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Title: SPECIAL GUEST Tom Madison Host of "Activist Central"

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06/05/2013 08:00 PM EDT
SPECIAL GUEST Tom Madison Host of "Activist Central"
05/29/2013 08:00 PM EDT
SPECIAL GUEST Norman Pattis Author/Criminal Defense Lawyer
05/15/2013 08:00 PM EDT
05/01/2013 08:00 PM EDT
04/24/2013 08:00 PM EDT
04/17/2013 08:00 PM EDT
Florida/Alabama Discussion
04/10/2013 08:00 PM EDT
SPECIAL GUEST Rob From Florida
04/03/2013 08:00 PM EDT
Pennsylvania FIRED UP!
03/27/2013 08:00 PM EDT
ARC TALK RADIO- Registration Fees???
03/20/2013 08:00 PM EDT
SPECIAL GUEST Vicki Henry with W.A.R.
03/06/2013 08:00 PM EST
SPECIAL GUEST Shana Rowan Executive Director of USA FAIR
02/27/2013 08:00 PM EST
ARC TALK RADIO-Read Episode Notes
02/20/2013 08:00 PM EST
SPECIAL GUEST Tami Loehrs computer forensics expert
02/06/2013 08:00 PM EST
05/02/2011 06:00 PM EDT


- Reviewer: Ladyhawk 05/14/13 01:19 PM EDT

Welcome Back on the Air, Live A.R.C. - Reviewer: Tiggeronmv 02/06/13 09:49 PM EST
Full Comment: What a great first show. Excellent first guest. Marvelous dedication to Mary. Nice to hear your hosting of the call Kevin. Supper to have Lynn joining with you as co-host. Altogether, a wonderful new shoe from the cobbler shop show

Hello! This is TRUTH! NO MYTH! - Reviewer: talka 02/14/11 02:24 PM EST
Full Comment: I just learned today that folks from talkshoe are joining Glorious Gifting Program. I made $1000.00 already and I will receive $400.00 this month! This program really pays! It's worth your time to at least looking into. THIS IS THE REAL DEAL!!! So please invite your family and friends. You may contact JoAnna at: 1-702-383-0820 or email her at: YOU WILL NOT REGRET JOINING THIS ONE!!!

- Reviewer: OpenWhiteMan 08/19/10 03:20 AM EDT

Thankfull for Talk Shoe - Reviewer: espn 07/24/10 04:56 AM EDT
Full Comment: After i was caught in a chat room, I did not have much support. After looking for some help I found Talk Shoe. It has been a blessing to me. I am very lucky I have a good job and a nice place to live. I am now getting support from my family. However i am divorce now ,church and talk shoe has help me alot. Thanks kevin and mary

All Shows... - Reviewer: Nevada Ma 07/01/10 09:24 AM EDT
Full Comment: I want to thank all of you for this incredible program! I will forever be grateful to all of you in giving me the opportunity to share our story in your "archived shows!" Catching up on the shows this morning and while doing so...realized how much you all are doing to bring people together in standing up for our loved ones and/or themselves...for Proper Justice for ALL!!! Mr Sosen is absolutely correct...keeping silent will not help any of us! We must come out to share the facts...which sosen has so wonderfully provided for us in brochure form. I am still, at any committee meetings here in Las Vegas, NV...the 1 question wonder mom...but, the more I become armored with the truth...the more effective a speaker I will become! This battle we're undergoing is truly worth the effort on all of our parts...coming out and sharing pertinent information that the media has neglected to share. This, on a personal an honor that I am moving forward with here in my own state!!! Health & Peace to all! Nevada Mom

