Category: Food & Spirits
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Hosted by: Carol B. & Chris D.
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 29493
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Title: EPISODE126 - homegrown-eat local challenge

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Past Episodes (131)

Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
01/18/2009 06:00 PM EST
EPISODE10 - homegrown- victory gardens
01/11/2009 06:00 PM EST
EPISODE9 - homegrown- chivas skin care
01/04/2009 06:00 PM EST
EPISODE8 - homegrown- the urban homestead
12/28/2008 06:00 PM EST
EPISODE 7 - homegrown-sustainable dave
12/21/2008 06:00 PM EST
EPISODE6- homegrown- Fife
12/14/2008 06:00 PM EST
EPISODE5 - homegrown-australian homesteading
12/07/2008 06:00 PM EST
EPISODE4 - homegrown-sustainable sushi
11/30/2008 06:00 PM EST
EPISODE3 - homegrown- "Yard Sharing"
11/23/2008 06:00 PM EST
EPISODE2 - homegrown- "The Fungi Fun Guy"
11/10/2008 05:10 PM EST
EPISODE1 - homegrown
10/28/2008 09:20 PM EDT
EPISODE2 - homegrown


Perfect Sunday Evening Treat - Reviewer: L Kimberly Smith 10/25/09 06:49 PM EDT
Full Comment: Back in the summer I was looking for something inspiring to listen to on talkshoe and stumbled upon your show. I felt instantly at home. You draw the warmest people to your chatroom and have the most passionate guests! The two of you are so humble and yet great at delivering this most important message every week! Thanks for being such a great Sunday evening treat! Kim from Philly

Goat milk & Chris' goat sounds! - Reviewer: Mixed Chicks Chat 01/17/09 12:24 PM EST
Full Comment: Loved the goat episode. I had no idea of all of the uses for goat milk and got to reminisce on my West Africa days during the discussion of the Touareg. Thanks for another great episode - this is really a terrific, informative podcast! Chris' goat sounds are hilarious!

homegrown recent podcast - Reviewer: request 12/12/08 01:09 PM EST
Full Comment: Really enjoyed the most recent podcast on sustainable sushi. Good Luck with the show and keep spreading the good word on good food! Request

homegrown - Reviewer: pleidy 12/07/08 06:49 PM EST
Full Comment: i've listened to the last 3 shows and have learned something new every time. Thanks - glad this show is on!

Nice Huh? - Reviewer: homeg717 12/02/08 03:05 PM EST
Full Comment: Dang ! cant wait for the next show. Show me the carrots!

Great stuff - Reviewer: veroffd 12/01/08 10:10 PM EST
Full Comment: The information is great and Carol and Chris ask the right questions! Loved the mushroom show.

Very Informative - Reviewer: ajdobkin 12/01/08 11:50 AM EST
Full Comment: I thought the show was very informative...not your average gardening/organic content. Really enjoyed it

Fun show - interesting topic - Reviewer: phillipsjc 11/30/08 07:33 PM EST
Full Comment: I've enjoyed the first three episodes and look forward to seeing where the show will go from here. Carol and Chris do a good job hosting and you can tell that they're having fun.