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Hosted by: Jamais Jochim
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 33290
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Title: WCRI #93 - Clifford VanMeter

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Past Episodes (94)

Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
12/02/2008 10:00 PM EST
WCRI #4 - Juathuur Gatecrash, Edge the Devilhunter, Goodbye Chains
11/28/2008 09:30 PM EST
WCRI #3: IWebcomicking I
11/26/2008 09:00 PM EST
WCRI #2 - Reviews: Nahast, Demon Slayers, Shortpacked
11/23/2008 06:00 PM EST
WCRI #1 - Stephanie O'Donnel


Jamais knows what he's doing. - Reviewer: nicklangley 07/28/09 11:08 PM EDT
Full Comment: Some interviewers are blowhards more interested in hearing themselves talk than taking interest in their guests - thats NOT Jamais. Some interviewers don't know enough about their guests or the topics - that's NOT Jamais. Some interviewers just aren't fun - that's NOT Jamais. So what is Jamais? Do the math because by inference I already said: interested, interesting, knowledgeable, and fun.

Jamais is one of a kind - Reviewer: Argonsassistant1 02/16/09 11:26 PM EST
Full Comment: Jamais delivers a wonderful informative podcast that gives insight into the world of comics! His dedication to this genre is both satisfying and in depth!