Interdenom. Meditatations: Jeddah Mali
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Hosted by: Winter Feast for the Soul
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
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Title: Final Worldwide Session - Jeddah Mali - Global Heart Meditation

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Past Episodes (13)

Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
02/23/2009 04:00 PM EST
Final Worldwide Session - Jeddah Mali - Global Heart Meditation
02/20/2009 03:00 PM EST
Session 11 - Jeddah Mali - Wonder
02/15/2009 05:00 AM EST
Session 10 - Jeddah Mali - Receiving Support
02/11/2009 01:00 AM EST
Session 9 - Jeddah Mali - Acceptance
02/08/2009 05:00 AM EST
Session 8 - Jeddah Mali - Kindness, Care & Compassion
02/04/2009 06:00 AM EST
Session 7 - Jeddah Mali - Gratitude & Appreciation
02/01/2009 09:00 AM EST
Session 6 - Jeddah Mali - Benevolence
01/28/2009 06:00 AM EST
Session 5 - Jeddah Mali - Joy
01/23/2009 08:00 AM EST
Session 4 - Jeddah Mali - Trust
01/21/2009 09:00 AM EST
Session 3 - Jeddah Mali - Love
01/18/2009 05:30 AM EST
Session 2 - Jeddah Mali - Peace
01/15/2009 07:30 AM EST
Session 1 - Jeddah Mali - The model of existence
01/08/2009 01:00 AM EST
Introduction by Jeddah Mali


So grateful for Jeddah, so grateful for the Winter Feast 2009 - Reviewer: steph1111 02/20/09 11:51 PM EST
Full Comment: I came to the Winter Feast for the Soul 2009 thanks to having "found" Jeddah Mali's works at the end of 2008 (Seeds of Enlightenment series). I was meditating about 3 to 4 times a week. Now, thanks to the Winter Feast, I intend to continue daily meditation. I have reached a depth in my meditation that is so personally satisfying. I truly understand now how one person meditating can have a positive impact on the world. I am eternally grateful to Jeddah Mali and to the Winter Feast. Love and blessings to all.

Greatest Offering of All Time, Especially THIS time!!! - Reviewer: cportele 02/18/09 11:00 AM EST
Full Comment: Jeddah is a phenomenal example of who we each are and what we're capable of. She has shown Many people, and now anyone on the planet who wants to know, how to be and attract Kindness, Love, Warmth, Acceptance, Vibrance, Joy, Peace and Abundance among any other mutually happiness-enducing qualities you could want to be and have.

TalkShoe not working - Reviewer: dancehappy 02/09/09 05:27 PM EST
Full Comment: Today 2/9 I cannot listen or download any of Jeddah's meditations. I also tried the Sufi meditations. Same problem. What is wrong?

thank you, Jeddah, you are a blessing. - Reviewer: jakeelliott 02/05/09 02:41 PM EST
Full Comment: Very clear and easy to follow. I am adding more after hearing session 7. This meditation gives us an entry into BEING IN the state of appreciation and gratitude. Best I've ever experienced! I love how Jeddah leaves spaces between her phrases so they can "soak into you". So gentle!!

January 18th Meditation UPDATE - Reviewer: maryh 01/27/09 09:22 AM EST
Full Comment: Each meditation has been very powerful. At times during the January 18th meditation though, Jeddah's voice dropped so low that I was unable to hear, even with my ear to the computer speaker and the volume all the way up. A frustrating expereince in view of the power of these meditations. Thanks so much for your suggestion, JackiG! It was so helpful. Many blessings.

Thank you - Reviewer: josfra 01/25/09 11:06 AM EST
Full Comment: Thank you Mali for helping me to travel into my own existence. I`m very happy doing this meditations with you. Blessings. Jose

Thank you for doing this series! - Reviewer: JudyD 01/24/09 09:58 AM EST
Full Comment: Jeddah, thank you. The Trust meditation is truly profound. I've been meditating to the Seeds of Enlightement CD's since October, which are absolutely wonderful and worth much more than the cost. These Winter Feast meditations are a welcome addition. I'm sure you're helping many others as you are helping me.

Grateful - Reviewer: tannematica 01/23/09 04:54 PM EST
Full Comment: I am very grateful for taking me into te experience of love by the 3rd meditation. It feels so subtle and yet powerfull. Many thanks.

Thank you - Reviewer: Tulipifera 01/22/09 12:24 AM EST
Full Comment: Thank you for this feeling of spaciousness and light. I COULD imagine everyone on the planet coming to this, and how much of a relief and joy it will be to all.

to Maryh - Reviewer: JackiG 01/21/09 02:01 PM EST
Full Comment: I have the same problem with hearing my computer speakers. I hooked up head phones in place of speakers and sound is load and clear. The meditations are wonderful. Thank you Jeddah for doing them.

The most powerful meditation experience - Reviewer: lenozhka 01/16/09 07:22 PM EST
Full Comment: For the first time in my life I got a glimpse of my true nature - I felt/knew/experienced the spaciousness, my body dissolving, everything around me dissolving, me expanding until there were no limits/restrictions left. I really felt One with all, totally present, eternal, whole and complete. The experience lasted just a few seconds at a time, and then it would slip away, because a thought would appear, and I would immediately feel its effect in my body - contracting and condensing, the degree varied on the nature of the thought. I thank you for this precious gift, Jeddah.