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Title: EPISODE 299 - EricWhoRU Teaches Fundamental, Basic, Natural Principles

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04/02/2009 09:00 PM EDT
EPISODE 137 - EricWhoRU Teaches Fundamental Basic Natural Principles
04/01/2009 09:00 PM EDT
EPISODE 136 - EricWhoRU Teaches Fundamental Basic Natural Principles
03/31/2009 09:00 PM EDT
EPISODE 135 - EricWhoRU Teaches Fundamental Basic Natural Principles
03/30/2009 09:00 PM EDT
EPISODE 134 - EricWhoRU Teaches Fundamental Basic Natural Principles
03/26/2009 09:00 PM EDT
EPISODE 133 - EricWhoRU Teaches Fundamental Basic Natural Principles
03/25/2009 09:00 PM EDT
EPISODE 132 - EricWhoRU Teaches Fundamental Basic Natural Principles
03/24/2009 09:00 PM EDT
EPISODE 131 - EricWhoRU Teaches Fundamental Basic Natural Principles
03/23/2009 09:00 PM EDT
EPISODE 130 - EricWhoRU Teaches Fundamental Basic natural Principles
03/20/2009 09:00 PM EDT
EPISODE 129 - EricWhoRU Teaches Fundamental Basic Natural Principles
03/19/2009 09:00 PM EDT
EPISODE 128 - EricWhoRU Teaches Fundamental Basic Natural Principles
03/18/2009 09:00 PM EDT
EPISODE 127 - EricWhoRU Teaches Fundamental Basic Natural Principles
03/17/2009 09:00 PM EDT
EPISODE 126 - EricWhoRU Teaches Fundamental Basic Natural Principles
03/16/2009 09:00 PM EDT
EPISODE 125 - EricWhoRU Teaches Fundamental Basic Natural Principles
03/13/2009 09:00 PM EDT
EPISODE 124 - EricWhoRU Teaches Fundamental Basic Natural Principles
03/12/2009 09:00 PM EDT
EPISODE 123 - EricWhoRU Teaches Fundamental Basic Natural Principles


You Want Solutions, Eric WhoRU Offers Solutions - Reviewer: Alberto WhoRU 03/23/12 10:00 PM EDT
Full Comment: I have been listening to Eric Whoru since RBN & WTPRN. The Basic Fundamental Natural Principles taught by Eric WhoRU are not only logical but easy to understand. Eric WhoRU offers solutions in the patriot community. A lot of patriots in the community offer problems, are all shills and are patriots for profits. Eric WhoRU is a person whom is not a patriot for profit, offers solutions and is very real. Eric WhoRU has taught me a lot by hearing him since back in the days of RBN & WTPRN. If you want to learn the truth about being free/sovereign, then join this chat show. Learn about the reality about the federal reserve and stop wasting your time with these government indoctrination center's better known as public schools that teach people lies! Take the red pill and join this chat room to learn the truth. Wake people and stop letting the government govern you and your freedom!

can we really trust that the evidence in dr woods book has not been faked? - Reviewer: drwoodknot 01/20/12 07:01 PM EST
Full Comment: if dr. woods were fake, how could we trust that the evidence in her book; pictures, witnesses had not also been faked?

Eric is a BULLSHIT ARTIST who spreads 9/11 LIES like Judy Wood the KIKE - Reviewer: Guest_01 01/16/12 09:37 PM EST
Full Comment: Eric cant even tell the truth about the Communist JEW Holocaust bullshit let alone 9/11. He likes to spread KIKE bullshit.

