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Title: 04/26 United GROUP Conference

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12/28/2008 08:00 PM EST
12/28 United GROUP Conference Call
12/21/2008 07:00 PM EST
12/21 United GROUP Conference Call
12/14/2008 07:00 PM EST
12/14 United GROUP Conference Call


Full Comment: http://crotchshotradio.com/2010/04/15/james-stachowiak-is-a-traitor/ Hosted by: IconoclastRadio Title: Iconoclast Radio - Jim Stachowiak the Zionist Child Predator Time: 04/16/2010 09:01 PM EDT Episode Notes: Iconoclast Radio 302-566-1943 Jim Stachowiak the Zionist Drug Addict Child Predator Gets a call from Iconoclast, and leave Jim the child predator out cold on his own show. Lots of documentation. His criminal record. Internet search to see if he has registered as a Sexual Predator. Covered is how this jewish cop takes advantage of under age Goy girls, as the talmud tells them they can do. Also TJ talks about how Jim Stachowiak has a sexual addiction, and Louie B tells how Jim Stachowiak told Loiue he could butt fuck him if he wanted. Watch the Child Predator run when confronted by Iconoclast Radio, and more. http://recordings.talkshoe.com/TC-80448/TS-347490.mp3 �¢�?�?Lispy�¢�?�? Jim Stachowiak of Martinez, Georgia is suspected of embezzling from a defense fund he was involved with meant for accused domestic terrorist Charles Dyer. Stachowiak is now under official investigation with authorities who believe he has fraudulently pocketed donations meant to be sent to the Charles Dyer Family for legal fees. WE HAVE also uncovered a long history of child sexual abuse allegations against Stachowiak that range back to the 70�¢�?�?s, during a period in which a teenage Lispy Jim had fallen under the spell of communism. Michael Turner with the website Chip In has confirmed that the Georgia Attorney General�¢�?�?s Office has subpoenaed financial records for an account set up to assist in the legal defense of Charles Dyer, who known as the July4Patriot has been detained for the possession of a destructive device and the alleged rape of a seven-year-old girl. It is suspected that while Stachowiak administered the account a substantial amount of money went missing. Turner would not comment further citing that while the investigation is ongoing his company would cooperate with law enforcement, but could not divulge details related to the missing funds. Besides Stachowiak, associated with the account being investigated are Travis Steffens of California and Nancy Genovese of New York. Stachowiak has recently undergone a number of financial setbacks that has seen the foreclosure of his home after his inability to make nine consecutive mortgage payments. In February both the water and gas utility companies ended service to his home. There is, also, rampant discussion of a deteriorating mental state as his neighbors have reported to police that he has been spotted roaming the neighborhood in soiled underwear carrying semi-automatic assault weapons. The Public Information Officer for the Columbia County Sheriff�¢�?�?s Department says in recent weeks they�¢�?�?ve had two complaints called in to their Emergency Services Department that included the allegation that Stachowiak was seen roaming a family neighborhood heavily armed and pointing an AR15 semi-automatic assault weapon at shrubbery, while declaring that �¢�?�?demons from the Georgia Grindstones I absolutely rebuke you!�¢�?�? Stachowiak has previously been accused of inappropriate behavior with a female child, which saw his dismissal from a police training program. we have has also uncovered allegations that in 1977, while working with a communist youth group protesting the Panama Canal turnover, Stachowiak was deported from Panama after being accused of orally sodomizing a three-year-old boy. Stachowiak�¢s father was previously removed from a United States military service post in 1975 after suspicions arose that the younger Stachowiak was involved in recruiting German children for pornographic films. The teenaged Stachowiak is said to have fled to Czechoslovakia before reappearing in America and joining an anti-American youth group being controlled by Soviet Intelligence. Within months of his American return, Stachowiak was in Panama working on behalf of the communist organization trying to embarrass President Jimmy Carter. Lispy Jim has spent the previous two months asking for donations to the July4Patriot Defense Fund, which the Dyer Family is now claiming they never received. Whenever donations to the fund have waned, Stachowiak has threatened certain parties that if they did not donate an amount acceptable to him, he would declare them traitors on his internet radio broadcast and publicize the home addresses of their children. When allegations first came up that funds had disappeared, Stachowiak went on the offensive accusing different people of stealing money from the account. Authorities have dismissed those claims and are now focusing on Stachowiak as the prime suspect in the embezzlement.

