TalkShoe Introduction
Category: Computers
Description: more
Hosted by: Mark Juliano
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 29
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Title: EPISODE1 - TalkShoe on TalkShoe

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05/22/2006 01:46 PM EDT
EPISODE1 - TalkShoe on TalkShoe


What about talk shoe - Reviewer: dmoni123 08/24/11 03:00 PM EDT
Full Comment: This is a great idea. I'm wondering if I should be a producer or just a listener or both. Wow, I love it! Thanks

Wets one's appetite - Reviewer: Scott_Jensen 11/16/06 12:34 PM EST
Full Comment: This is a good introduction for Talkshoe. It keeps it light, shows off the different things that can be done, gives its origins, and presents different ways it can be used from a listener or producer standpoint.

Good basic overview of TalkShoe - Reviewer: LarryF 06/20/06 10:13 PM EDT
Full Comment: TalkShoe guys give a short and simple introduction to TalkShoe. Easy to understand and informative.

A general introduction to TalkShoe - Reviewer: Mark Juliano 06/04/06 11:20 PM EDT
Full Comment: A talk about TalkShoe from its founders.