- Reviewer: ohnatural 10/24/11 07:34 PM EDT

- Reviewer: singletaxonland 10/24/11 07:32 PM EDT

- Reviewer: The Fallen One 02/20/11 02:17 PM EST

- Reviewer: PotSmokinFoo 02/20/11 02:14 PM EST

- Reviewer: getOUTofARM 02/20/11 02:12 PM EST

Eric's Solution is now being promoted on Facebook - Reviewer: georgia_independence 10/05/10 11:26 AM EDT
Full Comment: I've established a group over at Facebook promoting Eric's Solution called No Taxes Now. Here is the web address: Eric's Show 2-8-2010: Eric reviews his terrific interrogation script of government witness/agent. Wow! Everyone should have that. Eric's Show 2-15-10: A listener called in explaining his traffic stop win. By my count, this constitutes win # 12 using Eric's arguments. Show 3-8-2010: Eric did an excellent explanation of the 'name'. Show 3-15-2010: If you could please Eric, further develop the letter that you developed on the 'cuff' at the very end of your show. This is the letter that a young man or woman might want to write to the Secretary of State of the United States to assert their sovereignty. Eric, Thank you for the fine work that you do. Show 6-14-2010: Eric's basic review of Ben's case in Penn's Woods more accurately reveals Eric's actual position on how to win a no driver's license case. Show 6-28-10: Near the end of show Eric has some good info on trusts. Show 8-2-10: Very important information on how a grand jury and a trial by jury is supposed to operate. Great summary of the birth certificate, the 'name' and how it relates to the U.S.CONstitution. Status of the people vs. the citizen explained. Show 8-16-10: What Eric wants on his government issued passport. Also Powerful information on what constitutes a Common Law court 55 minutes into the program. Great info on Trusts near the end. Show 9-27-10: Probably one of the best explanations of the birth certificate scam. Show 10-4-10: At 2:03 into the show, great info on turning your traffic court into a court of record to address the issue of jurisdiction.

Host's response to agents provocvateur - Reviewer: Eric WhoRU 10/05/09 06:59 PM EDT
Full Comment: Host's comments regarding postings here of agents provocateur who have attempted to disrupt and commandeer my shows. I do not do this as a hobby, I do this because there is a universal failure of the population of this country to understand the political implications of what it is that actually constitutes "principles", that is why I use the somewhat redundant description, "Fundamental Natural Basic Principles". We commonly hear speakers use terms such as "Republican Principles" or "Conservative Principles" with no explanation by the speaker as to what is meant, thereby leaving each listener to assign his or her own understanding of the meaning intended by the speaker - this has resulted in the mass political confusion under which we now suffer; however. Contrary to the statements of agents provocateur such as "singletaxonland" , posted below, I welcome open discussion regarding what I teach, however I do have "rules of engagement" that I insist be followed, "open discussion" does not include my allowing agents provocateur such as "singletaxonland", to come on my show and type in all manner of accusations and comments ridiculing what I teach with no ability or attempt on his part, to provide concrete explanations of their inane statements. It is quite easy for such Shills as "singletaxonland", to make denigrating sound bite like statements claiming my teachings are "fantastically ridiculous and can be easily refuted" wherein they provides no substance to support such allegations, thereby making it impossible for me to intelligently respond to or refute. If a participant of my show has a different viewpoint on the subjects I teach then they are invited and encouraged to pose their disagreement in the form of a question and then ask me the question. I do not and will not allow those with a different perspective to use my shows to teach their misconceptions of what it is that constitutes "Fundamental Basic Natural Principles". If they want to teach some other view they are free to start their own show, not use mine. In my considered opinion, Fundamental Basic Natural Principles are those principles which are naturally assigned to each individual man and woman by nature, and is expressed as follows. "As I have no natural authority to command you to serve me and as you have no natural authority to command me to serve you and as no other individual has any natural authority to command any other individual to serve them, then it is quite clear that none of us have any such authority that could then be assigned to government, an artificial entity created by others, to command any of us who have not freely agreed, into a condition of service to their artificial entity called government." I am Eric, WhoRU??

i was appauled at the way david clarence treated eric last night - Reviewer: earthica*star 07/05/09 09:40 PM EDT
Full Comment: eric called davids show, 'county notary' because someone asked him to. eric was a perfect gentleman, and tried to understand where david was coming from. david was just rude, wouldnt even let eric finish a sentence, and it sounded to me like david intentionally misled people, at first, to believe he didnt have a ckue who eric was, then acted like he knew all about him. it was verty disappointing. you were real respectful eric, and im glad you finally just hung up on him. i have much respect for you, and have learned so much from your shows over the years. thank you!,, much love to you and yours eric and nynna, e*

Great Show - Reviewer: Litterbox 04/29/09 03:04 PM EDT
Full Comment: I love it.

LISTEN and KEEP LISTENING it may take awhile to shed years of brainwashing. - Reviewer: ELsovO 04/06/09 04:31 PM EDT
Full Comment: Eric is the Real Deal and is a true friend of Freedom. He is Not a Patriot for Profit and is a true BLESSING for those who understand his teachings on Fundamental Basic Natural Principles. Eric Thanks! for you honest work and I hope more and more people will find You in there search for the truth. My your Higher Power Bless You always.

