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Title: Adrienne Mayor Interview

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Past Episodes (83)

Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
03/18/2009 10:00 PM EDT
Adrienne Mayor Interview
03/04/2009 10:00 PM EST
Cliff Barackman Interview II
02/11/2009 10:00 PM EST
Henry Franzoni interview
01/28/2009 10:00 PM EST
Ken Gerhard Interview
01/14/2009 10:00 PM EST
Bob Strain Interview
12/17/2008 10:00 PM EST
David Paulides and Harvey Pratt Interview
12/03/2008 10:00 PM EST
Dr. Henner Fahrenbach Interview
09/03/2008 10:00 PM EDT
Tim Cullen Memorial Show
08/27/2008 10:00 PM EDT
Cliff Barackman Interview by Bob Strain
08/20/2008 10:00 PM EDT
Robert and Jamie Swain Interview
08/13/2008 12:00 PM EDT
In Memorial - Tim Cullen Interview
08/06/2008 10:00 PM EDT
Brandon Kiel Interview
07/23/2008 10:00 PM EDT
Cullan Hudson Interview
07/16/2008 10:00 PM EDT
Paul Bartholomew Interview
07/02/2008 10:00 PM EDT
John Freitas Interview with Guest Hosts Montra Freitas and Kathy Strain


Can someone here help me? - Reviewer: SandyJo 12/28/11 03:36 AM EST
Full Comment: I have seen bigfoot. I am so happy to find people who believe! It been my secret for awhile because i thought people would look at me like i was crazy! I was raised in the deep north idaho woods and i know what i saw....it freaked my horse out so bad she would never go down twards the creek again. Anyhow...who do i tell?? I heard there was a research going on and someone needs to know. Thanks for your time. My number is my pin or my email is dahlbyjo@hotmail.com

One listener - Reviewer: NoxieMr 02/03/09 06:50 AM EST
Full Comment: I've followed this topic and mystery since I was small, like most interested in this creature. And, like most, read and viewed anything I could get my hands on pertaining to BF. This is a wonderful format to get to hear the personalities of authors, investigators and others involved in this subject. Hats off to those responsible for putting this program together and arranging these weekly interviews that we thoroughly enjoy. TYVM to Kathy, Teresa and all other interviewers and all those good enough to call in and share their perspectives. I only wish the word was out to the masses that are unaware that are also fascinated by this pursuit. I was late in stumbling across this little gem. I think we all espied Kathy on the most recent MQ episode and I must say, I'm now intimidated by this professional appearing celebrity. Great job, Kathy. Teresa still has the edge in the accent category, tho. : )

Good show...Bob Strain is a great guest - Reviewer: InSearchOf 01/16/09 11:11 AM EST
Full Comment: Great show guys,look forward to the next episode. Peace.

Great Guests deserve better - Reviewer: John Cartwright 12/20/08 10:36 AM EST
Full Comment: With the great contributions of Kathy Strain's producing and booking guests, this show continues to be a interesting listen. It is the bad interviewing skills of Teresa Hall that sometimes derail the show. The best shows tend to be the ones where Teresa cannot get cell reception.

Whats makes the show no# 1 - Reviewer: thedevilcried 11/30/08 09:56 PM EST
Full Comment: Every time i tune in i get greeted with a hello :) There is always a good guest and topic, The chat room is full of Friends, When things don't go as planned once in a while, Everyone bands together and pitches in, That is what i love about Let's talk Bigfoot Tim

Listener Appreciation T-Shirts - Reviewer: Let's Talk Bigfoot 07/02/08 10:12 PM EDT
Full Comment: As noted above, we're going to be drawing each month for a free Let's Talk Bigfoot T-shirt with original artwork provided by Pat Barker. The shirts can be seen at http://letstalkbigfoot/blogspot.com. This is our way of saying "Thank you!" For those who'd rather not tempt Lady Luck the Let's Talk Bigfoot Store can be found here: http://www.zazzle.com/letstalkbigfoot.

