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Great Program - Reviewer: xxxxxxAStrangerInmyownlandxxxxxx 06/29/17 02:26 AM EDT
Full Comment: Great Work, Jeremy! - Reviewer: WhiteTrashPride 05/10/17 12:46 PM EDT
Full Comment: - Reviewer: xxxxxxWhiteTrashPowerxxxxxx 05/10/17 11:48 AM EDT
Full Comment:

CPM, 100% DSCI. 0% OSL - Reviewer: xxxxTheWatcher13xxxxCPM DSCI Archives 04/04/17 12:49 AM EDT
Full Comment: Visit to access our DSCI Archives

Pastard Red Nigger strikes back, cum-cum! - Reviewer: Malleus Douche 03/28/17 06:36 AM EDT
Full Comment: okay folks i don't understand how this sephardic, red nigger-melongeon mamzer got ordained. how is this CI denistry? pastor red nigger worships angels and mary like any typical mamzer manlet but refuses to admit the critter isn't white. just like wick da dick he wants money for yapping on about shit he don't know.


"Heaven and Hell" says Ronnie James Dio - Reviewer: Ms. Jennifer Marie Finck 04/18/16 08:20 AM EDT
Full Comment: Lazarus and Dives? OMG! A masterpiece of preaching.

Email - - Reviewer: WhiteTrashRadio 04/09/16 12:08 PM EDT
Full Comment: Shows can be any days.,. from around 1:00 PM to 11:00 Eastern! -----

Visser is part Indian fed informant troll and my children are bastards like Visser & kids - Reviewer: BruceGwhoreman 10/23/15 04:35 PM EDT
Full Comment: Jewronimo aka Jeremy Visser is a mud and his kids are little bastards like mine. Like Visser, I hate Whites who do not race-mix! Visser is a paid troll but I am not. Unlike Visser, I troll and slander White Christians for sport. I will not repent from race-mixing and love muds.

Syriac Gospel on Infancy - Reviewer: Regina Lieder 10/10/15 09:20 PM EDT
Full Comment: Thank you Pastor for introducing this Gospel.I know that the ethiopian Church has 86 Books.I will find out if this Gospel is part of it.Thank you for defending our Holy Mother Mariam.The Ethiopians honour her thousands of times every day.In fact God/Amlak called me to a Mariam-Church in Ethiopia and I accepted and the Priest accepted me.Two little advices.I dont like to hear that all homosexuals are rapists.I know many who do not touch underaged children.Homosexuality is UNCLEAN when practised,but if a homosexual refuses to join himself in unclean ways to another man,he is clean in Gods eyes.Second:I would not trust the word Yahweh.It appears in the Kabbala.You better call Him Heavenly Father or Amlak(eth.Head of the Trinity).We lost the real name of God/Amlak and we pray to God without a proper Name.Amlak is not His real name,but that Name was accepted by the ethiopian Elders.I trust their Bible wisdom.The word Amlak appears at no other place in history.Another thing I saw:Pictures with stars,saturnrings, halos,sundisks,many are suspect,hearts in red on Marys chest.Watch out!Its a long story,very,very untasty.The devil has sneaked in heathen pictures of Mariam,showing fakery-goddesses.Thank you so much and also the nice Lady that is speaking.A good approach and the use of simple words is your trademark.I like your little churchfamily.Your teachings are nice and pleasant to me.Thank you also for explaining 1 Enoch,that is so true.So let Amlak bless you and your family and give you more fire to fight the good fight that Paulus did fight.Greetings from Iyesus-Dread,the helpers,Luke 21:1-4

FACT: GOD ALMIGHTY IS THE ONLY PROBLEM (HE DESIGNED & CREATED ALL). - Reviewer: DeutschlandIstRichtig 09/20/15 12:07 PM EDT

Visser The Injun - Reviewer: MikeCuckabee 08/08/15 09:25 PM EDT
Full Comment: This man is obviously NOT a true white man. Google Jeromy Visser and look at his pictures... he is a Wagon Burner and there is no doubt about it!

Praise Yahweh! - Reviewer: Finck is a Potok joo 01/18/15 09:56 AM EST
Full Comment: Thanks for the sermon on angels.

Wick & Viss are the originals! - Reviewer: 12/07/14 08:27 AM EST
Full Comment: I have nothing negative to say about these two great preachers. This ministry is worthy of our support.

