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Hosted by: Leo Laporte
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 3185
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Title: net@ite 35

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Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
09/23/2007 06:52 PM EDT
net@ite 35
09/16/2007 06:45 PM EDT
net@nite 34
09/09/2007 06:46 PM EDT
net@nite 33
08/26/2007 06:39 PM EDT
net@nite 32
08/05/2007 06:45 PM EDT
net@nite 31
07/29/2007 06:47 PM EDT
net@nite 30
07/22/2007 06:48 PM EDT
net@nite 29
07/15/2007 06:58 PM EDT
net@nite 28
07/01/2007 06:49 PM EDT
net@nite 27
06/24/2007 06:24 PM EDT
net@nite 26: Theramin
06/17/2007 07:01 PM EDT
EPISODE28 - net@nite
05/27/2007 06:42 PM EDT
net@nite 23: Eyespot
05/13/2007 06:35 PM EDT
net@nite 22:
05/06/2007 06:30 PM EDT
net@nite 21: and
04/29/2007 06:45 PM EDT
net@nite 20 - Pandora and Jaiku


Great Podcast - Reviewer: danielbru1 09/09/07 09:07 AM EDT
Full Comment: Hey Leo, I just wanted to say that you are a great podcaster! Keep up the great shows! Daniel

Top Web Picks by Two of the Top Geeks - Reviewer: Lightshadowstar 08/20/07 04:32 PM EDT
Full Comment: Started listening to this as "Inside the Net and have been a long time fan of both hosts. An excellent source for interesting and fun links with guests from some of the top, and rapidly rising websites.

One of the best... - Reviewer: tomlees203 08/04/07 10:11 AM EDT
Full Comment: This is a great interactive show, with two great hosts. I mean all of the shows leo does are awsome, and this is included. And to the reviewer who only gave this 2* because talkshoe is too unreliable, wtf?, you see that button that says "talkcast reviews" it is exactly that, its not a review of the talkshoe service.

N@N - pocket podcast perfection - Reviewer: parkylondon 03/18/07 07:37 PM EDT
Full Comment: I tuned into this when it was Inside The Net and then they transferred to Net@Nite. I can't fault the blend of web tips and links and first class guests. The callers questions are sometimes excellent, sometimes just plan weird but never boring. One criticism? Yes, just one. Leo - please - no more Scottish or (especially) Dick Van Dyke english accents.... Arghhh! Cheers and keep up the good work Parky from Podcast User Magazine...

A very great Sunday night Netcast/Podcast - Reviewer: Diehardgamer 02/16/07 07:40 AM EST
Full Comment: I used to watch Leo and Amber every weekday on Call For Help when I was living in Phoenix, and then moved back to the northern part of Arizona, and was very saddened when Amber left the show! But now I'm very happy and excited that they're together again with Net@nite on the TWIT network, and here on This is a very great tech netcast/podcast! You get to find out about alot going on the tech world, tech news, and the latest recent news about the tech gadgets of today, including the next gen gaming consoles. Keep up the very great, and really awesome work Leo and Ambur ^^

net@nite review - Reviewer: 7deacons 02/13/07 09:07 AM EST
Full Comment: If you're into tech, this netcast/podcast is for you! Two years ago I'd never ever heard of Leo Laporte (or Amber), because I live in the UK, but now I listen to Leo for several hours a week. The best tech broadcaster in the US!

Awesome Show you have - Reviewer: 02/12/07 02:21 PM EST
Full Comment: Its alot of fun listening to your show you guys are funny good info and wish you the best. Keep up the great work on your show. Pete Balasch Jr. my show # 14444 Have Fun

Best Talkcast on Talkshoe - Reviewer: A GEEK'S LIFE 02/04/07 09:10 PM EST
Full Comment: Leo Laporte and Amber Mac take you through the Internet and Web 2.0 as they discus the latest tech trends and allow user recommendations which brings some real gems to the surface. Another great podcast from

the best talkcast - Reviewer: GeorgeGiddy 01/14/07 11:19 PM EST
Full Comment: this talkcast is the best i have ever heard. this is the ultimate geekcast.

An extremely good show :-) - Reviewer: thesilentpurple 01/14/07 08:01 PM EST
Full Comment: Highly enjoyable stuff, both live and later in the week at higher quality. If you want an alternative interface to the talkshoe client chat, with the same people that bring you the wonderful irc room. Come join us at channel: net@nite during the live recordings.

Very cool - Reviewer: cybrid 12/31/06 07:46 PM EST
Full Comment: I agree, Sunday is now the first day of the week!!!! er, best day?

