Transformation 101 - Reviewer: goldnchyl 06/10/12 01:23 PM EDT
Full Comment: Neville presents the concept of transformation in his brilliant, methodical way, breaking down & making plain the alchemical use of divine energy as destructive or creative force. Sydney and guests add thought-provoking commentary around the movement of Elijah from being the "destructive, outer winds of the hurricane" to Elisha, "the calm, inner eye of the storm". This is a message so pertinent now as many are struggling to navigate through the unprecedented changes flooding the planet now. In my view, its a message particularly useful to those who consider themselves, "light-workers, starseeds", etc. to remember the co-creative relationship between us, Source Energy, and the life we experience. To be the calm center during a time when old paradigms are falling away is a skill that will be needed greatly. Thanks Sydney and all for another great program. Peace & Blessings Always

appreciation - Reviewer: piscesgal 02/10/12 12:03 AM EST
Full Comment: If you are a seeker, then one day you will find this podcast. That is what happened to me. I have all archives on my ITunes. I'm only a listener for a year or so. Many people are making profit to share information; especially Neville. They are charging upwards of 2-300 hundered dollars collectively for his archives and also charge individually. But any good thing can be free. I have to say Sidney is changing the world by taking time to dillienate and share all of Neville for free. The wisdom, the understanding, the miraculous unfolding of what life is about.... it's all there if you are ready for this level of belief. I know I speak on behalf of all listeners to say in thank you Sidney. There is not lesser or greater word to say. What you are doing and have done is immeasurably remarkable.

Hooked and Hooked - Reviewer: MamziePamzie123 12/18/11 11:44 AM EST
Full Comment: Since stumbling across these podcasts, just three short weeks ago with Sydney Chase, I have been hooked! If you would like to have the Law of Attraction explained in everyday language, with applicable techniques, then Sydney's your gal!! She, with Linda and Gary, explain the theories and processes using their own life experiences in a very delicious way! When I joined, it was all about the works of Neville Goddard, who was a truly a remarkable man (listen to his lectures and the show to see why!!) The processes of the Law of Attraction is touchable, feelable and inspiring! Truly Delicious!! This was the comment that I wanted to leave as a review on Itunes, but couldn't. As you had previously said; when the time is right, the teacher is found! So true. Keep up the good work! xxx

Great job, my friend! - Reviewer: RevSandraAnneDaly 10/24/10 06:07 PM EDT
Full Comment: Hi Sydney! Just wanted to say that it's great to have you back on the air, and you're doing a fabulous job. Keep up the great work and I will join you as I am able! And when I'm not able to, I thank God for podcasts!!! I love you my friend!

New to ur talkshow.. - Reviewer: enlightment 09/13/09 09:35 PM EDT
Full Comment: I have missed the 30 days as I have found u by clicking trew talkshoe ! BUT! I did listen to your recordings! you r delightfull and ur topic( loa) is enlightning! I look forward to your upcomming talk shows,

Great Program..... - Reviewer: Rev. Kenneth R. Jenkins 06/29/09 02:11 PM EDT
Full Comment: Enjoyed your program and I hope that u will have a wonder day and God bless you!

You are the best, beautiful and wonderous ladies! - Reviewer: bartonlandfair 03/30/08 05:50 PM EDT
Full Comment: I just wanted to let you know how much your podcasts mean to me. I am a very positive person and I've become to know of the Secret, Abraham, etc. However recently, I was fretting and losing sleep over how much debt I have accrued over the last 5 years. I'm filing for bankruptcy since I was sick for three months and have gotten way, way and way behind in payments. That being said, I am now very positive in my outlook, your podcasts really hit home with me and I feel great listening to you. It allows me to receive this valuable information and send positive vibes out into the universe. I feel relief and I know that I will survive. You both feel like a couple of good friends that I've known for a long time. I'm a female artist living in Las Vegas, Nevada. My webpage of my work is Thanks so much for being there! You are helping so many people! Your new friend and listener, Barton Landfair

Sydney & Diana, You Girls Rock! - Reviewer: Susana 12/12/07 11:18 AM EST
Full Comment: I came upon this show indirectly & by accident. I'm a member of Neil Slade's Yahoo group Brain Explorers (the popping your amygdala guy). One of his email newsletters included a link to The Indigo Room podcast. I didn't realize how much I needed a show like this until I clicked on that lnk and listened. Now I'm hooked! In a nice spiritual vibration sort of way. I've since downloaded every show from inception to the lastest. I'm playing catch up listening to all the earlier shows and trying to get up-to-date. I listen to your show on my Ipod when I'm at work (I work the nights when your show is on live) . Any THANK YOU Sydney and Diana! The Indigo Room is inspirational, funny, original, educational and it just plain ROCKS! Susana