There are three living men that speak for CJCC and DSCI in general - Reviewer: LINDSTEDT_Is_WAY_Better 11/08/14 02:30 PM EST
Full Comment: Rabbis like Sir William aren't one of them. ;)

Behold! Officer William Finck's "Jesus" is showing! - Reviewer: xxcovenant420xxPastor Visser 11/03/14 10:09 AM EST
Full Comment: Join CPM Forums @ for undeniable PROOF Bill Finck has created over two hundred sockpuppets to promote his own slander sites here (as witnessed below). A pathetic little proven jew that teaches such Talmudic tripe as there's no literal Satan and the angels of Yahweh are non-whites, lol. Bill Finck is in NO WAY SHAPE NOR FORM dual seedline Christian Identity, rather one who does the work of the ADL like Martin Lindstedt whom he quotes as an authority. Check it out - the jew is angry, who wins? We do and our stats prove it, lol. Sorry officer Finck, you'll never see "Zeeeon." ;)

You really have mental issues Visser leaving positive comments for yourself lol - Reviewer: PositiveChristogenea 11/02/14 04:50 PM EST
Full Comment: You really should put away the crack/meth pipe bean-pole, you look sickly like you have aids or something & you have to be high on something to think that you look good lmao! How about putting away the pipe and getting a job at something you are good at, like hopping a trash truck? You keep on using all your sock-puppets to try and convince yourself you are somebody important because you are a sickly little keyboard coward. One thing you can NEVER be is White and we see through your sock-puppets at the beanpole sickly piece of indian garbage you are :) Cherokee People's Ministry produces nothing scholarly at all. YOU are real garbage.

Pastor Visser rocks! - Reviewer: Daniel ben Israel 09/05/14 05:02 PM EDT
Full Comment: I don't get all the slander on Finckelsheenies site. Pastor Visser is the best CI Pastor (after the Archbishop, of course) Energetic, truthful, in-depth discussion by a man of word and deeds.

NOT the best, but likely the most handsome - Reviewer: Rev. William P. Gale 08/05/14 10:52 PM EDT
Full Comment: NOT the best, but likely the most handsome

everyone knows you are not White. - Reviewer: ClownExposer 07/18/14 02:16 PM EDT
Full Comment: Be gone satan!

Brother Ryan made this video for YOU- VISSER! Enjoy being exposed! - Reviewer: TaresBeGone 07/18/14 01:55 PM EDT
Full Comment: He also takes a stab at your Baptist friend too. YOU are exposed Geronimo and you are a fraud! I hope others like Brother Ryan keep waking up to your sock-puppet bullshit games you play. Your entire forum is full of your own sock-puppets and you play victim and cry victim. How funny you POS lying fraud. CI wants nothing to do with you. You are NOT White!

Do you still think Joe November can save you Geronimo? - Reviewer: AngloIsraelTruther 06/25/14 12:52 PM EDT
Full Comment: You are not the only jew in CI. November is too and his lapdog Dan Kersey has a brother, Paul Kersey, who is married to and has jew kids. Maybe Joe will save them too. He lies constantly about the only CI Pastor who stands true to the RACE ISSUE. Here Joe November slanders Finck again:

Finck is not the race-mixer. YOU are mixed JEWronemy Visser. - Reviewer: Nehemiah83 06/24/14 09:53 AM EDT
Full Comment: This proves that Finck is White and he only questions that his second wife he has his last 2 kids with had a mother who had some polish it isn't even definite that his last 2 kids are mixed you dumbasses. Bruce Gorman's kids look like squat monsters from south america!!! Visser has bastard kids because he is a bastard.

I (Don Spears) am not a CI Pastor, rather a Baptist sinner. - Reviewer: DonSpearsAssClown 06/21/14 09:53 AM EDT
Full Comment: I slept with my ex-wife's mom way back for a period of a few years while my ex-wife got up to go to work each day, I was having a secret affair with her. I don't blame my ex for being my ex now. I convinced Kammi to stay with her mixed/Cherokee husband because they have a daughter, Naomi Sky, and he provides her with a nice home and farm. My other daughter had to marry an Arab and flee the country to avoid prosecution for running a whore house (escort service). I lied about praying her out of race-mixing. I lied about so much and I am so ashamed. I am not CI because I only know that White Adamic people are true Israel, but I do not apply this truth to my life. I don't walk the walk. I confess my sin of hating my CI brothers who stick to the race-issue and do not race-mix. I am a fraud in CI and really just a Baptist Preacher who teaches a Universalist message, not the Gospel of Chris. Forgive me please and pray for me. I am a sinner.

I know I am always welcome in your camp Jeromy. - Reviewer: RacemixerBruceGorman 06/14/14 10:02 AM EDT
Full Comment: I know I have mixed kids but I just cannot put them away and I appreciate you accepting me and my unrepentant race-mixing self into your congregation of race-mixers. Yahwah bless you!

Visser IS the unpardonable sin... - Reviewer: Caleb83 06/14/14 08:51 AM EDT
Full Comment: because a bastard's blood can NEVER be matter what Baptist/Universalist mamzer lover Don Spears teaches. Visser is NOT White and keeps proving itself to be one of the biggest LIARS in the CI movement. Visser and Spears belong behind a Baptist pulpit hanging with all the mamzers they love so much...not in CI. Christ told us that He came only for the Lost Sheep of the House of ISRAEL...He did NOT come to save all the bastards like Geronimo & Spears is a liar who defends bastards

Good Stuff brother ! - Reviewer: Don Spears 06/12/14 07:12 AM EDT
Full Comment: Excellent ! God Bless you and your family ! Ya'll are always in my prayers.