Great show! - Reviewer: BigfootGal47 06/14/08 01:44 AM EDT
Full Comment: I really enjoy this show, especially the last one on bigfoot field safety! I learned a lot. Mr. Strain is very knowledgeable and should be on more often. I would like to know what field gear is the most essential, as I hike a lot and can't carry everything in my pack. Great job to everyone involved in this show!

Even though... - Reviewer: Belle_ 06/12/08 11:11 PM EDT
Full Comment: Your guest called in late, it was still a very informative show on safety in the field.... Something we all take for granted.. Another fine show, Ladies! Belle

Stopping by to say Hello - Reviewer: MelissaHovey 06/12/08 07:14 PM EDT
Full Comment: I was told about the ongoing comments about my interviews still archived with this show. I wanted to stop by and say Hi - and Thank You!!!! I enjoyed my time with this show, and I couldnt have asked for a better group of chatroom participants every week. So, thank you and..... Wishing you all the best. Melissa Hovey :)

Information in the field - Reviewer: BobDominguez 06/11/08 11:13 PM EDT
Full Comment: I was a little sad that Paul Bartholomew didnt call in on time. However I was pleased with information that Bob Strain provided for listeners that might go out into the field. Very good informative show! Robert Jesse Dominguez Viva La Mag!

Great Show - Reviewer: Whisper 06/10/08 06:59 PM EDT
Full Comment: The only show on Talk shoe worth while in listening too. Love the southern drawl that Teresa has. Both you ladies keep up the good work.

Jeff Meldrum - Reviewer: Bliptonut 04/06/08 02:11 AM EDT
Full Comment: Excellent interview! Great questions, even better than I've heard on C2C, look out George Noorey, Melissa may soon have your job. I learned things that I had not heard for Dr. Meldrum before and I've heard as many of his interviews as I can find as well as read his book. Melissa, you definitely have a good show and know what questions I would have asked if I were talking to him myself, even some I didn't think of. Keep asking! Wish I could listen live, but time constraints - you know, so I will continue to listen to the archives. Got some catching up to do.

Review - Reviewer: USBigfoot 03/24/08 06:56 PM EDT
Full Comment: I have been listening to his show for some time now and have the following suggestions: 1. Is it possible for you to enunciate your words better? I have a very hard time understanding some of the things you are trying to say due to the heavy drawl. 2. What is so funny? You laugh constantly and I don't know if it's a defense mechanism due to your lack of experience being the main host, but it gets annoying from a listeners point of view. I hope this diminishes with time and experience. 3. You seem to believe everything that a guest is putting forth. I hear no really challenging questions being raised. I would be happy to call in and pose a few questions, but I really feel it is the duty of the host to challenge the guests. Obviously not in a confrontational way, but make them think. I saw this in the former host, but don't see it happening now. Perhaps you should listen to some of the past shows you were not involved with. Thanks for your time in listening to my comments; I hope I didn't offend you at all because this was not my intent. Thanks again! USB

Regression Therapy - Reviewer: KTMKR 03/23/08 03:14 AM EDT
Full Comment: It was a re-hash of old news and uncorroborated "encounters"...long on "research" talk...way short on "research" result.

Fantastic - Reviewer: bullet1 03/22/08 06:19 PM EDT
Full Comment: Great show.. Really enjoyed it. DO did it again

Your radio show - Reviewer: driveroperator 03/22/08 05:39 PM EDT
Full Comment: You are right Teresa! Thanks for such a good show.

Driver Rocks it again! - Reviewer: IdahoMike 03/19/08 11:14 PM EDT
Full Comment: Randy is one of the most interesting people to listen to.

good show - Reviewer: andydrew 03/05/08 07:22 PM EST
Full Comment: enjoy this program

The premier Internet bigfoot broadcast! - Reviewer: Kevin M 02/15/08 03:13 PM EST
Full Comment: I have been listening to several online broadcasts on this subject, and it is clear to me that Let's Talk Bigfoot has not only the best array of subject matter experts, but the most intelligent and penetrating line of questioning surrounding this field of study. These girls rock (and probably wood-knock as well)!