The best talkcast ever!!! - Reviewer: Keaton1 12/24/06 04:25 PM EST
Full Comment: AWSOME! The only problem with it is there are too many people chatting, nobody every responds to anything. Oh well it's a great talkcast.

Love it - Reviewer: pdivack 12/17/06 06:11 PM EST
Full Comment: i love it

Thanks guys Like the way do... - Reviewer: SinghaMukha 12/13/06 09:34 PM EST
Full Comment: I'm Joss from Paris, Pretty good talkcast! I'm new but I 'm looking forward to hear from you soon. Cheers!

Another great netcast - Reviewer: WIKED 12/07/06 06:06 AM EST
Full Comment: Amber & Leo just rock together. If you haven't listened to this netcast yet then what are you waiting for? You won't be dissapointed if you are a fan of Leo & Amber.

Great Team - Reviewer: Scotland_Man 12/03/06 06:44 PM EST
Full Comment: Amber And Leo - Fantastic What Can I Say?? Great you guys are working together still.. sniff...

Great show - Reviewer: paulius 11/27/06 09:21 AM EST
Full Comment: As of all Leo's netcasts, net@nite is great. I love the fact that all the fans can text chat during the show and that the fans can have a couple of words with Leo before the show. I really net@night. This is amazing. I would hope that TalkShoe would implement better features and have a better control for these "Leodotting" moments.

Best...TalkCast...Ever! - Reviewer: Jared.Tech2Speech 11/22/06 01:32 AM EST
Full Comment: I love Web 2.0 and TechTV, so this talkcast gives me both of what I love. What can I say? I look forward thinking to what will happen each sunday on net@nite. Leo, Amber and the gang: I can't wait to see where you guys will take this big thing called the internet.

ChaCha - Reviewer: Gamegirl672 11/16/06 08:29 PM EST
Full Comment: I like what you said about ChaCha, I am a ChaCha Guide. However, some of your information is not quite correct. If you would like more accurate information, please let me know & I will be happy to clarify. We have over 14,000 Guides, not 4, lol. I would be very happy to give you some more specifics if you are interested. Thanks for talking about us!!

Great! - Reviewer: chris24 11/10/06 03:14 PM EST
Full Comment: This is inspiring! I Might make my own LIVE PODCAST ABOUT MAC, or THE WEB. IT MIGHT BE A TECH PODCAST ! err... LIVE PODCAST.. Also, the quality isn't as great as the local version, but I got used to it. The Chat is REALLY HARD TO FOLLOW AND REALLY LAGGY for this show though :( UPDATE: I Made My Own Talkcast #10213, a daily Mac Show! I LOVE TALKSHOE! Thanks Leo! And Leo, stop saying podcast in this show, say Netcast!

**Caution** Cast-perience in progress here...!! - Reviewer: CBurk 11/06/06 12:43 PM EST
Full Comment: For anyone that didn't quite enjoy the hiccups, or the TS-chat interface in this first ep. of the Net@night talkcast, you shouldn't (I believe) be too terribly quick to dismiss it all as some form of failure, seeing as how part of the fun of it all is figuring out how to optimize the general experience in order to make it a worthwhile event for everyone involved in the process. (including the hosts). Personally, I was only unable to access the show during the first four minutes or so of trying, and afterwards it was a relatively decent experience, as I was able to do everything from listen to the MacLaporte-team discuss their topics/interview/calls, and also use the chat as I needed, (obviously, a difficult task at times, with the connection drops, and the amount of users replying seemingly simultaneously, but on a talkcast that carries this many knowledgeable users as it's guests, this isn't particularly of much import to me, although I was able to pick out a few good quick-tips, here and there...) I was not in the caller queue for this show, so I'm unable to comment on anything from that perspective. As far as the topics went, I mostly took to hearing the hosts own personal opinions on the recent offer to acquire Digg, which was discussed somewhat near the end, although I do so with the caveat that I was distracted from small chunks of the earlier show discussion due to the Sunday Night football broadcast. :-P All in all though, I'm certainly game to sticking around for future shows, and I am certainly looking forward to seeing how it all continues to evolve. (o.-)b

Simply Amazing Event - Reviewer: JeffreyD 11/06/06 11:21 AM EST
Full Comment: In my opinion, this was a ground breaking event, and a new way to podcast. The chat said their were over 400 people on line simultaneously. I'm sure there were many many others waiting to enter. This type of live high volume interactive podcast simply can't be done by other services/websites. Leo called this Podcasting 2.0. I agree. We all know the TalkShoe website was taxed, but for a new company, their performance exceeded my expectations. Rock on.

Exciting next step for Inside the Net - Reviewer: jribbs 11/05/06 08:32 PM EST
Full Comment: It was very cool listening to the tests. These behind-the-scenes gems are always fascinating. Thanks Leo and Amber for letting us eavesdrop on your exporation of innovation. Good luck on your first net@nite show.

