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Title: SO Clear Talks 5 & 6

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Past Episodes (30)

Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
10/23/2016 03:05 PM EDT
SO Clear Talks 5 & 6
09/29/2016 03:05 PM EDT
SO Clear Talks 4: State of Oregon
08/12/2016 03:00 PM EDT
Tom & Derek's SO CLEAR TALKS! Episodes 2 & 3
07/13/2016 04:00 PM EDT
SO Clear RESPONSE! "Pervert Park" documentary review
06/11/2016 04:05 PM EDT
Tom & Derek SO CLEAR TALKS 1: Victim Industry as a religion
01/06/2014 07:00 PM EST
ReFORM Radio Episode 23: The 2013 Shiitake Award Selection Show
12/18/2013 08:25 PM EST
EP. 22 - Once Fallen meets Congressman Steve Chabot
05/21/2013 06:30 PM EDT
Special Recording- Once Fallen vs a US Marshal
04/02/2012 08:05 PM EDT
Juan Fallon's "Radio Role Play" Training Class
12/05/2010 11:05 PM EST
Ep. 21- The 2010 Shiitake Awards Nominee Show
10/08/2009 01:05 PM EDT
Ep.20 - Sex Offenders: Forgiven? Church & RSO pt. 3
08/09/2009 06:00 PM EDT
Ep.19 - "Big Registry:" The Booming Sex Offender Industry
07/12/2009 09:05 PM EDT
EPISODE18 - The End of ReFORM Radio... for now
05/23/2009 09:05 PM EDT
Ep. 17 - Civil Commitment Pt. 2: Weird Science
05/09/2009 09:05 PM EDT
Ep. 16 - Civil Commitment Part 1


- Reviewer: Valigator 09/01/16 04:55 PM EDT

- Reviewer: orangejello 10/05/11 01:34 PM EDT

- Reviewer: OpenWhiteMan 09/05/10 10:27 AM EDT

- Reviewer: xxxxSexOffenderIssuesxxxxSex Offender Issues 09/19/09 05:10 PM EDT

- Reviewer: Infidel News Hour 09/19/09 05:09 PM EDT

- Reviewer: Stitches77 09/19/09 05:09 PM EDT

Orange Jello, or SHIT for brains? - Reviewer: tmaximus95 03/31/09 10:17 PM EDT
Full Comment: It's amazing how these freaks call other people cowards when THEY never reveal who they are. A complete site devoted to registered vigilante members with photos, names, addresses, IP addresses, and their user names at various social networking sites, will be up and running soon. Great job Derek, keep it up. It's on!!!!

Truth about orangejello - Reviewer: The Fallen One 03/30/09 09:23 PM EDT
Full Comment: The fake name "orangejello" is really a member of cyberterrorist group Absolute Zero United, who has a leader in the skinheads, called Patty Wetterling (the one who crated the first national sex offender registry a "pedo enabler," promotes rape and murder of their detractors, and exploit children for personal profit. They are a danger to society and should be reported to the FBI immediately. See the truth about AZU at -- -- Reward for any info leading to the identity of certain AZU members. Time to bring these cowards to justice! File an IC3 complaint against AZU as well! Grow up, orangebellow

Orangejello Is Mindless - Reviewer: jindal_is_hitler 03/17/09 11:26 PM EDT
Full Comment: Only 5.3% of sex offenders re-offend according to the Department Of Justice, and Derek is not included in that small percentage. The government has no right under the Constitution to re-punish an ex offender after he has served his time and is law-abiding. So I assume Orangejello thinks it's also aok to blacklist teenagers on the registry for having consensual sex with other teenagers and other non-violent offenders, including young children, for life because they too are "sex offenders". These laws need reform so they only govern real predators instead of wasting our tax dollars harassing thousands of low-risk individuals and their families. Orange obviously thinks it's aok to run over kids while driving drunk or exposing kids to dope dealers because they are not on registries, oh but look out for that guy who peeked into a window 15 years ago. Time to get real and change these hysteria-based laws that only benefit career politicians.

First reformed radio show I found. - Reviewer: 02/26/09 09:43 PM EST
Full Comment: This was my first time attending reformed radio and I will certainly be back. I found this show both educational as well as informative. I do walk in the shoes of a person convicted of a sex crime, there are times you just need to know yournot alone in this walk. Randy

Keep up the good work - Reviewer: Denialthreapy101 02/24/09 05:32 PM EST
Full Comment: we have to keep the fight no matter what these jerks are saying. You are a good person, don't let them win with the mean stuff they keep saying. Too bad they don't spend all that negative energy into something positive. Emagine what they can get accomplished

Wake up America - Reviewer: Educate All Youth 02/24/09 04:26 PM EST
Full Comment: Great show and keep up the good work. Together we unite for freedom and together we shall win. Mary

The Rise of The Fallen One - Reviewer: DreamandPray 12/11/08 11:01 AM EST
Full Comment: Hello Derek: Well, This morning I FINALLY caught your show(s) and I have to tell you, YOU ARE GREAT! There is almost nothing which separates you from a Professional Talk Show Host. Man, this is your venue!!! Everything from the pleasant sound of your voice, your elecution, your in-depth knowledge of the subject matter, your ability to deal calmly and respectfully with a caller who disagrees with your stance on these issues while meeting all of his fearful concerns with truthful facts, and, maybe most of all, no indication of arrogance nor revengeful attitude on your part. After listening to two episodes just now, (I'll catch the Hallowe'en one later), I firmly believe you will rise to Media prominence in the very near future. You are an EXCELLENT spokesperson. Awhile back I saw your picture on SOSEN. At that time I derided you for suggesting you would run for elected office. Remember? I told you then, NO! NO, my dear boy! Join the Hollywood crowd instead so you NEVER have to be called a Politician! (LOL). But, it's would be outstanding on TV Talk shows, IF we can ever get one who wants to show both sides of the SO issue. Perhaps Jon Stossel? Anyway, Congratulations on doing a superb job! Thanks for ALL that you do! Your fan, Anita

Very informative show - Reviewer: CaliforniaGirl 11/10/08 05:46 PM EST
Full Comment: I see someone filled with hate has commented. How sad that hate-filled people do that kind of thing. This show is very informative. I had no idea this was going on in this country and am glad I came in here to learn the truth. I will be telling all of my friends to come and listen because obviously the media has not been telling us the truth! Keep up the good work and I'm glad I just happened to take a listen one night! It's good because you back up your statements, and it is very nice to see how much support from Victims Rights Groups, Psychologists and more that this obviously has! I've learned a lot already and will warn all young men that I know what is going on! Our government is so messed up!