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Title: 02/22/09 - Sustaining Daily Practice, pt 3

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Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
02/22/2009 08:30 AM EST
02/22/09 - Sustaining Daily Practice, pt 3
02/21/2009 08:30 AM EST
02/21/09 - Sustaining Daily Practice, pt 2
02/20/2009 08:30 AM EST
02/20/09 - Sustaining Daily Practice, pt 1
02/19/2009 08:30 AM EST
02/19/09 - Letting Be with Choiceless Awareness
02/18/2009 08:30 AM EST
02/18/09 - Cessation of Unsatisfactoriness
02/17/2009 08:30 AM EST
2/17/09 - Origin of Unsatisfactoriness
02/16/2009 08:30 AM EST
02/16/09 - Unsatisfactoriness
02/15/2009 08:30 AM EST
02/15/09 - Equanimity
02/14/2009 08:30 AM EST
02/14/09 - Sympathetic Joy
02/13/2009 08:30 AM EST
02/13/09 - Compassion
02/12/2009 08:30 AM EST
02/12/09 - Seven Factors of Awakening, pt 2
02/11/2009 08:30 AM EST
02/11/09 - Seven Factors of Awakening, pt 1
02/10/2009 08:30 AM EST
02/10/09 - The Six Sense Bases
02/09/2009 08:30 AM EST
02/09/09 - Five Aggregates, pt. 2
02/08/2009 08:30 AM EST
02/08/09 - The Five Aggregates, pt 1


I'm New - Reviewer: bmare38 05/14/15 05:57 PM EDT
Full Comment: I just started doing this guided meditation and am already feeling better. My husband passed a year ago and I was being drawn into sorrow way too much. I used to do Transcendental Meditation and it really saved me. I had been addicted to tranquilizers when I was a young woman, in the 60's and 70's and I got off them with meditation. I am now 77 and trying to live life anew after losing my husband of nearly 60 years. Thank you so much. Meditation and daily exercise rather than antidepressants are my medicine now. Bless you. Even though this is several years old I am committed to following it. Barbara

Fantastic - Reviewer: tduncan07817 02/18/09 10:10 PM EST
Full Comment: Phil, I started the winter feast a little late, but I started with the first recording and am now 20 days into the series. I am eternally grateful for your guidance and instruction. Listening to the recordings each night has been an incredibly positive experience for me. Thank you, Tony

Thankful for the Guidance - Reviewer: butrfly2hmh 02/02/09 09:24 PM EST
Full Comment: Phil, I would like to thank you for providing these guided meditations. I have learned a lot about meditation, my self, and my practice through these. They really have helped in allowing me to go deeper into my practice. Thank you.

thank you - Reviewer: borboletaa 01/18/09 03:37 PM EST
Full Comment: Hello, my name is Ana and I just wanted to say thank you to your participation in this Winter Feast of the Soul and to your help... There was something in this meditation that made me choose it for my daily meditation in this event and I'm glad I chose it, because even though we only started a few days ago, I really notice an evolution in me..In my concentration, my relaxation, my peace... I'm from Portugal and it makes me happy that this iniciative is crossing continents, oceans, religions... Keep the good work! Once more time, thank you and blessed be!