Loving This show - Reviewer: Ohangela & Maddness 10/09/07 11:35 PM EDT
Full Comment: Sydney and Diana I love this show. You always are so positive. My life was literally changed by your show. Through amaya I learned a great deal about myself. This has been a journey and i am honored to go through it with you. ohAngela

Now I know how to cook chicken popcorn - Reviewer: MADinMelbourne 10/07/07 04:40 AM EDT
Full Comment: What a hoot!!! I don't know who those two women talking about cooking popcorn are... what a classic, I LOLLED and LOLLED and LOLLED! I'm getting ready to be on the next show so that I can play a game.. any game to expand my thinking. THANKS GIRLS... I'll definitely be checking in to this room again.... fantastic, just listened to An Athiest Journey - extremely valuable. I'm focussing 17 seconds on being able to listen in to a live show during a time that syncs with Melbourne.

Abundance - Reviewer: CloverWitch 09/30/07 10:22 AM EDT
Full Comment: This show has an abundance of wonderful insight and is a blast to listen to. Two great ladies and a myriad of magical guests. I love the show on manifesting more money: allowing myself more abundance in life. Well, I allow my self all the juicy abundance of this show whenever I can!

DIANA YOU ROCK!!!!!! And so do our Chat Room Friends - Reviewer: Sydney Chase 08/21/07 07:55 AM EDT
Full Comment: This is a review by me, the host Sydney Chase, of the live show we recorded August 20, 2007. Actually it's a review of my totally AWESOME producer and friend Diana Kessler. We had some trouble again with our Audio, and hey it's alllllllllllllll good. I had to leave the show and had some trouble logging back in and Diana did her thing along with some help from our friends in the chat room. Wow!!! I just finished listening to the show and I am so extremely PROUD of my once shy producer as she stepped into HOST shoes and kept the show Rolling. I love her and I appreciate her sooooo much, I am going to our Rampage of Appreciation Group and write a Rampage of Appreciation for her and our listeners and our FABULOUS GUEST Lori Hamann. Thank You Lori for hanging in there with us and staying calm and in your center. Thank you Indigo Room Friends for encouraging Diana while all of the Wicky-Wackyness was going on last night...teehee!!! What a blessing to have a partner like Diana and to have the support of our listeners. Can you feel the Love?! DELICIOUS. PEACE LIGHT AND LOVE SYDNEY CHASE

Thank you for bridging the gap between heaven and earth! - Reviewer: empath 08/13/07 08:40 PM EDT
Full Comment: Every time I listen, I find myself totally refreshed & uplifted from the funky mix of humor, spirituality, combined with a down to earth, don't-take-ourselves-too-seriously atmosphere. The host & producer welcome listeners like they were their own family. Sydney Chase is a brilliant manifester; she is one hell of a broadcaster, she is one hell of a woman blazing a trail and showing us all how we can do it ourselves, outside the box, outside the lines, with color, flair, and a passion and zeal for life! I love this show!!!

Awesome Show - Reviewer: TVSeriesFinaleFan 08/13/07 03:52 PM EDT
Full Comment: I love this show so's so so great...these people are the most lovely people and this podcast is the bomb so if you want a non-stuffy non-cocky interactive nice and just overall awesome podcast than come to the Indigo Room every Monday and Friday night at TalkShoe!

the indigo room - Reviewer: La Sal 08/09/07 07:15 PM EDT
Full Comment: Hi Sydney and Dianna. You guys are awesome and totally rock! This is a superior show and has an amazing message. And Sydney, thank you so much for your advice! I love you guys! Peace, love and light LaSal

Episode1/ "You Attract What You Feel About" - Reviewer: Peerlesslite 07/07/07 03:34 AM EDT
Full Comment: Hi Sydney, Wendy, Denise and members of the show. Bravo again! Sydney this was a very interesting and delightful show. I'm sorry I missed the fun live, but happy I could listen to it now. It was very enlightening and inspiring. The main part of the discussion that really caught my attention was on the neuro{?} section. I could relate due to a condition that I have that deals with the sympathetic nervous system. Sometimes we do things naturally, not really having a name for it, or either not knowing a name to assosciate to your situation. I found that with this condition, I had trained myself to produce positive endorphines with laughter. Most of my friends, no matter how negative a situation know that they can call me and we will find a positive way to cope. Everything in this world has a negative and a positive, my thoughts are, we acknowledge the negative when present because of reality, but concentrate on the positive and put it to work on moving to the answer or solution because we have a choice on how we deal with certain things emotionally. How we look at it is the key to how we handle what is forecasted for us. Positivity, Faith and spiritual light to guide us, keeps us balanced as we learn to work with laws of attraction. Thank you so much, I truly enjoyed the show. Look foward to speaking with you again. Blessings Peerlesslite