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Title: EPISODE1 - Conspiracies/Supernatural

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05/08/2007 05:00 PM EDT
EPISODE1 - Conspiracies/Supernatural


Why Secret Societies Have Not Taken Over - Reviewer: Prismelia 07/27/07 09:53 AM EDT
Full Comment: Your show was quite good till you got to the point of ..... Why would a secret societ overtly take over? .... It is far more adventageous and safer to stay in the background obtaining control in the 'name of'' a cause or organization that is freely and easily accepted by mainstream society than go in and force your ways upon people. Rather, let mainstream society accept what you believe in the guise of what they believe. Infiltrate their system and gently but consistently blend your belief into their belief much the same way Paganism was blended into Christianity to convert people. To this day millions of people do not recognize that ploy. People are changed and brought onto your 'side' or under your influence and direction without them even knowing what happened. IF the Masons have done this it has worked quite well since Geoge Washington to present day presidents have successfully maneuvered and worked this ploy to the advantage of their own belief system. This is not a democracy as everyone thinks it is...the electoral college is a joke and the rich get richer and the powerful get more powerful....leaving the average Joe Q Citizen in the dust under his control thinking he is a 'free' man working for $7 an hour funding the Presidents steak dinners, airplane rides, gas guzzling limos, etc. etc. etc. Okay...that's the shortened version of my rant...LOL...Thanks.