Marty pooped in the tub!!!! - Reviewer: LittleLindstedt 06/02/14 10:29 AM EDT
Full Comment: Marty is not my grandpa, he is just an obese, stinky loser who my grandma is shacked up with. Everyone in Granby thinks that he is a child molestor because his own brother told them so. He used to make us take naked baths with him and wash him ALL OVER especially his privates, he is a very sick pervert and needs to be locked up forever. I am very happy that the government took us from his house, they saved us all from being molested by this self admitted pervert.

Yahweh God hates bastards - Reviewer: SteveW77 05/31/14 09:29 AM EDT
Full Comment: and there is no "cleansing of bastard" blood! Race-mixing is White Genocide & if a White person mixes with a non-White, they are creating a bastard who will be cast into the lake of fire. Stop preaching lies Visser. You can't be a preacher of Yahweh because you are not an Aryan. You promote race-mixing and you defend it. You are not White and do not belong in CI. You are a judeo universalist like Don Spears, the KJV Only Baptist race-mixer. Neither of you belong in CI. You are only here to cause division and confusion & you twist Scriptures because you have no love of Yahweh God or no love for His Creation and you defend bastards. CI is not for universalists, so get lost.

Visser the hypocrite uses hundreds of sockpuppets - Reviewer: Marcus88Stewart 05/27/14 09:38 AM EDT
Full Comment: and uses them not only on his forum to hide behind them like the coward he is to trash others. He also uses them here on talkshoe to go to others pages and trash them. He is satan and a false accuser of the brethren. He cannot be trusted because he is part edomite. Yahweh sees you for what you are Jeromy and you are lake of fire bound! :)

It's still raining sock puppets! - Reviewer: cpm_POST 05/26/14 08:58 PM EDT
Full Comment: Visit CPM at War For Christ!

LOL, Funny False Prophet Visser does a program about himself, "False Prophets" LOL - Reviewer: Jarrod767 05/26/14 09:33 AM EDT
Full Comment: It should be autobiographical! Visser, you and your numerous lies about good people will catch up to you when Yahwah casts your goat arse into the lake of fire.

Get lost Visser - Reviewer: SusannaInNC70 05/23/14 11:08 PM EDT
Full Comment: you are a wannabe CI Pastor.

This little punk Visser looks like he is on meth. - Reviewer: EricT1979 05/23/14 11:03 PM EDT
Full Comment: nothing White about this pig.

Please do leave it's mamzer ass! - Reviewer: JohnInTX1968 05/23/14 10:53 PM EDT
Full Comment: I am tired of the dirty ass joo lying all the time! Repent and get out Bridget!!! Leave those little bastards with it.

Bridget, I am sorry I made you come back to me. - Reviewer: DutchJooBoyVisser66 05/23/14 10:21 PM EDT
Full Comment: Repent and leave my mamzer ass and our bastard kids please. PLEASE and I PROMISE NOT TO EVER STALK YOU AGAIN!!! I am not White and I lied to you. Please repent and move on.

This is one of my hundreds of sock-puppet accounts. - Reviewer: VisserIsNotWhite88 05/23/14 09:51 PM EDT
Full Comment: It is true, I am NOT White. I am a Dutch Jew/Cherokee bastard and my wife is a race-mixing whore. I hope that when she leaves me this time, she leaves my bastard kids behind and moves as not to remain a whore by being married to me. I promise not to stalk her this time. Bridget honey, your are free.

Visser is satan and a low-life sick piece of shit :) - Reviewer: Trevor1483 05/22/14 11:17 PM EDT
Full Comment: Visser, you have totally exposed yourself with your hundreds of sock-puppet accounts. You are a low-life piece of shit. You are a straight-up k*ke who is NOT White and you are lake of fire bound. You are exposed so enjoy your short time until Christ returns and casts your ugly ass into the lake of fire! Have fun while you can ugly ass k*ke bastard. You are satan.

Worst so-called Pastor I've ever listened to! - Reviewer: FredRogers99 05/22/14 09:02 AM EDT
Full Comment: thanks for nothing loser.

Visser - Reviewer: Cassidy767 05/22/14 08:51 AM EDT
Full Comment: You can't trust a clown like Visser. He isn't White.

Visser uses sock puppets from people Bill knows personally - Reviewer: JessicaMorris1979 05/22/14 08:16 AM EDT
Full Comment: Just like the Bruce Bohn sock puppet he just used here. This is a prime example of what "Pastor?" Visser does in as not to look guilty of being the troll he is. It comes naturally to him because he is of his father the devil & he is manifesting his father's works here slandering William Finck and Mark Downey. Visser has been slandering the Downeys for quite some time now and because William Finck is a close friend and brother of Mark Downey, Visser hates on William Finck more now. Visser is sick and he definitely is not a CI Pastor.