A Worthy Issue - Reviewer: jindal_is_hitler 03/15/09 08:24 PM EDT
Full Comment: Don't let these idiots from "Truth" Brigade interrupt your important cause. We who support reforming broad-reaching registries also support all others who are oppressed in America, especially truckers! These people who ask you to choose sides are not worth paying attention to. They are self-serving frauds who will back stab anyone who doesn't fully commit to their supremacist agenda. Again, everyone in our civil rights circle back truckers all the way and will never make you choose because this government corruption is much more important than us fighting over whose show we listen to. A real friend would never tell you what to do. So let's all move forward from the few creeps out their who have nothing better to do than stalk and slander good people and make a difference where it counts - our government! Blessings to you all.

10-4 Truckers! - Reviewer: dayzrnew 01/20/09 04:43 PM EST
Full Comment: Thanks to all you truckers for ALL that you do for us all across the USA. You have my support 100% in all that we are here for. I promise to you as being a "neutral" person amongst what is going on with the bickering I WILL NOT TURN MY BACK ON YOU TRUCKERS. Stay safe and keep the REAL YOU alive and we will continue to fight against all the corruption side by side. God bless all of you!

Show your true colors - Now... - Reviewer: Overtime 01/20/09 02:50 PM EST
Full Comment: Thank you all for sharing your colorful comments... Until YOU can show proof of Stability, and Unity among multi groups? You will fail to achieve your GOALS. Simple as that. Our groups have BILLS in congress, Protest's that have led to the removal of regulations, Law Enforcement within communities Removed from power, ect.. We are the Largest single Working force that this Nation has! And when we come together and unite, we accomplish our Goals and the Goals whom we fight for. Remove your attitudes please and ignore those in which you think are destroying ( your ) movement and FIGHT.... Until you all end this binky tossing battle? You'll NEVER accomplish your unity... T.B, No matter your comments? We'll continue a fighting relationship among your people, and the American population..... - It's our nature... We ( showed ) respect to our guest by MUTING, and closing the chat... Thank you for your SUPPORT!

To all - Reviewer: Infidel News Hour 01/20/09 04:31 AM EST
Full Comment: Thank you for all your wonderful comments my God has allowed me to forgive you.I will pray that you too will come to know him as your personal Lord and savior as I have done Praise the name of Yeshua who has shed his blood for all of us, he is risen. and lives.

Truth Is Self Evident - Reviewer: ShadowWarrior 01/19/09 07:34 PM EST
Full Comment: OT and SS your disrespect for the Ladies last night causes me concern! Your cause is a good one, but you will not succeed if you are not willing to wrap your heads around the depth of the lie you are standing up in. I know that the 2 Ladies, one on air and the other in the chat that you CENSORED have done more to WAKE UP Americans then anyone else, including you 2. I also know that no one has brought more Truth in more areas to the table than has TruthBrigade! So, you do what you want to do, and we will continue to seek, record and share the Self Evident Truths as we find them; hope you use them!

SilverSurfer's and Overtime's response to this bs... - Reviewer: SilverSurfer1 01/19/09 05:06 PM EST
Full Comment: It's seems pretty obvious to these two ol' truckers what the problem is...y'all have some need to impress your thoughts and opinions, unrespectfully, upon us. Y'all are demonstrating the path you have chosen, and we are not on that path of destructive actions...but quite the opposite. So here's these two ol' trucker's comment about all this bs...Don't like what you're hearing (DON'T LISTEN)...Don't like what we're doing (DON'T PARTICIPATE)...We will succeed at achieving our goals. These two ol' truckers actually made more progress in the past year at getting heard by the entities which need to hear us...than you few have during your entire time of fighting the good fight. I would think y'all could figure this out, but obviously we must be mistaken. We will repeat once again...rise above these destructive actions and unite to get something positive done for our country - our citizens. Safe Trails and God Bless, SilverSurfer & Overtime.