A Little More Talk and A Little More Action - Reviewer: Bill Quigley 11/03/06 02:25 PM EST
Full Comment: Extreme talent found here - we other TJs (TalkCast Jockeys) are in a weekly seminar on how to do and be the real thing and it's being hosted by Leo and Amber. We welcome your considerable talent and skills to our humble community and look forward to personal and professional growth - and some darn good TalkCasts. We wish you overwhelming success and satisfaction. We'll be listening. (Bill and Art - Your Home-Your Money)

Great technology - Reviewer: Terry69 10/31/06 01:14 AM EST
Full Comment: Thanks Leo and Amber dare I say/think it yet again. I have only just discovered and have been loving every minute of them. Coming here it once again a step up on the mark you all seem to set. Hopefully me being in New Zealand will not mean I can't be at least a part of the chat part of a live podcast. (Slap me Leo, make that netcast. LOL!) Thanks again for showing us such a great new technology. Terry

WOWIE - Reviewer: DennisD 10/27/06 10:54 PM EDT
Full Comment: This is the neatest thing. Yeah, as I thought, Leo, your end of the cast is a bit low. I know you are having an issue getting the level set right, but the others can be heard fine. The recording you have on your vox site is great and I can hear you and the other end at the same volume. In the third test, you and Amber are clipping and I hear feedback from you and Amber and it cleared up once Amber put on her headphones.

Test 2 and Amber - Reviewer: Randysouth 10/27/06 10:52 PM EDT
Full Comment: This technology is fantastic, but on the last test with Leo and Amber, Amber sounded like she was talking through a tin can the whole time. I never would have known who it was until Leo called her name. Hopefully things can be fine tuned before the official net@nite netcast. If this works I see this as the future of netcasting!

Great Idea - Reviewer: thegizwizguy 10/27/06 09:05 PM EDT
Full Comment: Amber, Leo What a great idea, could this be the next generation of Netcasting? I was able to voice chat with you during Test2 and on the phone it sounded great. Amber it was great TXT chatting with you and I wish you all the best on CP24 I look forward to your new show on Nov 5 and hope to be part of it, I will be calling in. Mike / AKA thegizwizguy Hamilton, Ontario Canada

Audio Quality - Reviewer: Brian in Ohio 10/27/06 06:08 PM EDT
Full Comment: That audio sounds horrendous. No way I can listen to that. I'll just wait unil the podcast is released on Tuesday.

Totally awesome. - Reviewer: Bassguy 10/27/06 12:35 AM EDT
Full Comment: Leo and Amber are simply amazing. The best of the best.

The 24 Hours of Leo - Reviewer: skarka 10/26/06 11:18 PM EDT
Full Comment: Does Leo ever sleep? I mean, is there any evidence of him sleeping? Dosing off when Dvorak is talking doesn't count, we all do that.

wow1 cant wait! this will be a great experiment! - Reviewer: homerthegreat 10/26/06 08:15 PM EDT
Full Comment: I think this is just the kind of thing that will get things going beond the already loyal fanbase. of course, we will have to put up with sub-par call in audio. but it all sounds like am radio in the 70's. kinda like the cb's of today 10 -4 ! :})

Bumps in the Road.... - Reviewer: Cream_Soda 10/26/06 07:55 PM EDT
Full Comment: A few MAJOR glitches, but otherwise I was able to listen to the conversations. TalkShoe is using this as a learning experience and will hopefully have the problems solved by next Sunday (the 12th). I'll be there come hell or high water though.

Great move! - Reviewer: shayne 10/26/06 07:11 PM EDT
Full Comment: This is a very cool experiment. I hope it works welll for you.

HOLY CRAP! - Reviewer: bitninja 10/26/06 05:46 AM EDT
Full Comment: This is just what I wanted to happen with ITN...user participation in a Web 2.0 netcast/talkshow. I'm officially stunned.

Oh Yes!! - Reviewer: ScipioMagnus 10/25/06 06:05 PM EDT
Full Comment: Hell I was entertained just by the test recording!!

Great show. As always - Reviewer: madjo 10/25/06 03:14 PM EDT
Full Comment: Just too bad that Linux users can't enter the chatroom, but that's nothing to do with Net@Nite. :) Happy new year, from The Netherlands. (where it is now 0400... AM... in the morning...) :-)

Great - Reviewer: schwegler 10/24/06 07:32 PM EDT
Full Comment: I can't wait to hear The Net @ Nite.

Great Site! - Reviewer: palmosc 10/24/06 04:48 PM EDT
Full Comment: THis is very cool!