Bill Finck is obviously unemployed - Reviewer: bruce_bohn 05/21/14 12:21 PM EDT
Full Comment: Oh, no! Bad reviews on TalkShoe officer Finck, man of fifty sockpuppets? LOL! I suppose that would hurt if TS was all we had, like you. Keep on keeping on - you're destroying any validity you once thought you had and your rotten fruits are manifest for all to see. Mark and Bill - two gay jews that teach the TALMUD and hate Christ (and not a one is fooled). Haha! ;)

Full Comment: visser is a k*ke for real. he cries slander yet he has slandered good people on his forum and here on talkshoe with numerous sockpuppet accounts. "THE JOO CRIES OUT IN PAIN AS HE STRIKES YOU" best describes Visser only he is crying slander when that is all he spends time doing behind his numerous sockpuppet accounts...slandering good people of Yahweh. Here is a song for you SATAN:

VISSER IS A FALSE ACCUSER/SATAN - Reviewer: LindaCampbell69 05/21/14 11:28 AM EDT
Full Comment: Jeromy Visser has been exposed for using hundreds of sock-puppet accounts and now he falsely accuses someone for doing that to him. I for one, know William Finck has no time to do what Visser falsely accuses him of doing, nor is William Finck so childish as Visser to even think of doing such. Visser is a fraud and a liar and mostly...he isn't White! CHECK THIS OUT TO SEE WHO THE REAL TROLL IS AND VISSER AGAIN CRIES LIKE THE DUTCH JOO HE IS WHEN HE IS THE ONE POSTING ON FINCK'S WALL. GO TO THIS LINK TO SEE HOW THIS LIAR VISSER WORKS:

visser is a tare. - Reviewer: Joshua1988 05/21/14 10:30 AM EDT
Full Comment: Come quickly Yahshua and destroy these evil tares.

Just turn it off. - Reviewer: SusannaR66 05/21/14 10:20 AM EDT
Full Comment: I stopped listening to Visser a long time ago. He does push universalism and lies. Race-mixing can't be accepted in Identity Christianity.

Pete Peters wannabe! - Reviewer: AmeeRose666 05/21/14 10:01 AM EDT
Full Comment: and Peters loved blacks in his church.

Geronimo is a clown. - Reviewer: EighthDayGirl69 05/21/14 09:56 AM EDT
Full Comment: Get a life and stop pushing race-mixing.

Shame on you Visser. - Reviewer: Shawn676 05/21/14 09:51 AM EDT
Full Comment: you are of your daddy the devil.

Visser is just another wannabe CI Pastor - Reviewer: RussellWalker69666 05/21/14 09:26 AM EDT
Full Comment: but CI is not for Jeromy.

Come out of Jeromy Satan!!! - Reviewer: BuddahBrucie69 05/21/14 09:07 AM EDT
Full Comment: Praying Yahwah puts it in your heart to repent.

Yahwah will forgive you maybe... - Reviewer: RobertGorman69 05/21/14 09:00 AM EDT
Full Comment: just stop lying and slandering people because you need attention.

Praying for you brother. - Reviewer: KammiSue69 05/21/14 08:57 AM EDT
Full Comment: Please end all your lies Jeromy. Will be praying you repent of your evil.

praying for you brother! - Reviewer: DonSpears69 05/21/14 08:50 AM EDT
Full Comment: stop slandering people brother. God will forgive you, IF you repent.

Pete Peters worshipper - Reviewer: KevinKeltic69 05/21/14 08:44 AM EDT
Full Comment: anyone who loved Peters is a universalist and a n*gger lover. Geronimo is both.

Geronimo is not White. - Reviewer: White83dude 05/21/14 08:28 AM EDT
Full Comment: he is a sick lying scumbag.

Maybe read this Visser: - Reviewer: Tammi1968 05/20/14 11:18 AM EDT
Full Comment: Psalms 101:5 - Whoso privily slandereth his neighbour, him will I cut off.

Get thee behind me, Satan: thou art an offence unto me: for thou savourest not the things that be of - Reviewer: Karen38 05/19/14 12:15 PM EDT
Full Comment: You have no truth in you.

John 8:44- - Reviewer: JohnG1987 05/19/14 12:11 PM EDT
Full Comment: Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it

Satan does exist - Reviewer: Hunter_L74 05/19/14 12:02 PM EDT
Full Comment: and lives inside of visser the mutt.

Hey Geronimo - Reviewer: jeremiah76williams 05/19/14 11:46 AM EDT
Full Comment: You make that fat little joo boy in Chicago look good lol! Scumbag.

Amen to satan being exposed here :) - Reviewer: Emily1988 05/19/14 11:35 AM EDT
Full Comment: For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad. - Luke :17

Yes, you are satan. - Reviewer: LoverOfYah01 05/19/14 11:13 AM EDT
Full Comment: satan surrounds us every day. YOU are satan Jeromy Visser.

Shame on you Visser - Reviewer: angela8388 05/19/14 11:07 AM EDT
Full Comment: Proverbs 10:18 - He that hideth hatred with lying lips, and he that uttereth a slander is a fool.

You don't belong with us - Reviewer: Logan767 05/19/14 10:48 AM EDT
Full Comment: you want to follow pete peters and hang with the brothers visser? lol. you are a joke and I agree that you are an infiltrator. no white man praises n*ggers like you and your hero peter peters did. now do like peters and go away because we don't want you.

You suck Geronimo - Reviewer: AdamIsWhite83 05/19/14 10:42 AM EDT
Full Comment: go away now

Truth is: - Reviewer: TruthReigns777 05/19/14 10:23 AM EDT
Full Comment: Visser is a fraud.