1/30/2008 Show - Reviewer: Steven1 01/31/08 02:30 PM EST
Full Comment: The show with Doug Hijacek was very good & cleared up a bit of confusion surrounding just how isolated the area was.

Bill Lee interview 1/23/2008 - Reviewer: Mikeref221 01/24/08 09:28 PM EST
Full Comment: I was disappointed that Robert W. Morgan was not on the show, but Bill Lee was outstanding one of the best shows I have heard so far. Keep up the good work ladies. Mike Smith

Great programming - Reviewer: amgems 10/28/07 11:45 PM EDT
Full Comment: I love listening to all the episodes.

Bart Cutino interview - Reviewer: beckjord 10/05/07 05:31 AM EDT
Full Comment: Very much enjoyed hearing of his experiences . I met him in Felton,CA at Mike Rugg's house and had no idea he had these experiences. Very good show. Jon-Erik Beckjord International Cryptozoological Society 925-385-0422

Roundtable Disscussion - Reviewer: Recon 08/10/07 06:39 AM EDT
Full Comment: I am mad at John Freitas, when at the end of the show, you asked him something and he snored I blew diet coke all over my keyboard and then trying to recover put my cigar in my mouth backwards. That is the funniest thing I heard on blog radio(except maybe when someone got offered a cookie on Indy's show)

Hi From New Zealand - Reviewer: Stormwalkernz 07/31/07 06:37 AM EDT
Full Comment: Hi Im Tony Lucas a NZ Cryptozoologist and Author, Ive recently picked up your podcast and all I can say Is Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep up the good work ladies and I look foreward to the next cast.

Refreshing To Say The Least - Reviewer: Jeffro 06/23/07 05:42 PM EDT
Full Comment: Hello girls. Just wanted to leave a review and let others know that you two are doing a fantastic job. As I have stated before, it is quite refreshing to listen to two women speak about a subject that has been dominated by men for quite a long time. I also wanted to say that in some instances, listening to a womans voice sure is better than listening to a mans. At any rate, I love the content on the show and I look forward to the next episode always showing up in my Itunes subscriptions. Keep up the good work!

The Who's Who of Bigfoot Radio - Reviewer: Foukeflyer 06/10/07 09:39 PM EDT
Full Comment: I love your show. With guests like Meldrum, Strain, Noll, Higgins & Coleman, it's like sitting in an Annual Bigfoot Conference every week of the year. A great way to educate the public.

Fantastic - Reviewer: adamsclimber 05/18/07 01:19 PM EDT
Full Comment: I finally got a chance to listen to most of the shows, and found them to be wonderful. You ladies are doing a heck of a job and seem to only get better with each. Kudos to all involved

Outstanding! - Reviewer: KathyStrain 05/16/07 12:06 AM EDT
Full Comment: One of the most important qualities of bigfooting is the important friendships we establish and maintain. This program is a wonderful example of a friendship coming together to talk great bigfooting with great bigfooters! I enjoy the show every week!

The Babes of Bigfooting move to a new home!!!!!!!!!!! - Reviewer: Bigfoot07 05/15/07 01:37 AM EDT
Full Comment: It is great to see you ladies over here on Talkshoe, and the sound quality is awesome over here. You ladies continue to have one of the best shows out there, with that much-needed female perspective which is needed in this male-dominated genre. Excelsior, ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The First Ladies of Bigfoot - Reviewer: OklahomaSquatch 05/12/07 06:34 PM EDT
Full Comment: Melissa Hovey and Teresa Hall make an excellent team in discussing the research and theories behind solving the Bigfoot mystery. The female duo breathes new life into Bigfoot discussion, and brings out a freshness that has truely been missing. Highly suggested listening!