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Title: State Association Leaders - HCR Advocacy

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01/27/2015 08:00 PM EST
January 27th ASAP Steering Committee Meeting
11/12/2012 08:00 PM EST
State Association Leaders - HCR Advocacy
10/02/2012 08:00 PM EDT
2nd State Conference Call on HCR/EHBs
09/26/2012 08:00 PM EDT
State Conference Call on HCR/EHBs
02/13/2012 04:00 PM EST
Home Health PPS Final Rule
09/28/2011 03:00 PM EDT
SNF Final Rule Podcast, Part 2
09/21/2011 03:00 PM EDT
SNF Final Rule - Podcast, Part 1
10/15/2010 02:26 PM EDT
AOTA Podcast on Changes to SNF Policies
08/02/2010 04:26 PM EDT
EPISODE27 - AOTA June 8 Policy Meeting
03/26/2010 11:00 AM EDT
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02/05/2010 12:10 PM EST
EPISODE18 - Therapy Cap Discussion
01/22/2010 04:30 PM EST
EPISODE17 - AOTA Health reform Update
01/15/2010 03:10 PM EST
EPISODE16 - AOTA Podcasts
12/24/2009 11:00 AM EST
EPISODE13 - Health Care Reform Update December 24
12/10/2009 01:26 PM EST
EPISODE12 - Health Care Reform Update December 10


Children's Services - Reviewer: cmetzler 07/30/09 03:52 PM EDT
Full Comment: I am Chris Metzler, AOTA's Chief Public Affairs Officer, and am replying to the concern expressed about our advocacy for children's services. Rest assured we have raised this concern. I personally have spoken to Chairman Charles Rangel of Ways and Means Committee, Chairman Frank Pallone of the Health Subcommittee of Energy and Commerce, Progressive Caucus chair Representative Lynn Woolsey about this particular issue. We have signed on to a letter with other children's advocates. We understand there is work being don on assuring that the Medicaid and CHIP benefits for children in school or early intervention are protected. We are also expressing concern about cuts to Medicare as well. We are focussed on the home health issue because we are the ONLY ones who would work on that specifically; we are joined with groups such as the Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities on this issue too. Please email if you have further questions.

Medicaid cuts and Early Intervention - Reviewer: jennifermorgan1978 07/29/09 04:20 PM EDT
Full Comment: When I listen to the podcast, I would like a quick explanation as to how the healthcare reform bill that is being proposed now, is going to affect the profession directly through the cuts in medicaid, medicare, and CHIP. I prefer not to hear the politics between parties - I just need to know that although it is important for AOTA to lobby for OT in homehealth, it is ALSO important to vocalize that CUTS in medicaid and CHIP (as is the President's way to insure the un-insured) would affect the much needed delivery of OT within the school system and within Early Intervention services. Medicaid provides the funding for related services; as well as communication devices, assistive technology, and adaptive equipment. OT is necessary for young learners with Autism, as well as many other developmental disabilitites. What would happen to these young learners if the primary funding for their related services, including OT was cut? The current healthcare reform bill that proposes cuts in medicaid and CHIP would certainly affect their quality of life, and decrease the potential for greatest achievement in ADLs, play, and social development. I'm not sure that this is the answer that this clinician wants to hear. I would like to hear what AOTA is doing to lobby against these cuts.