No wonder he loves Peters so much! - Reviewer: VisserInfiltrator666 05/19/14 10:00 AM EDT
Full Comment: anyone who attended Peter's Church of Race-Mixers is not White. Visser is NOT White. See the fake pastor's hero here:

Visser Loves Race Traitors because he isn't white. - Reviewer: TruthMatters88 05/19/14 09:51 AM EDT
Full Comment: anyone who promotes Pete Peters the race-traitor can't be white. visser's pic says enough so that's why he praises a n*g lover like Peters was. Peters invited n*gs to sing in his congregation of race-traitors and visser is exposed as the universalist he is. he can't be a CI Pastor because CI is for Whites only.

CI is not for your kind Geronimo - Reviewer: RaceMatters1483 05/19/14 09:45 AM EDT
Full Comment: Anyone who praised Pete Peters the n*gger lover is a fake.

Visser is being exposed as the shill he is. - Reviewer: YahwehisKing1955 05/19/14 09:41 AM EDT
Full Comment: No matter how tan you get you can't change that kike look you got going on Jeromy! You are a wannabe CI Pastor but CI doesn't want you!

Visser isn't White so that's why is he infiltrating CI - Reviewer: MikeAdamite77 05/19/14 09:37 AM EDT
Full Comment: It's picture says enough.

Geronimo Pisser is my name, lying is my game. - Reviewer: stew_88 05/19/14 08:55 AM EDT
Full Comment: I, Jeromy Visser, have so many sock-puppet accounts that I confuse myself. Wait, I can't remember what truth is. I am a Dutch joo/Cherokee mamzer who doesn't know a thing about CI. I have no life so I troll other CI Pastors programs to spread lies about them. Jeromy you keep exposing yourself every single day. Keep doing what you are doing because good white people are seeing through your web of lies and jealousy. Your actions and words prove you are the mutt your photos show you to be. You are about as white as Joe November. You are a liar, false accuser, and a mongrel. You are SATAN.

Jeromy IS a LIAR. - Reviewer: AmyRose1488 05/19/14 08:24 AM EDT
Full Comment: This Geronimo is a mixed-edomite tare who needs to drop the title of "Pastor" because a mamzer cannot be a CI Pastor. He needs to stop slandering people who are White and care about keeping our White race White. I agree that his wife needs to leave those little mixed kids and the mutt of a husband she has or she is a fornicator and adulterer. She left him once and he stalked her. Praying she repents and may Yahweh put that in her heart. Jeromy Visser is a fraud and is not White. He preaches Universalism and the reason why is he isn't White.

this individual is no Christlitian Identity Pastor at all - Reviewer: BruceH88 05/19/14 08:17 AM EDT
Full Comment: He is a universalist. Visser is no "Pastor", rather he is a "Mamzer" and he needs to stop attacking the only true CI Pastors who stay true to the RACE ISSUE. Visser likes to use numerous sock-puppet accounts because he is a coward and has used these sock-puppet accounts to slander good people who he is jealous of, He uses these fake forum profiles to spread lies (which is mostly Visser sock-puppets talking to himself). He likes to use the word "Whore" when he isn't even White & I am praying that Bridget separates from him again because she is a fornicator and race-mixer & this tells me who the whore really is. Visser stop producing bastard children with your whore and come clean. You are nothing more than what your pictures show you to be & that is NOT White.

He isn't even a good liar. - Reviewer: IamCPM_Host666 05/18/14 08:34 PM EDT
Full Comment: Jeromy Visser is a fraud.

Jeromy Visser is no CI Pastor. - Reviewer: stew8488 05/18/14 08:10 PM EDT
Full Comment: How can a compulsive liar (Yes, YOU JEROMY) call himself a Pastor? He is a mamzer who creates numerous sock-puppet accounts to boost his program ratings here & to lie about others on his forum. He is real garbage.

He is not CI, in fact, he is not even white. - Reviewer: William_Finck 05/18/14 02:33 PM EDT
Full Comment:

This So Called Pastor Visser - The Joo Liar, False Doctrine Anti-Christ - Reviewer: DonSmith 05/18/14 09:59 AM EDT
Full Comment: I have seen Anti-Christ Pastors come and go, But This Visser takes the cake. He Promotes False Doctrine, Lies To His Followers and is a true servant of the Jooos and his father SATAN. Don't believe a word this bastard child of satan says. He preaches false doctrine and subverts the very Holy Word Of Yahweh Our Israelite God. He Is a Loser and an Imposter. I'll be glad when Yahweh Sends His Son Yahshua back to remove bastards like unto Him, Enough Said about this Bum....

love the show brothers keep up the good work - Reviewer: Stewart55 05/02/14 08:21 AM EDT
Full Comment: love the show brother keep up the good work listen to every show also the archives on the The Gospel of Mary, Cain & Abel: The True Story,as well as Desert Island Verses have spoken to me the most now that i have been listing to Gospel of Luke its my favorite

Hallelujah! - Reviewer: Sandalphon 03/29/14 08:23 PM EDT
Full Comment: I love the gospel of Luke. Thank you Pastor Visser.