Will you be next? - Reviewer: lovetheTRUTH 01/19/09 03:10 PM EST
Full Comment: Here is a partial list of groups and political leaders that jim stachowiak has attempted to infiltrate and destroy: Global Defense Group Gathering of Eagles Blog Talk Radio Operation America Rising The Minutemen All-American Podcaster Joe Bednarsky the original Freedom Fighter (which was a dot com, till he tried to take over and bought a dot net, liker he did with we are change and serenahs angels.) March for America US Border Watch TruthBrigade GrannyWarriors WeAreChange WeAreChange Latino Serenah's Angels Robert Wanek A Newt One Texx Marrs Dean Santoro Theodore Terbolizard Congressional Coast to Coast John P McDermott

I would rather get hit by a truck! - Reviewer: truthinaction 01/19/09 03:04 PM EST
Full Comment: Than listen to this nonsense. Do these people know what they are doing? Do they have any respect or knowledge in the areas they seek to change? Let me give you a hint...you are playing with one of the most dangerous agent provocateurs. Is it because you are stupid or because you are one too?

more fakes - Reviewer: truthbrigaderules 01/19/09 03:02 PM EST
Full Comment: VERY BORING AND UNPRODUCTIVE SHOW!!! They ignored their special guest and ranted about nothing, other than defending a known criminal all night long....WHEW, what a waste of time, I want my 4 hours back! I think you should keep to trucking.

did you really just say that? - Reviewer: freedumbfighter 01/19/09 02:55 PM EST
Full Comment: LMAO You blamed Christie for jim's psychotic actions???? How does that work? Is it because he's a man,m so he must be right? Do you even know who you're talking about or to here? When he screws you over we are all going to laugh and throw a party and say I told you so!!!! You clearly have an agenda here and it has nothing to do with truth...part of the good old boy network club. Which agency do you work for? Are you DIA or FBI??? Even they eat their own! Get a life you wanabe's! Wake up and smell the rats!

I listened to the show - Reviewer: americanrocker 01/19/09 05:17 AM EST
Full Comment: silver surfer, I didn't see TruthBrigade interrupt your show, what I heard was you talking a whole lot about things you said you didn't want. FYI, you can also retrieve the text chats of the shows, so I also know you are lying about her interrupting it. You wouldn't even let her talk,. but you let jim come in a dozen or so different names and guests. Who is the hypocrite? You are obviously not very respectful of the truth or your guest tonight who wasted her time listening to you ramble. Put your money where your mouth is and don't just say you want unity...get you head out of your ass, smoke out the provocateur and look at the evidence with your own eyes and ears...or would that be too difficult? Maybe it's a man thing...the man is always right and the woman should shut up no matter what the man does? You are the typical male that makes us all look bad, the good old boy network welcomes you with open arms... At least you won't have to worry about bending over for jim, he's quite small.

Thank you! - Reviewer: TruthBrigade 01/18/09 09:16 PM EST
Full Comment: TruthBrigade loves Truckers! :-) addendum added after being blocked from chatting while making dinner... These people are obviously BIASED against me and others because of a slanderous stalker who has threatened my life and the lives of 8 others, has filed FALSE reports to harm families, which is a FELONY, has stalked me for over a year, and attempted to infiltrate and destroy at least a dozen groups in the past 2 years. The host of this show asked me not to answer questions from this stalker and I promised I would not, yet I was deleted while the stalker was allowed to go back and create several new accounts to spread his filth. I wonder if it was your wife, daughter, mother or sister that has gone through this, how would you feel? I can't wait til he attempts to destroy you too...I promise, he will. The evidence is clear and you don't want to see it or even allow me or anyone to defend themselves from his attacks... I hope this just is someone who is oblivious to the real ongoing situation, not another provocateur...but as always, time will tell. Bummer, it sounded like a great effort, but censorship and bias has no place in my life. Defending a violent provocateur is not a good way to start... I stayed on and watched the chat as jim and other provocateurs were allowed to lie all night long about me, but I'm not allowed to reply??? Pretty hypocritical!