The straight scoop ! - Reviewer: Hoverkind 04/02/09 10:15 PM EDT
Full Comment: The best explanation of why things are the way they are I've ever heard !

The basics - Reviewer: Osbogosley 03/03/09 05:50 AM EST
Full Comment: No one understands the words in the CONstitution better than Eric. Start here and learn to apply basic fundamental natural principles to the life you are living.

The only individual teaching Fundamental Basic Natural Principles *Eric Wh - Reviewer: nynna_levin01 12/16/08 05:37 PM EST
Full Comment: I never realized what basic natural princicples were until I heard Eric WhoRu speak. If you want to learn how we have all been dummed down our whole life - from birth - then you must listen to *Eric WhoRU* on Talk Shoe Live... Eric is the only individual who has a solution. I have listened to most of the others and although they speak of the problems we have - not one has a solution. *Eric WhoRU* is the main man.

Read the CONstitution before you criticize! - Reviewer: Iamspartacus 12/05/08 11:42 PM EST
Full Comment: Eric is a freeman on the land who has actually read the CONstitution and explains his interpretation thereof. You are a citizen of the US if you volunteer for it through a birth certificate or in court, and if you do not volunteer, then you are not. Involuntary servitude shall not exist, is Ammendment #13. Citizenship is a condition of servitude! Who would want to be a citizen, what are the benefits? Listen for a may become free!

The Only "Man" Worthwhile To Listen To For Hours Un-End â?? Eric WhoRU!!! - Reviewer: Frank Lee WhoRU 12/03/08 06:40 AM EST
Full Comment: How Any*One could or can ridicule this man known as 'Eric WhoRU' is truly beyond me. And those kids that do - to include the two kids above that had - ought to be spanked AND grounded! See, it's like this...The main solutions that Eric covers (teaches) do hit right at Home here in The United States of America, and rarely does he drift onto subjects without a solution unless We in the 'type chat' area do drift ourselves off topic which does tend to happen since Paying Attention is more difficult than most Think. So is there any wonder Eric would temporarily block the 'type chat' until his point is made and I personally appreciate it since indeed it is very easy to get caught up in the 'type chat' of new comers! And though it may seem arrogantly rude for Eric to prevent US from 'chatting' - It's Not - Because it's probably just as important that we (most of us) not only listen to Eric but at the same time practice 'undivided attention' over 'multitasking'?! And in closing even though there's countless reasons to praise Eric, I'd like to endlessly thank this man known as Eric WhoRU for his teachings of Basic Fundamental Natural Principles having calmed my confusion on and about the insanity of it all that I instinctually knew was absolutely Wrong or at least suspect of such Wrongs in nearly every sense of - Right/Wrong...

If you know what's good for you, listen to this old man! - Reviewer: James Whoru 10/16/08 08:52 PM EDT
Full Comment: I have been listening to Eric Whoru for over a year now and have benefited form hundreds of internet broadcast on WTPRN. The Fundamental Basic Principles taught by him are not only logical, but easy to understand as well. The best part about all this is that these principles really work in the real world. Since my education by Eric I have been confronted on numerous ocassions by the so called authorities and fortunately for me I have left ever situation unscaved and empowered. I acheived this by sticking to the core principles taught be Eric. Eric Whoru is a great choice for sovereignty and monetary system basics. Thanks Eric and keep up the great work.

Outstanding! - Reviewer: sovereignfromwtprn 10/07/08 08:53 PM EDT
Full Comment: Mr. Eric WhoRU is not your typical patriot-radio "headline chaser". He is a man who lives by his own words. He presents a well-researched and experienced view of the manner in which Fundamental Basic Principles can be applied to matters of political jurisdiction, elections, the economy, personal sovereignty, federal government, and personal behavior. Truly a shining gem in a desert of sand, Eric's broadcasts should be attended to fully now, and, saved for future generations of patriots.

FORGET the INSANITY of what grips U S - disentangle u'r-self from the web - Reviewer: Scandalized_by_law 09/30/08 08:57 AM EDT
Full Comment: With the Twisters of justice at their height of take-over by STORM "We.." NEED to UNDERSTAND Fundamental Principles. - THANK YOU ERIC! - common sence is uncommon when "We.." don't USE it -So, if it seems forigne, at least it's RECOGNITION- pool here - "We.." need freedom.