B.S. Walks When Money Talks
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Title: Chris Mangum and Jam A Lot

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Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
09/20/2011 11:30 AM EDT
EPISODE98 - B.S. Walks When Money Talks
03/16/2011 11:58 PM EDT
EPISODE97 - B.S. Walks When Money Talks
01/12/2011 07:11 PM EST
EPISODE96 - B.S. Walks When Money Talks
10/06/2010 06:24 PM EDT
EPISODE95 - B.S. Walks When Money Talks
04/02/2010 05:55 AM EDT
EPISODE94 - B.S. Walks When Money Talks
03/28/2010 01:01 AM EDT
Chris Mangum and Jam A Lot
02/28/2010 03:12 AM EST
EPISODE92 - B.S. Walks When Money Talks
02/11/2010 07:47 PM EST
EPISODE91 - B.S. Walks When Money Talks
01/26/2010 02:11 PM EST
EPISODE90 - B.S. Walks When Money Talks
01/09/2010 11:41 PM EST
EPISODE89 - B.S. Walks When Money Talks
12/23/2009 05:25 PM EST
EPISODE88 - B.S. Walks When Money Talks
12/21/2009 01:27 PM EST
EPISODE87 - B.S. Walks When Money Talks
12/18/2009 07:06 PM EST
EPISODE86 - B.S. Walks When Money Talks
12/16/2009 01:09 PM EST
EPISODE85 - B.S. Walks When Money Talks
12/09/2009 01:14 PM EST
EPISODE 40 - B.S. Walks When Money Talks


Great Title...AWESOME show! - Reviewer: Renagade 03/18/09 02:24 PM EDT
Full Comment: John and JB got it going on! fun, PACKED with info. If you are into ecommerce, you MUST catch this show!

ecommerce knowledge brought by well researched hosts - Reviewer: Trent_T1 12/06/08 01:19 PM EST
Full Comment: Have just finished listening to all the current programs and enjoyed an intelligent and well informed show. Between the two of you there is much past and current knowledge to be gained by listening to your Agents of Revenue eCommerce Radio TalkShoe show. Thanks!

Motivational - Reviewer: Henrietta 11/26/08 02:48 PM EST
Full Comment: A good dose of medicine, a tonic for your business. Medicine is supposed to taste bad. John and Scott add a spoonful of laughter to make the medicine go down. Lots of food for thought and some solid advice, add a dash of motivation and I am inspired to take my medicine and go back to work. Thank you gentlemen!

eCommerce Today! - Reviewer: The Savvy Seller 11/19/08 09:46 PM EST
Full Comment: Agents John and Scott have mastered the art of casual conversation peppered with nuggets of wisdom. They weigh in on timely topics based on their various experiences. Wed 1:14 - don't miss it!

Great show! - Reviewer: shopitla 11/19/08 06:28 PM EST
Full Comment: Good info and discussion. I never knew that black friday *wasn't* the busiest shopping day of the year!

Educational, Thought Provoking, Inspirational, and Fun!!! - Reviewer: ConsignmentPalDir 11/12/08 10:47 PM EST
Full Comment: PHENOMENAL!!! Learned a lot, got inspired, had fun! Will schedule lunch with you guys next week! I liked the interactive nature of being able to see all the comments coming in and hearing your responses to some of them. Listeners, if your schedule permits, hang around after the show for more chatting. It's like going backstage after a concert, only more personal! Linda Consignment Pal Resale Directory