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Hosted by: Guessed
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
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01/18/2012 11:36 AM EST
469 - Help you with TalkShoe etc ...or just drop in & chill out for a while
01/17/2012 11:29 PM EST
468 - Help you with TalkShoe etc ...or just drop in & chill out for a while
01/17/2012 08:27 AM EST
466 - Help you with TalkShoe etc ...or just drop in & chill out for a while
01/16/2012 10:29 AM EST
465 - Help you with TalkShoe etc ...or just drop in & chill out for a while
01/15/2012 03:32 AM EST
464 - Help you with TalkShoe etc ...or just drop in & chill out for a while
01/14/2012 10:37 AM EST
463 - Help you with TalkShoe etc ...or just drop in & chill out for a while
01/13/2012 10:31 AM EST
462 - Help you with TalkShoe etc ...or just drop in & chill out for a while
01/11/2012 03:22 PM EST
461 - Help you with TalkShoe etc ...or just drop in & chill out for a while
01/10/2012 11:01 AM EST
460 - Help you with TalkShoe etc ...or just drop in & chill out for a while
01/07/2012 08:47 AM EST
459 - Help you with TalkShoe etc ...or just drop in & chill out for a while
01/06/2012 11:30 AM EST
458 - Help you with TalkShoe etc ...or just drop in & chill out for a while
01/04/2012 08:38 AM EST
457 - Help you with TalkShoe etc ...or just drop in & chill out for a while
01/03/2012 02:50 PM EST
455 - Help you with TalkShoe etc ...or just drop in & chill out for a while
01/03/2012 09:38 AM EST
454 - Help you with TalkShoe etc ...or just drop in & chill out for a while
12/28/2011 12:28 PM EST
452 - Help you with TalkShoe etc ...or just drop in & chill out for a while


Itunes download - Reviewer: ncjohn 01/02/14 01:25 AM EST
Full Comment: Downloads on Itunes stopped working. Anybody else having this problem or are they having issues at Talkshoe? 1-1-14

Loads of fun! - Reviewer: Rocket Master 07/15/13 05:46 AM EDT
Full Comment: We sure had some fun together, haven't we, Steve! With Filesoup and the call. Hey, why don't you come back?

Reply to grumpyob - Reviewer: Guessed 06/25/11 08:17 AM EDT
Full Comment: Hi grumpyob, I'm glad that you enjoy listening to the calls, thank you for your kind words, they are appreciated. I do not have an iTunes account or any "Apple" devices, so am unable to submit them to iTunes. I'll try to make more recordings available in the future ;-)

Great Call - Reviewer: grumpyob 05/03/11 10:56 AM EDT
Full Comment: I like listening to this call but am not able to do it live for various reasons. I wish I could download all the shows but Guessed doesn't make it possible for a number of them. Please Guessed make all your calls downloadable on itunes.

Thaks for everything. - Reviewer: 01/13/11 07:01 AM EST
Full Comment: Thanks for answering all the questions I've had while starting up my show. And also for helping all the other people I know of.

Guessed answers questions I never even had! - Reviewer: randulo 11/28/10 12:04 PM EST
Full Comment: Yes, he's psychic (or maybe psycho?) but it can be put to good use. Listen to this if you are interested in Talkshoe, or if you just want to interface with a human being, which I believe he is. (Unverified) Be sure to tell him Randulo sent you!

Very Help. - Reviewer: Kwalsponi 08/31/10 07:23 PM EDT
Full Comment: The moderator, Guessed, was quite helpful in explaining how to understand and work with Thanks and take care yourself.

Steve You're bacl! - Reviewer: annelieseRN 05/25/10 08:21 AM EDT
Full Comment: Please let me know next time you are on. Just go to my web site and click on "contact us". Contact me anyway you want. I would post my email here but don't want to be bot spamed. WELCOME BACK MY FRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you - Reviewer: Club DEB 05/23/10 07:27 PM EDT
Full Comment: Welcome Back!! I hope you are here to stay now. :) Thank you for suggesting I use Gizmo and for having the instructions so clearly outlined. Can you tell me how I record my TS call using Gizmo? That was the reason you suggested I used Gizmo, to give me a backup recording of my calls, but I don't see how to do that. Thanks

Best. Show. Ever. - Reviewer: The Old Rocket Master 10/07/09 06:15 AM EDT
Full Comment: Steve, this is the best show ever. I like it.

Alexander Brandtner - Reviewer: AlexanderBrandtner 10/04/09 03:18 PM EDT
Full Comment: Good Shoe, unfortunately I wasn't able to be there today, because I was sleeping, lol, but hopefully I'll be able to be in your show the following week, if you do another call. Very helpful call, helpful people and helpful language. This is the best call.

There's something about Steve - Reviewer: Arch Bishop 07/13/09 06:50 PM EDT
Full Comment: It's that voice...oml

Terrific Show - Reviewer: Chris Riddle 07/11/09 12:41 PM EDT
Full Comment: One of the best on the site!

Excellent! - Reviewer: PurpleCliff 06/30/09 04:24 AM EDT
Full Comment: Don't be a goose, get help from Guessed!

