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Title: EPISODE122 - Monday Nite Law Talk with Mel

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06/29/2010 06:30 PM EDT
EPISODE65 - Understanding Bank Foreclosures
06/15/2010 06:30 PM EDT
EPISODE64 - Understanding Bank Foreclosures
06/08/2010 06:42 PM EDT
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05/11/2010 05:30 PM EDT
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04/20/2010 05:30 PM EDT
EPISODE58 - Understanding Your Mortgage Contract
04/13/2010 06:15 PM EDT
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04/13/2010 05:30 PM EDT
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04/06/2010 05:30 PM EDT
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03/25/2010 06:30 PM EDT
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03/16/2010 05:30 PM EDT
EPISODE52 - Understanding Your Mortgage Contract
03/09/2010 05:30 PM EST
EPISODE51 - Understanding Your Mortgage Contract
03/04/2010 06:30 PM EST
EPISODE50 - Defeating unlawful detainers
02/25/2010 06:30 PM EST
EPISODE49 Defeating unlawful detainers


- Reviewer: unitedonestates 06/20/11 02:20 PM EDT

Legal Illiterates - Reviewer: amicusman 06/15/11 10:47 AM EDT
Full Comment: You should really get some people on who know what they're talking about, instead of the legal illiterate I listened to on June 14.

Administrative process - Reviewer: MelsBarAndGrill 07/23/09 11:07 PM EDT
Full Comment: Great instructions of how administrative procedures work in court

In Response to the Below Foreclosure Comment - Reviewer: MIRIAM777 04/16/09 03:38 AM EDT
Full Comment: Great story! Keep up the great work and Mel keep up the great information dissemination seminars!

My foreclosure story - Reviewer: earthica*star 04/09/09 02:10 PM EDT
Full Comment: I sent Accepted for Value to the Bank along with a 20 postal money order and a new contract which said "by cashing the MO the bank agrees to my contract. The contract contained 3 elements. 1. Produce the note (they sent me some payoff statements that show i've been paying, and some garbage trying to bluff me that it was the note, but it was not, just a page with ONE signature on it, mine) 2. Make a new account number (soc sec # with dashes rearranged) thus closing the old account #. 3.Any further communications sent to me afterward on the closed account number will be a$$ed a fee of One Million Dollars of Lawful money per communication, (I've billed them 8 Million for 8 subsequent communications), and any foreclosure attempts on that closed account # will be a$$ed a fee of Tem Million per instance, (i have billed them 10 Mil for one attempt). ...a total of 18 Million so far although there have been more, i cant even keep up with them to bill them, yet. Then they attempted to sell my home at auction after leaving letters taped to my door, I rescinded the signature, but they fraudulently purported to sell my home back to the bank at a discount anyway, and afterward left more notes taped to my door offering me cash for my keys and then 3 day notice to vacate or they would sue me. I filed a lawsuit on them first for fraud, (in which i i8ncluded the AFV documents, notice of account closed, offer to cure, default, bills for 18 million, and final notice to pay, along with a 'Notice of Status' claiming my dejure sovereignty), and beat them to the punch, (i filed mine before they filed, and therefore they had to answer my lawsuit before they could proceed with their own). They tried to answer it by saying that the bank had no contract with me and just came into the deal when they bought my home at auction. (I dont know why they even tried to say that cuz i had thier response to my AFV showing the payoff statements and interest rate changes with their bank headings on them). The whole mortage contract hinged upon lies that the alleged mortgage 'broker' told me, and the contract did not reflect the terms he promised me. The broker packed up and left town and could not be served with my lawsuit, so after due diligence to find them, i was able to serve them by publication for 4 weeks in the LA Times. I doubt that they will answer it or appear in court and that should dismiss the case just based on that alone, (although there is also the fact that the bank could not produce the note). The bank knows they dont have a leg to stand on, so they again attempted to scare me out of my home, by placing more threats on my door offering me cash for keys a second time, and a 3 day notice to vacate after which time they would change the locks and 'trash' the contents of my home, but a couple problems in the banks actions were that they had now filed a lawsuit of their own BEFORE they placed the second 3 day notice on my door, and they were required to do that before they filed, and they did not mention in thier filing that there was a 'related action' (no mention that i already had a lawsuit against them, which is 'required' of them to do). I filed a complaint in response, and they requested i file an amended complaint, which i did, but they then tried to say i didnt file it within the time limit and got a court date to attempt to default me for not filing in time, (as a manuevre to avoid answering MY lawsuit against them), and they never even notified me of the court hearing, i found out the day before when going in to look at the case file, and was told it was in the judges chambers for the hearing the next day. So i had an objection prepared for the coiurt overnight and my agent went in to deliver it to the court, the judge saw through the banks trick, and denied their default,( he told the attorney for the bank they could appeal it but they'd be wasting their time essentiually). In the meantime, their lawsuit was dismissed for not serving me the 3 day notice BEFORE filing on me, so they had to re-file their lawsuit, (and again they failed to mention the 'related action' which is a fraud on the court, and i filed an amended complaint requesting judicial notice of this)... I just re-filed my same answer and complaint as before, with a few upgrades. At this point i am just waiting for the broker to default, my summons by publication was filed and they have 30 days after that to answer... they wont. After i get a clerks default judgement i will begin the lien process, and in the meantime i filed a Lis Pendens to freeze their a$$ets.. Ill try to call into this show today with my friend Alan David who has stood by me and helped throughout. Stay tuned for the finally, it's just starting to get fun now!