Informative Program - Reviewer: Big_Media_Lies 06/04/10 11:30 AM EDT
Full Comment: Sandysquirrel is obviously a troll who is so desperate, she creates two screennames just to give ARC a one star rating, lol! Her puny blog fully supports the corporate media and sensationalism, so it's definitely not a great place to visit for accurate information. ARC tells the truth and like the saying goes - that hurts some people. This program has NEVER supported the civil rights of serial pedophiles. Instead they support civil rights of those who should not be on any registry, like teenagers who have consensual relationships with other teenagers and were railroaded because their ages differed by only a year or two. These kids are NOT pedophiles! Neither are many other people who never raped anyone, yet are forced to be listed on an overpopulated registry. Sandysquirrel probably works for the media or a self-serving politician to make such ridiculous claims on her crappy blog. Money is the motivation behind all this political corruption and "Sandy" must be receiving her cut. I don't recommend visiting her blog because she may have an ISP tracker embedded there, so be cautious with trolls like her. If you want to know what REALLY is going on out there, listen to ARC and Hot Topics, and boot out the corporate media. UPDATE Just donated to Florida Justice Transitions :) UPDATE (6/04/2010) Will donate to Christian Bodyke and his human rights cause in Ohio!

Help Bodyke with his battle with the supreme court. - Reviewer: jbodyke 06/03/10 04:09 PM EDT
Full Comment: Please help with any donations to Christian for his valiant battle against the supreme court concerning the AWA.

- Reviewer: LouieIsAcommie 05/01/10 02:33 AM EDT

- Reviewer: getOUTofARM 04/28/10 07:30 PM EDT

Taking Charge - Reviewer: CLPMom 03/17/10 07:59 PM EDT
Full Comment: I am here as a mother of a sex offender under the Romeo and Juliet Law. I seek truth and his freedom from a law that destroys the children that they are attempting to protect. There needs to be change.

Truth about RSO laws - Reviewer: The Fallen One 03/16/10 09:56 PM EDT
Full Comment: Keep up the good work guys! Y'all have a real gift and talent for the work you do on this radio show, an edge many of us are lacking in this fight. And many thanks for shamelessly plugging my book too.

ARC is da bomb! - Reviewer: Stitches77 02/02/10 09:12 AM EST
Full Comment: ARC does what I can't do-- tell the truth about sex offender laws! That's why I advertise their show on my site, so people can see that I'm a big fat liar! If you want to hear the truth, listen to Mary and Kevin. And their sometimes guest The Fallen One is awesome, too! As for me, I'm just a big, fat, lying sack of dung!

- Reviewer: LissaChef 12/21/09 06:04 PM EST

- Reviewer: sandysquirrel 12/21/09 06:03 PM EST

ARC shows are very informative - Reviewer: Letsgetreal1 12/18/09 09:58 AM EST
Full Comment: American Reality Check is very unique in that it is one of a very few places where one can go in order to get a "Fair and Balanced" understanding of the sex offender hysteria that has swept this country. With guest like, Margie Slagle from Ohio Justice Policy Center, David from, Keeping Kids Safe Ministries, Lenore Skenazy Columnist, Tom Armstrong,Ron Book, Florida and Edward Blackoff "Incest- A Family Tragedy," Just to name a few. The audience participation is fantastic also. Congratulations and thank you to Mary & Kevin for such an outstanding program. Nowhere, that I know, is there such a "Fair and Balanced" format. Fox news and the rest of the networks could learn from you. You represent what true journalism should be. Objectivity.

- Reviewer: RealityUSA 11/19/09 06:52 PM EST

SOSEN AND TOM ARMSTRONG - Reviewer: suetiggers 09/23/09 10:35 PM EDT
Full Comment: I had never heard of Mr. Armstrong but I can tell he is an extraordinarily good man. He clearly understands the problems of these terrible laws that have gone so out of control under the Bush administration. It's really terrible to hear about how so many people who define themselves as religious or Christian are part of the firestorm of hate and fear that has been going across the United States. I sure hope that more will begin to listen to people like Mr. Armstrong. He is a Christian who I can respect. It's really frightening to see how easily hate can spread by unscrupulous politicians and drama-driven, sound-bite media. People who are trying to get saner laws are not trying to protect dangerous pedophiles !!! But, there are so many myths about even the small (very small) percent who have sexually abused a child. Most are first-time offenders and if they are truly violent, they should be in prison. But there are different degrees of dangerousness. Is the man who inappropriately touches but does not harm a child to be seen as one who raped one? Does proportion matter at all ?? And then, MOST of the other offenders do not even belong on the registry. Educate yourself and see all the groups on the registry who are not dangerous. Mr. Armstrong, I LOVED your listing the popular men in the Bible who would be considered a sex offender by today's discription. And the similarities of some ministers to the way they are like politicians. thank you so much.