Rub a dub dub, a fat perv in the tub!!!!! - Reviewer: PopeMarty 03/27/14 08:05 PM EDT
Full Comment: How dare you people judge me for my pure love for Roxie's grandchildren! You are the sick ones for taking offense at my nude frolicking with small children that are absolutely no relation to me, these baths were pure expressions of Aryan love. Also The Bible commands us to greet each other with a kiss of peace and it does not specify where that kiss is to be placed and as Pope I have the right to give said kiss on the boy's penis and you are the perverts for not understanding our special love! Hail Buggery! Pope Martin Luther King Lindstedt Candidate for President of NAMBLA

Mark 10:12 is just a suggestion!!!!!! - Reviewer: Mark_Clowney 11/02/13 10:41 AM EDT
Full Comment: I am the one and only interpreter of God's will, when the Scriptures come into conflict with my teachings my word prevails. The teachings of Jesus are only relevant when I agree with them. Jesus was the last Prophet who paved the way for me, the new Prophet and my word trumps all other sources. You Devil worshippers had better bow down before my Mistress, um, I mean wife, Princess Tea Debhi, the true heir to the Throne of Isreal. You had better do as I command or I will throw a hissy fit and say mean things about you online!!!!!!!

Love this show!! - Reviewer: Psalm_54 10/17/13 07:59 PM EDT
Full Comment: I started listening to this show about five months ago on I-Tunes. I had never even heard of CI, but I believe that I have been drawn to it through both Pastor Visser and Obie. I listen to old episodes almost everyday, and when I saw there's a new show coming I was so overjoyed I had to post this comment. I truly feel like they're both old friends and when I don't hear at least Pastor Visser's sermons I feel a little lost. Thanks for everything Covenant People's Ministry you've opened my eyes to so much!!

Christian Identity at its finest - Reviewer: ArchType 10/03/13 10:44 PM EDT
Full Comment: This ministry teaches the truth and is CI to its core. Nothing new here folks! And that's the point. The truth never changes. Ever. Pastor Visser provides an excellent study into the Word of God and teaches us how we as an individual, as a nation, and as a race, should behave through the eyes of our heavenly Father and savior Jesus Christ.

Who Knows What Evil Lurks in the Heart of a Mamzer - Reviewer: Obadiah 1:18 09/27/13 07:36 PM EDT
Full Comment: Martin "I never touched that boy!" Lindstedt uses his sockpuppets, like csaf111, PoorWiseMan, BruceHoward1483, et al. to push comments by actual people to the bottom of the page so that visitors will think all the fans of the podcast are mentally deficient religious crackpots. Responding to accusations that he's the only mentally deficient religious crackpot around here, Lindstedt said, "I'm working out my own dalmation with beer and dissembling".

Things All The Very Elect Know: - Reviewer: ChristSaves 09/04/13 07:41 PM EDT
Full Comment: Christ created all, exactly, as He wanted all to be. And Christ has caused (created) all to remain, exactly, as He wants all to be. Though, there are many apparent errors which we can see in the Entire Creation; nonetheless, All is precisely as Christ wants all to be. If Christ wanted anything to be different, He could say the Word and change Anything or Everything, immediately. If you do not know this and teach this, then you are definitely not among the Very Elect. The Very Elect know what the Truth of each Parable is. We cannot be deceived, because Christ speaks with Us, and We Speak With Him, Continuously, all day and night, forever. That is How He Created Us To Be.....Just As He Created the Non-Very-Elect, to be as they all are. The Potter, Christ, Creates As He Alone Chooses!!! That is True Free Will (Phillipians 2:13), of course!!! Christ alone has Free Will: He's The Creator of All, after all. It is His Will or nothing (John 15:5 & I Tim 6:7). Study and See!!!

JUDE 1:23 "hating even the clothing stained by the SIN-FULL FLESH" - Reviewer: TruthLover123 08/21/13 05:30 PM EDT

If you're a.... - Reviewer: martyantichrist 08/19/13 12:15 PM EDT
Full Comment: sephardic ashkenazi mamzer ass clown melungeon red nigger faggot mongrel hybrid whigger shit skin jewboy, then you must be on the right track and speaking the truth. Unlike that Dik Dik clown who thinks he's the only "real" one out there. Glad it's easy to tell the wheat from the tares!

new to the Christian Identity doctrine/message - Reviewer: heatrizes4sure 08/12/13 07:30 PM EDT
Full Comment: i really enjoy listening to Pastor Visser and Obie...that is, i receive much and makes me more inspired to read scripture and study for myself. I've been brought here via Wickstrom and Finke and through all these channels, i've been guided to others i've never heard of that came before...such as Swift and Comparet...Praise ALLMIGHTY! for all!...having said that, i hate to see a good thing crumble over BS...such as the workings of the Eli James/Joe November semi scandal!...through the CPM podcasts i've heard Eli talk story about Vietnam War and was fairly interesting ..BUT... tried listening to other p[odcasts of his on his own and just couldn't really bare it....on the other side, i once listened to an excellent podcast between Fink and Visser on THE DEITY of CHRIST (2009?) and was one of the best i've heard on any subject!... please don't let any internet scuffles get between brotherhood.....(especially over a regular person) James/November

DSCI teachings - Reviewer: xxxxBruceHoward1483xxxxJames Lawrence 07/26/13 07:40 AM EDT
Full Comment: Pastor Visser is a good teacher of DSCI. I'm being generous by giving 5 stars though, Wickstrom and Eli James are better teachers and less ego driven.