Great source of help and entertainment - Reviewer: Logan* 06/24/09 05:10 AM EDT
Full Comment: Guessed was the first show I came to when I needed help getting started, and I have been a listener ever since. When not actively discussing and issue, it is also a time of just chatting around the Internet. He helps to keep this midnight shift worker up at 2am. Keep up the grand job, my friend

Thank You Guessed for you help!!! - Reviewer: UsaVacantLand1 06/22/09 03:20 AM EDT
Full Comment: Hello Steve, I just wanted to thank you for all of your help on Talkshoe. It made a big difference after you gave me some tips on how to improve my audio. Thanks again and I look forward to learning more things from you on Talkshoe. Thanks again, Ben

Great show - Reviewer: Zazzafras 06/14/09 10:57 AM EDT
Full Comment: Guessed really does everything he can to make sure there are more and more people on Talk Shoe. Great host and really apprecate helping me out when needed it. Keep up the great shows.

Great Show, Keep it Up Guessed - Reviewer: Alex Hanson 06/11/09 11:33 PM EDT
Full Comment: Guessed is a Great Host and Helps everyone get Connected to TalkShoe even if it Takes 4 Hours, and if Knowone Needs help it's a great show to go into and relax. Enjoy coming in all the time Thanks from Alex

thanks, guessed - Reviewer: sylvia1 05/24/09 08:48 AM EDT
Full Comment: I am so glad you finally made some of your recordings available for downloading,....thanks you so much! I haven't been to talkshow for quite a long time, sometimes I tried to catch your shows, but always missed due to the time difference...but now I can download it to see what was going on in your show.(though most of time I was lost in your chatting). you know what? I used to listen to Ameican English, but after I listened you show, I was like "wow, British accent is so great.." now I shift to listen to BBC english and try to imitate the British accent. Anyway, you are a great host and helped a lot of people. Thanks again.(I might made a lot of mistakes in this review hope you don't mind).

A true help for the untechnical - Reviewer: Brian Downs 03/12/09 08:02 PM EDT
Full Comment: I have come to him before for help and I will come back as i delve further into the talkcasting web thank you

thanks for the help - Reviewer: energytherapies 02/15/09 08:34 PM EST
Full Comment: awesome to be able to ask and receive concise and immediate remedies for problems

Guessed is 1 of the best talkcast-hosts I know. - Reviewer: BarackYOMama 02/13/09 02:13 PM EST
Full Comment: Thanks for your patience & kind works.

Thanks, Guessed - Reviewer: James030 02/09/09 06:55 PM EST
Full Comment: You just helped me on my test chat, and then referred me to your own show. Extremely intelligent marketing. Kudos to you, Guessed!

Thank You - Reviewer: Proverbs Ministry 02/04/09 08:05 PM EST
Full Comment: Hello, I appreciated your help with audio file issues and talking with you on the broadcast 2-4-09 [as much as we were given space for :)]. I did listen to your HELP broadcast [thank you so much] and will definitely check out these sites. Is there an email address I can contact you if I have further questions? Again thank you so much! Blessings

Wow, incredibly helpful! - Reviewer: Brandice 02/03/09 07:14 PM EST
Full Comment: That was a wonderful experience, and Guessed is very, very helpful. I'm so glad I popped in, and he helped me with what I needed in less than 5 minutes. Absolutely awesome. :)

Guessed is a very helpful person. I appreciate his talkcast, as well. - Reviewer: Barack Obama 01/26/09 05:47 PM EST
Full Comment: Guessed is 1 of the kindest & most patient people I've met, in my entire life. His talkcast has helped plenty of people. Thanks for your time & help, Guessed. I love you more than my own government.

The best thing ever! - Reviewer: Metalvolt 01/25/09 04:41 PM EST
Full Comment: This podcast is so cool, check it out when it's on. Guessed is really helpful! One of the best podcasts ever XP

Great show and helpful to many - Reviewer: daveac 01/23/09 06:23 AM EST
Full Comment: Great show - but please 'record' a couple more of these 'live' shows as they would make a great reference for others down the line. Many thanks - daveac

Better than support. - Reviewer: OLA Help 01/08/09 12:08 PM EST
Full Comment: Excellent source for getting connected to TalkShoe Tanks a bunch.

Patient and knowledgable! - Reviewer: DrFrink 01/04/09 04:53 AM EST
Full Comment: I had been trying to get the application running properly for two or three days, using every technique in the book to connect using the ShoePhone utility. Being a lifelong IT professional, the list was staggering. In my final throes of defeat, I stumbled upon this show and mentioned my issues. The host, "Guessed," was patient, very thorough and very knowledgeable on the subject. After trying a few methods, I was able to connect through a third-party application and join in the fun. I definitely recommend calling into the show for TalkShoe issues or just to say hello. The program is a cornerstone of- and credit to this high-potential community.

Getting connected - Reviewer: _Kathy_ 11/13/08 06:41 PM EST
Full Comment: A very clearly spoken easy to follow step by step set of instructions using SJ Phone to connect to TalkShoe. Thank you for providing the resource :)