Moving Forward - Reviewer: jindal_is_hitler 09/20/09 11:25 PM EDT
Full Comment: I have decided not to feud with this show any longer. Even though I have some differences with the hosts, we are indeed geared towards the same goal and that is to reform corrupted sex offender laws in America. Too many good families are being destroyed because of political posturing and hysteria and I will continue to be an activist against this modern day Nazi-ism. I will not rest until the day arrives when I see a permanent differential between violent and non-violent offenders. A teenager whose only crime was exchanging a nude photo of himself/herself via cellphone should NEVER be lumped together with a man who raped several children using a pistol! The original intent of Megan's Law was to only keep track of real predators and that is what the law should be now! Instead the registry is overpopulated with many people who pose no threat to public safety, while real predators are granted more freedom because they simply get lost in the crowd (i.e. the Garrido case). This must change! Again, I fully support the progress of this show because raising awareness and making a difference takes precedent over any personal disputes. Sensationalism in the media and political corruption is the true enemy. So if you really want to know the truth, turn off CNN and listen to ARC! Believe me, independent radio programs are a wiser choice in this age of misinformation. BTW, I never said anything about "teabagging", especially since I don't even know what it is, lol! Talk about misinformation. Footnote : Jim of FFR really needs to quit stalking this program because it serves no purpose. Also, I NEVER called Talkshoe to complain about this show. But I do have a suspicion of who did. UPDATE 7/18/2009 - Just want to give a thumbs up to ARC for their coverage of the Julia Tuttle Causeway situation in Miami. This is a huge violation of human rights in America and it is great that ARC is informing the world about it.

- Reviewer: RussTheLiar 09/07/09 12:15 AM EDT

- Reviewer: Infidel News Hour 09/07/09 12:11 AM EDT

Very important show! - Reviewer: Eli Listens 08/20/09 02:15 AM EDT
Full Comment: I find Kevin and Mary's Americans Reality Check to be extremely interesting, and informative. One of my favorite shows on talkshoe!

Stories just get bigger with a microphone.. - Reviewer: Valigator 07/02/09 11:34 PM EDT
Full Comment: Ladybear, lets you and I get an understanding? Just because I posted here doesnt make my words any less meaningfull. What do you think if I didnt happen to catch this show when this topic was talked about now all of a sudden my opinions arent valid? Is that all you can come up with? Dont threaten me little one..You obviously dont know me very well, its easy to make comments behind a computer screen with some ambuguious name, its quite another to put yourself out there on the street, in a government meetings and a myriad of other places where screen names arent included in the record. As far as Sosen and Nambla are concerned, I googled the two and many times pages and pages of their interactions, comments, blogs come up, if you have an issue with the alliance or percieved alliance of these two groups take it up with your search engine, not me. Many of you dont have to worry about people like me, I swear I think many of you are "your own" worst enemies at this junction...

My recollection is right on - Reviewer: Educate All Youth 06/29/09 04:42 PM EDT
Full Comment: Valgator its good to see you here and we would love to have you as a guest on the radio show so your voice can be heard. Please email me to schedule a time and date and discuss your views as all should have a voice. I respect you on the fact you realize the romeo and Juliets should never be put into this law however, the politicians snatching children like mine into this unconstitutional nightmare made me realize how absolutely wrong the registry is and made me educate my own ignorance unlike some. Rickys story has educated thousands and has assisted in passing new laws which will help other youths from being destroyed by a political wildfire based on hate, ignorance and constitutional violations. We respect your opinion, as everyone never see's things the same way, however I called it like I saw it and to be quite honest you ran the show at the Task Force with your verbal attacks and snide comments. I actually thought you should have a voice in the meeting but then you blew that to hell IMO with your attack on the former offender sitting on the task force. You know, the one you accused of masturbating to internet porn and he corrected you on how wrong you were regarding his charge... I hope you can join us and lets talk and share opinions as this is a subject matter which needs to be discussed so we can educate the public, politicians, law enforcement and citizens to the laws and the harm they cause to former offenders and their families. Take care ARC

