Typical Mac User Podcast Live (Talk MAC)
Category: Technology
Description: more
Hosted by: Victor Cajiao
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 3097
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Title: Special Podcast Feed announcement

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Past Episodes (160)

Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
06/11/2008 02:00 PM EDT
Special Podcast Feed announcement
06/01/2008 08:00 PM EDT
TMUP 132: Mac Maintenance Sunday
05/27/2008 03:30 PM EDT
TMUP 131: Listener email, Bart and Terminal and Andrew too
05/25/2008 08:00 PM EDT
TMUP Live 79:In this corner WWDC
05/20/2008 03:04 PM EDT
TMUP 130- Account Management 101
05/18/2008 08:00 PM EDT
TMUP Live 78: Make stuff with your Mac
05/14/2008 04:00 AM EDT
TMUP 129_5: Special Interview with "Welcome To Macintosh" (The Movie) guest
05/13/2008 05:00 AM EDT
TMUP 129: Viata Rant, Ringtonefeeder, and Plasq Magic
05/11/2008 08:00 PM EDT
TMUP Live 77: Tony (Dr. Bobby) from the Church of Mac
05/06/2008 04:00 AM EDT
TMUP 128: Still more System Preferences
04/29/2008 03:00 AM EDT
TMUP 127: A Day at the iMovies
04/27/2008 08:00 PM EDT
TMUP Live 76: Katie and Corey from the MacCore Podcast Join me
04/22/2008 04:00 AM EDT
TMUP126: System Preferences part 4 and OCW Portable HD review
04/20/2008 08:00 PM EDT
TMUP Live 75: Networking and Airports
04/15/2008 04:00 AM EDT
TMUP 125: System Preferences Part 3 and SkullCandy FMJ review


Quality Show, Good Content - Reviewer: DinkyShop 04/27/08 09:28 PM EDT
Full Comment: Victor has a good show, and nicely moves the topics & guests along. I also think he has a more realistic view of what is happening in tech and computing for the avg. -- I mean "Typical Mac User."

good show good quality - Reviewer: jorgepaez11956967578 04/21/08 07:54 PM EDT
Full Comment: Verry informative. Its also verry profetional.

Great Show - Reviewer: paulrisko 01/20/08 07:23 PM EST
Full Comment: I'm a new switcher. Victor's show is one of the best podcasts. I've learned a bunch of stuff. Maybe one day Apple TV will be a channel on cable and Victor will have a show on it.

Victor is the MAN! Great show! - Reviewer: randulo 01/14/08 03:26 PM EST
Full Comment: This is the definitive Mac show on Talkshoe, a perfect example of how Community Conference Calls should work. Great job!

Very Cool - Reviewer: MichaelKing 07/01/07 07:53 PM EDT
Full Comment: The is one of the best of the Live Podcast

TMU Podcast - Reviewer: tomlees203 05/06/07 04:55 PM EDT
Full Comment: This is a great podcast for anyone who is new to the mac, an experienced mac user or somebody thinking about switching to the mac it has something for everyone. I strongly recommend this to all of you!!!

Enjoyable to listen to and chock full of great info! - Reviewer: pcweenies 04/29/07 08:21 PM EDT
Full Comment: I make it a point to listen to Victor's podcast each and every week. Victor is fun to listen and packs each podcast with a wealth of informative tips and tricks on making the most use out of your Mac. If you use a Mac, what are you waiting for? Listen to the Typical Mac User Podcast!

Mac Podcast with a big heart - Reviewer: tracy 04/01/07 09:52 PM EDT
Full Comment: Edifying, entertaining, and stays afloat well thanks to Victor's ability to move things along. Most of all I appreciate the human warmth of this podcast. Kindness, courtesy and interest in the callers really make it a nice environment.

Great Show!! - Reviewer: Daniel8802 03/23/07 12:35 AM EDT
Full Comment: If your new to the mac, this show is were you should start! Victor is a great host, but also knows what you are talking about. He is very open to your questions and is always happy to answer them. This is a great show and you really need to check it out. Thanks Victor, you do a great job for the community!!

Great Talkcast - Reviewer: PeterT1 03/18/07 08:13 PM EDT
Full Comment: As a Mac switcher, I appreciate that Victor also has Typical PC User and is fully rounded. The perspective gained is apparent, and he's also a great and avid user of TalkShoe which is a plus too :)

Great for waiting for net@nite. - Reviewer: noahc93 01/22/07 06:14 PM EST
Full Comment: I'm not saying this is a "lesser" talkcast, but it sure is fun to listen and call in while waiting for net@nite to start! Plus, you can actually talk on this, unlike net@nite where you have to get in the queue immediately and don't get on for hours.

Great.... REALLY Interactive... - Reviewer: chris24 12/10/06 07:21 PM EST
Full Comment: Victor is a great Podcast host. This Show is Great, because: For One Thing: YOU CAN ACTUALLY FOLLOW THE CHAT! (unlike N@N).. Victor will repond to text chats, and take lots of calls. Great Interactivity... I Listen and Participate live in this instead of N@N some nights... It's A MUST Listen, and a MUST participate. Go! Listen! Now!!!

A must for every Mac User - Reviewer: CntrySigns 12/10/06 07:06 PM EST
Full Comment: Victor is a smart & funny computer user. You will come away from every episode glad you stopped by!

Talk Mac and Talk back - Reviewer: MarkSheppard 10/29/06 08:02 PM EST
Full Comment: A comfortable, laid back show discussing all things about the Mac. Victor is a pure gem in the podcasting world and he will make you feel comfortable here discussing anything around Macintosh. Step in, stay awhile, speak your mind, and join in on this platform. You won't be sorry!