ebay & Beyond: Basics To Business
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Title: EPISODE146 - ebay & Beyond: Basics To Business

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Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
06/28/2010 01:00 PM EDT
EPISODE146 - ebay & Beyond: Basics To Business
06/21/2010 01:00 PM EDT
EPISODE145 - ebay & Beyond: Basics To Business
06/14/2010 01:00 PM EDT
EPISODE144 - ebay & Beyond: Basics To Business
06/07/2010 01:00 PM EDT
EPISODE142 - ebay & Beyond: Basics To Business
05/24/2010 01:00 PM EDT
EPISODE138 - ebay & Beyond: Basics To Business
05/17/2010 01:00 PM EDT
EPISODE137 - ebay & Beyond: Basics To Business
05/10/2010 01:00 PM EDT
EPISODE136 - ebay & Beyond: Basics To Business
05/05/2010 10:23 PM EDT
EPISODE135 - ebay & Beyond: Basics To Business
05/03/2010 01:00 PM EDT
EPISODE134 - ebay & Beyond: Basics To Business
04/26/2010 01:00 PM EDT
EPISODE132 - ebay & Beyond: Basics To Business
04/19/2010 01:00 PM EDT
EPISODE131 - ebay & Beyond: Basics To Business
04/16/2010 01:00 PM EDT
EPISODE133 - ebay & Beyond: Basics To Business
04/15/2010 04:40 PM EDT
EPISODE129 - ebay & Beyond: Basics To Business
04/15/2010 11:30 AM EDT
EPISODE126 - ebay & Beyond: Basics To Business
04/14/2010 05:17 PM EDT
EPISODE128 - ebay & Beyond: Basics To Business


Love the show! - Reviewer: Bear fan Ron 11/28/10 11:36 AM EST
Full Comment: Just as I got into the show it has not appeared in months. I really enjoyed it. I hope all is well with Dave. Please come back soon, if possible

David White was in the Know this Week ! - Reviewer: WhitlowUniqueCollectibles 09/20/09 12:24 PM EDT
Full Comment: David White was in the know this week with latest information on what was selling and who was buying. And what you should do to survive .

Great Show Dave White Radio with Guest Mark Dorsey of Bonanzle - Reviewer: GalleriaGifts 08/24/09 08:01 PM EDT
Full Comment: Enjoyed this show very much Mark Dorsey of Bonanzle talks about this exciting new ecommerce venue! Love this site and was great to hear from the top!! Thanks Dave and Mark!! All the best, Melinda

online shopping - Reviewer: Justrightbids.com 06/18/09 12:21 AM EDT
Full Comment: this is a great site for buyers and sellers as well as site owners to gain information into the world of online auctions

This is one to tune into! - Reviewer: Renagade 06/08/09 11:07 AM EDT
Full Comment: Dave is know as "The Godfather" of Podcasting and rightfully so. I had the pleasure of watching him live at the ECMTA summit in Atlanta and doing a live remote via Talkshoe is no easy task. But Dave quickly stepped over any bumps in the road, kept the information and interviews flowing, and still had time to "socialize" . The Man and his co-host truly know eCommerce, so you will be in for an enlightening treat. Renagade http://www.renagaderelics.com

Big Poppa doing Big Things!!! - Reviewer: ColderICE.com 01/28/09 10:47 AM EST
Full Comment: Dave is da man, seriously he has been doing this talk radio way before it was even cool. I am glad he is here doing what he does and educating the masses with quality content week in and week out. Now that is pure dedication folks.

Going beyond ebay in the eCommerce Sales - Reviewer: Trent_T1 01/17/09 11:51 PM EST
Full Comment: Dave's shows have been educational in the ecommerce industry with helping us to stay abreast the latest changes and developments in eCommerce.

Great show - Reviewer: katbarton 01/17/09 12:02 PM EST
Full Comment: Deb showed great integrity, and the show was as always very informative!

Excellent Information For eccommerce sellers - Reviewer: Phaedra Stockstill 01/17/09 09:45 AM EST
Full Comment: Dave shares info relevant to today's market, great guests. A must hear!

Dave White knows auctions and ecommerce! - Reviewer: AuctionWally 12/25/08 04:01 PM EST
Full Comment: Besides being one of the most helpful podcasters out there, Dave really knows auctions and ecommerce. Thanks Dave AuctionWally

From Listener 2 Guest 2 Reviewer - Reviewer: Andrew J Titcombe 11/15/08 12:10 PM EST
Full Comment: Logged in to listen and found myself talking Great surprise BUT great interactive show with loads of useful info and contacts Thanks Dave Look forward to next show. Glad that you have INTERNATIONAL appeal!

Awesome eCommerce Info - Reviewer: The Savvy Seller 10/25/08 10:46 AM EDT
Full Comment: Thank you for your information-filled podcasts! Great to get the latest eCommerce news and I always enjoy your guest interviews!