Valigator must be afraid of what Mary says or she wouldn't bother to harrass her - Reviewer: ladybear 06/24/09 01:12 PM EDT
Full Comment: Bullies have to strike those that can't fight back and speak up for themselves. If you want to have a meaningful discussion you need to do it on the air not just posting when no one can counter your lies in real time. If there is any question on what was said I am sure it was recorded, maybe we can get an official transcript. I have never met you Valigator but I have had many dealings with Mary and she has never been anything but honest and upfront. So unless you can prove Mary is lying then you need to retract your statements. Mary is a valuable member of our community and is well liked and respected by many and not just people who are fighting the Registry but lawmakers in her state and other places too. So either put up and come face her on the radio or shut up! Also as for saying Mary supports NAMBLA is just a plain lie and actually downright slander! You need to be careful people have been sued for less! And you put it in writing!

- Awakening - - Reviewer: UlyssisNorth 06/09/09 08:34 AM EDT
Full Comment: This show made me realize why our government has failed the People.The registries are a real joke putting kids like Ricky on it! The real slugs are out free. I will show my support from now on, these hosts know what's going on out there.

Great show, except for that Ryan guy - Reviewer: IWillNotObey 05/21/09 03:19 AM EDT
Full Comment: I think this is a wonderful and insightful show, and I will be a dedicated follower. The only problem I have is with that Ryan guy (sn: jindal_is_hitler), he really creeped me out when started talking about teabagging a retarded girl, kudos to kev for shutting that down fast! Very informative, and very sexy voices! Great show! P.S. yes jindal_is_hitler did say that

Kicking ass show - Reviewer: Louie Bee 05/21/09 12:10 AM EDT
Full Comment: This show is very educational and informative. never mind that jindal_is_hitler. Bashing jindal_is_hitler was more fun than drowning a tub full of screaming children with ADHD!!!

awesome show - Reviewer: Denialthreapy101 04/05/09 07:08 PM EDT
Full Comment: I feel my self lucky to have met you wonderful people. Together we will fight this registry list. Grow up JIM!!!! Take this child behavior out of talkshoe and out of other forums. We have better things to do and fight then this kindergarden behavior. You are forgetting the cause you say you are fighting for and bringing your fights and disagreements with other into others chats. STOOOOOPPPPPPPPPP! It isn't accomplishing anyghing productive

CYBER STALKING - Reviewer: HPetersenPI 03/26/09 12:20 PM EDT
Full Comment: I have been witnessing certain people following others around on here and commenting on their pages. Normally I would look away and attribute it to kindergartners, but this case is much more severe. These people need to brush up on the law before they decide to do this again. I happen to know a certain detective that is investigating some of these perps and if it continues here on talkshoe, I would encourage you to also file a report. If there is anything else I have missed that should see for my investigation, please send me an email or talk to me when you see me on the next show.

JIM GROWN UP! - Reviewer: lovetheTRUTH 03/22/09 12:19 AM EDT
Full Comment: Why are you involving other people? Are you cracking up? Time to take more drugs? Look at yourself bro! You are your own worst enemy. You are not scaring people towards you and away from the truth, you are scaring people AWAY!!!! GET E LIFE DUDE! STOP INTERFERING WITH EVERYONE ELSE AND DON'T YOU DARE SEND ME ONE MORE MESSAGE!!!

DOUBLE MINDED MEN-ARC IS NOT! - Reviewer: truthinaction 03/20/09 09:19 PM EDT
Full Comment: but the comment below clearly demonstrates the double mindedness of certain individuals that cannot let anything go. Jim Stach really needs to look at what he is doing and why he is involving so many people in his personal life. Good job trying to twist it around and make it look like you're the victim, but I have collected the record for over 2 years and you as well as anyone else who as actually seen what's happened knows you are the criminal! Please stop interrupting everyone else's show! We love that Kevin and Mary are doing here. Leave your garbage at the door!

