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Category: SciFi & Fantasy
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Hosted by: West-RVPshock
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 30659
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Title: Ep. 117 - Random TV show talk with Des

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Past Episodes (121)

Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
08/23/2015 01:00 PM EDT
Ep. 117 - Random TV show talk with Des
02/26/2014 01:30 PM EST
EP116 - Classic Battlestar still rules!
03/16/2011 09:00 PM EDT
RV-EP 115- WHO?
03/15/2011 02:00 PM EDT
RV-EP114- Are you gonna eat that?
11/14/2010 06:00 PM EST
RV- EP 113-Batman is Bat S@!t Crazy?
11/07/2010 07:08 PM EST
RV-Ep 112-Were Back!
03/28/2010 07:30 PM EDT
EP. 111 - RV-LIVE!The totally random discussion show
03/25/2010 06:00 AM EDT
RV-Totally News
03/18/2010 01:00 PM EDT
EP. 110- the one where we drink a lot!
03/08/2010 06:00 PM EST
When i was a kid- Promo
03/07/2010 10:00 PM EST
EP 109-RV- And the winner is...
02/28/2010 04:30 PM EST
EP 108 - RVP- Please listen to this SMURFING show!
02/21/2010 04:30 PM EST
EPI 107- CIA- Watch where you point that wand!
02/14/2010 06:00 PM EST
EP I06 - CIA- Get ready to rumble!
02/07/2010 06:30 PM EST
EP 105 - Movies and TV that made us cry


We are not Sciencetologists, we are Science-fiction-ists! - Reviewer: Fish Custard Fanzine 06/01/08 03:56 PM EDT
Full Comment: Are you a geek? Do you feel frustrated that nobody understands you? Do you enjoy waffling on about anything that doesn't have anything to do with Science Fiction? Then join the CIA's band of misfortunate souls. With contributors from The US, UK and Australia, there is certainly a lot of Sc-Fi and stuff to chat about. Or like me, you can choose to abuse those chatting from the safety of the text. We cover a broad range of stuff. If its 'cult', we'll talk about it. And if it isn't? We'll talk about it. Although we don't let Tom Cruise-style weirdo's on. Thatâ??s talking â??cultâ?? a bit too far to be honest.

Excellent! - Reviewer: debatablewho 02/21/08 08:43 AM EST
Full Comment: What an interesting podcast, the eclectic mix of hosts and contributors makes for excellent listening and even when the topic is something you're unfamiliar with you are eased in slowly and it's constantly an enjoyable experience. Keep up the great work guys!

Great Conversational Science Fiction Dialogue - Reviewer: Louis Trapani (Podshock) 06/25/07 09:47 PM EDT
Full Comment: West makes you feel right at home. Grab a stool and a favourite beverage then get set for interesting science fiction tongue wagging ;o)

Great 'round-table' SF podcast! - Reviewer: daveac 06/12/07 07:27 AM EDT
Full Comment: This is a great 'round-table' SF podcast meeting place for interesting and lively discussion mostly centered around the re-launched and highly successful British TV show 'Doctor Who' - but covering topics far wider than that and sure to appeal equally to people from all parts of the world. Closely linked to the Outpost Gallifrey and The Gallifreyan Embassy run 'Doctor Who Podshock' which is one of Talkshoe's most popular talkcasts - the CIA talkcast gives everyone a further chance to air their views and enjoy the knowledgeable banter of many others. Download and just listen - or join in for even greater enjoyment. I look forward to your input, cheers - daveac