- Reviewer: pdemsky1 07/05/13 04:43 PM EDT

LUKE 4:23 ANON (REV 21:5 & REV 22:7) AMEN!!! - Reviewer: Jacob Israel 06/12/13 03:38 PM EDT
Full Comment: If the world had, in fact, been "very good" as the parable goes, then, today, it would be even better or, rather, flawless, 1000's of years later. I know, when I work on anything, initially, that I will improve upon that work, as time goes by. Certainly, Christ would do so, as well, or still more (Improve, i.e.) yes? ONE MURDER IS TOO MANY TO ALLOW OR CAUSE!!! BILLIONS UPON BILLIONS OF MURDERS AND OTHER HORRIFIC CRIMES ARE WAY WAY WAY TOO MANY!!! IS ALLOWING SO MUCH HORRIFIC CRIME AN EXAMPLE OF "THE GOLDEN RULE"??? I WOULD SAY AN EMPHATIC "NO"!!!

- Reviewer: Bullets4McBride 05/15/13 03:55 PM EDT

- Reviewer: CDIM_PROFESSOR 05/13/13 11:59 AM EDT

- Reviewer: Oreilly 05/13/13 11:56 AM EDT

- Reviewer: xxxxPastor_M_Lindstedtxxxx 05/13/13 11:56 AM EDT

- Reviewer: AaronShawnVisser 05/13/13 11:55 AM EDT

ONE THING IS CLEAR: AMEN!!! - Reviewer: Real White People Know 05/09/13 12:00 PM EDT
Full Comment: (UNITED FOREVER AGAINST ALL EVIL) SPEAKING AS VICTORIOUS MICHAEL, GABRIEL, AND SAMSON, WHO ARE IN HEAVEN, NOW AND FOREVER, UNLIKE 99+% OF THE REST OF EVEN ISRAELITES. WHERE WILL YOU SPEND YOUR ETERNITY, WITH MICHAEL, GABRIEL, AND SAMSON, OR WITH HOMOSEXUALS??? ARE YOU A MAN OR A MOUSE??? 2 Kings 19:35 (New American Standard Bible) 35 Then it happened that night that the Angel of JESUS CHRIST went out and struck 185,000 in the camp of the demons (assyrians); and when WE ISRAELITES rose early in the morning, behold, all of the demons (assyrians) were dead. Judges 15:15-16 (New American Standard Bible) 15 He found a fresh jawbone of a donkey, so he reached out and took it and killed a thousand demons with it. AMEN AND AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :---) GET IT DONE NOW!!! ALL OF US TRUE ELECT!!! not you cowards!!!

REVELATION 22:7 AND FOLLOWING, AMEN!!! - Reviewer: Seek&YouShallFind 05/09/13 11:50 AM EDT

- Reviewer: EisenSchwein 05/04/13 01:11 PM EDT

- Reviewer: LeroyGoldBlatt 05/04/13 01:10 PM EDT

- Reviewer: UncleWiggley 05/04/13 01:08 PM EDT

- Reviewer: ZoraVisser 05/03/13 02:03 PM EDT

- Reviewer: LiarBillsRevenge 05/03/13 02:00 PM EDT

- Reviewer: WailingPossum 05/02/13 09:50 AM EDT

- Reviewer: BiggusDickus 05/02/13 09:48 AM EDT

- Reviewer: DogFacedBoy 04/24/13 06:03 PM EDT

- Reviewer: DevilsWorkshop 04/20/13 11:01 AM EDT

- Reviewer: JulyPatriot 04/20/13 09:23 AM EDT

- Reviewer: Oceanna 04/20/13 09:22 AM EDT

- Reviewer: MrBillsLeftNut 04/20/13 09:22 AM EDT

- Reviewer: ANUSandANDY 04/20/13 09:21 AM EDT

- Reviewer: DesertIslandPossum 04/20/13 09:21 AM EDT

- Reviewer: MrPraline 04/20/13 09:21 AM EDT

- Reviewer: ChiefRunningPossum 04/20/13 09:21 AM EDT

- Reviewer: ChiefSnagglepuss 04/20/13 09:20 AM EDT

Full Comment: Christ is waiting for All of His Creation, White People (Israelites) and all others, to get on the same page, as His "multitude of Counselors" (experienced-in-this-Life Ones) and Tell Him, in No Uncertain Terms: WE CANNOT AFFORD FOR YOU TO BE GONE FROM US, FOR ONE MORE SECOND, ANY LONGER, ABBA (FATHER)!!! WHEN YOU ARE GONE (E.G. 33AD TILL 2013) ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE. WHEN YOU ARE HERE, BEING OUR FATHER INSTEAD, HEAVEN REIGNS!!! AMEN!!! PASS THIS ON, TO ALL!!! CHRIST WILL NOT COME, TILL ALL ARE ON THIS PRECISELY CORRECT, SAME PAGE, I AM 100% ASSURED, BY HIM, AMEN!!! PROVERBS 15:22 Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed. AMEN!!! :---)

Great studies! - Reviewer: Amalie_Baldwin 01/18/13 06:33 PM EST
Full Comment: Recommended

Obie and Visser tell it like it is! - Reviewer: JimMarcus 11/03/12 01:36 PM EDT
Full Comment: This is a great show teaching dual seedline Christian Identity every week. I don't agree with everything these gentlemen say (about current events and who may be a Jew) but I can find no fault with the theology spoken of. Every concept is backed up by scripture! Check it out.

Solid study! Wednesday evenings are best! - Reviewer: Pauleo 09/29/12 12:00 AM EDT
Full Comment: One of my favorite programs. Solid Kingdom Identity teaching!

- Reviewer: Senor_Zero 05/24/12 06:00 PM EDT

- Reviewer: xxFinckelsheeniexx 05/08/12 07:09 PM EDT

Solid Bible teaching along the lines of Wesley Swift or Richard Butler! - Reviewer: Just_Marcus 01/05/12 05:47 PM EST
Full Comment: Pastor Visser chooses topics that are often untouched by mainstream preachers. Oftentimes he teaches line-by-line (consider the Gospel of Mary Series) and other times he chooses a topic and delivers a solid message based on the given subject. Unlike many other shows among Christian Identity this show is 90% gossip-free - meaning that Pastor Visser only touches on situations that are pertinent to the sermon at hand. As a long-time listener I canâ??t recommend this show enough!

- Reviewer: TheRealWilliamB 01/05/12 05:36 PM EST

Thanks Pastor - Reviewer: SAKAI-SUNA 09/28/11 11:31 AM EDT
Full Comment: Keep on Pastor-----good job-----feed His sheep....good program & enjoyed your book "Fear God".

- Reviewer: BryanReoIsFED 08/20/11 01:04 AM EDT

show every sunday night at 11pm eastern - Reviewer: MrBs 08/23/10 01:23 PM EDT
Full Comment: EVERY SUNDAY NIGHT AT 11PM EASTERN+RANDOM SHOWS THROUGHOUT THE WEEK A Dual-Seedline Christian Identity 'take' on events of the past week within the White Nationalist [bowel] Movement by an Aryan Nations activist of over 16 years experience. also check out:

vafster - Reviewer: kolim 05/20/10 04:24 PM EDT
Full Comment: enemy of pml.

This teaching totally rocked my spirit!!! - Reviewer: pierre1 01/16/10 06:34 PM EST
Full Comment: This is my first listening opportunity for Pastor Visser! I listened twice back to back...there are patterns Yahweh has expected...and by these infidels masquerading as pastors...nothing more than 'PULL PIT PROSTITUTES!!!' I've gone to them and they practically hiss and spit in my face! They hang up the telephone...shut the door in your face...and REBUKE me...for being legalistic...when I am trying to get them to follow the patterns for a heart was right! I want to live by every Word.......... They don't...and so they are to me a stumbling block...wash my feet...and leave. I arrived with CLEAN hands...they were so threatened because this believer came into their congregation/assembly to establish Yahweh's Israel with their help! They did NOT want any part of that whatsoever! Who did I think I was anyway...and what were my qualifications? As if the REAL prophets...I read 1Cor14 today...check it out bore witness!!! I if the real prophets because they say so!!! So shut up! Mmmm...wonder what they will say to Yahweh?...on that great and fearsome day...! Their divided heart will BLOW UP from fear! Because they did NOT choose the 'fear of Yahweh to KEEP...' And the latter state of that man will be worse than the first!!! Yep...loving the Word...MORE than your own opinion...can get you thrown in the furnace...put in a pot of boiling oil...head chopped to the know what I'm saying. But...I tell you...MY YAHWEH is worth more...than any sacrifice we could is THE WILLINGNESS of the do it ALL FOR HIM...AND BE EVER GRATEFUL!!! PRAISE YAHWEH!!! P.S. I sent this teaching to bunches of them!!! Uh oh...NO FEAR here!!!

Good show - Reviewer: Nico Crusader 09/25/09 08:24 PM EDT
Full Comment: Good show, worth listening to.

Solid BIBLE teaching! - Reviewer: seedliner 03/08/09 10:19 AM EDT
Full Comment: I truly enjoy this show. Listen in and see for yourself.

KKK Meeting Place - Reviewer: Yeshayahu53 12/30/08 07:16 AM EST
Full Comment: White supremist KKK! Blacks and Jews avoid this show! This guy is a close associate of Pastor Eli James the "laughing black hooded knight!" Google him and find his Jew and Black Hatred!

Just awesome - Reviewer: daveUK 10/26/08 07:46 PM EDT
Full Comment: What more can be said?......................