Keep up the great work! - Reviewer: TruthBrigade 03/19/09 06:21 PM EDT
Full Comment: Blessings to you and all that you do! You are definitely one of the TRUE patriots and freedom fighters! God Bless! Christie I also want to thank you for calling in last night and actually asking me about these rumors set out there to divide and disrupt. Please feel free to call in anytime to ask me about these issues. It was so nice to actually be able to talk about these things, rather than being accused of these ridiculous allegations with no evidence...but what's new??? LOL Some people have nothing better to do...but for the record...I AM FOR WHAT YOU ARE TRYING TO DO WITH THE SEX OFFENDER REGISTRIES AND SUPPORT YOU 100%!!! I am against liars and those who hide behind fake names and locations to supposedly fight against this injustice...not against the cause. I apologize that you can't just listen to my show and not be attacked everyday. I certainly wish these people would grow up. You definitely do not deserve this, but I think it's great that they are showing their true colors....give them enough rope and they will hang themselves...AND IT'S FUN WATCHING! LMAO LOVE YOU!!! BE BLESSED!

Check My Show Out - Reviewer: RussDove 03/19/09 01:37 AM EDT
Full Comment: To hear my Rants on politics,religion and yes oriental women go to my show Also hear Christies claims of being able to do anything like for example moving matter with her mind. Oh yes shes our New Messiah and Granny's monkey is the Beast.And hear James Daugherty aka John Doe say how he will kill a minuteman named Jeff for simply coming within 5 blocks of his house all this and more.

grow up folks - Reviewer: harley2008 03/18/09 12:46 AM EDT
Full Comment: It is time to cut the crap and grow up. This show is a good show and your personal agenda does not belong in the comments. Take it elsewhere. We don't want to hear it.

See what happens when you stand up! - Reviewer: DomesticTerrorist7 02/22/09 03:23 AM EST
Full Comment: LOL! I want to Thank You for doing so and if more would stand as you have the World will be a better place!

Recvd this as a comment to post from a Friend at SOSEN - Reviewer: dayzrnew 11/29/08 01:28 PM EST
Full Comment: *****This is being posted with writers permission***** WOW! Friends, about 3 hours ago I would have written a Thanksgiving message telling you of several things for which I am grateful, and wishing all of you a Happy Thanksgiving. But, I have just spent the past 3 hours listening to the Mary and Kevin's Talkshoe Radio show, and I have been BLESSED out of my socks! Jon, from New Name Ministries was such an inspiration of hope for our guys that it is easier to see part of the vision for all of us. (Lets, you asked for a Vision, here is one part of it emerging.) This show had so much to offer that I took 3 whole pages of notes. As Jon spoke, I could see parts of a building plan for an area of help which is sorely needed. Jon, himself, is a dedicated servant of God doing a Ministry on which few would dare to embark. I am sooo thankful to Kevin and Mary for this, (and ALL of their shows). You people are such a Godsend! When my son was arrested, my first prayer for him was that God would surround him with people who could help him, and people that he could help. God has answered that prayer in abundance. He has also extended that abundance to me, and for that I am grateful. I may be the biggest computer dummie on this forum, but just being able to access it, and be a part of what all of you are living through, and doing for each other fills me with humbleness and pride that I can be even a minor part of it. I have learned and grown so much through all of you. God has surrounded me with all of you as a source of strength when I didn't think I could bear the pain any longer. You are an AWESOME group, led by an AWESOME GOD. I pray for Victory in every area of your lives, and for Victory over laws which rob you of mercy and hope. Lets says, "just git 'er done"! Jon says, "IF God Wants you to do it, it WILL get done". Jesus says, "If ye abide in Me, and My words abide in you, ask anything of Me, and it WILL be done for you by My Father which is in Heaven". How can we be anything else but Thankful? I wish you all a Blessed Thanksgiving. Anita

Important information is shared by the host(s) of this Talkcast. - Reviewer: ChadAndrewTalkShoe 11/10/08 08:14 PM EST
Full Comment: I appreciate the hosts of this talkcast. They work hard to help oppressed parents, children, and activists in the truth-seeking/patriot-community.

story - Reviewer: mzchelle73 10/30/08 01:26 AM EDT
Full Comment: Thanks for letting me share my story. It felt really good to get it out and the people that were in the room were great...

Great Show - Reviewer: xxxxSexOffenderIssuesxxxxSex Offender Issues 10/22/08 08:33 AM EDT
Full Comment: Great first show, keep it up. Look forward to hearing more, and also check out my blog site: