week 5 -Essential Oils and weight loss
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Title: EPISODE 6 - week 6 -Detox and body cleansing

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05/14/2007 08:30 PM EDT
EPISODE 6 - week 6 -Detox and body cleansing
05/07/2007 07:46 PM EDT
EPISODE 5 - week 5 -Essential Oils and weight loss


A few things I learned about Essential Uses; - Reviewer: talk2theresa 06/03/07 01:31 PM EDT
Full Comment: Quality and purity does make a difference and IF they are you can smell the differnce and most can be used internally. Basil tea after dinner supports digestion calming like Lavender. Dill is helpful to digest, gas colic and kills parasites Fennel has long been used to alleviate tummy upsets. A drop under the tongue makes all the difference to end cravings! Nutmeg is a remedy for not only digestion but also the kidneys and when diarhea is an issue. Lemon helps stimulate the digestive process and is supportive for the liver and gall bladder. Oregano needs to be used safely if you use it properly and is great for gastric problems and pain. Use Oils to help you manage your weight loss, but use them for whole health! Yes, educational.