Loooooong Discusses Sovereign Status 101
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Title: EPISODE4 - Loooooong Discusses Sovereign Status 101

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10/11/2008 09:00 PM EDT
EPISODE4 - Loooooong Discusses Sovereign Status 101
10/04/2008 09:00 PM EDT
EPISODE3 - Loooooong Discusses Sovereign Status 101
09/27/2008 09:00 PM EDT
EPISODE2 - Loooooong Discusses Sovereign Status 102
09/20/2008 09:00 PM EDT
EPISODE1 - Loooooong Discusses Sovereign Status 101


Perception/Light/Truth - Reviewer: Profit_J 04/26/09 10:07 PM EDT
Full Comment: I guess its all about perception and only few on this earth have it and we must work together to bring as many as we can into perception. I would like to know if you've had very much progress? I've been getting remedies and its mostly in your thought process. Please give us an update. Boganinvestments@gmail.com

Just listened to the last recording - Reviewer: the spiritual citizen 04/02/09 11:49 AM EDT
Full Comment: Down loaded them all. I like the way you think, listening to you and your friends is like hearing my own thoughts, I would like to be your friend., my email is carol.trent@gmail.com. Please drop me a line. In truth Carol From Pa. I am the individual who asked for Tim Dennis's email on the county call. spiritual citizen. Thanks

Interesting discussions, Good information - Reviewer: tenbarrels 02/17/09 08:18 PM EST
Full Comment: I like your laid-back approach. I've been studying these issues for several years. I would really like to talk with you Loooooong. Your youtube channel is suspended, and I don't know how to contact you. Send me a message on YouTube at "tenbarrels5". (I've had 4 previous accounts suspended due to censorship of truth.)

Legalism vs. LAW - Reviewer: Vincitus 11/24/08 08:43 PM EST
Full Comment: Loooooong conitnues the work of helping people assert their just-derived dominion... I'd love to see schools that concentrate on producing lawyers who deal in it. My question is, how would one create a society based on common law jurisdiction and attainment, and force COPS to become Peace Officers instead of petty Law Enforcement Officers... Me thinks the society already exists but the "Legal" society has already nested and festered inside it... we just need to reassert ourselves, ON paper

thank U - Reviewer: freesoul 10/30/08 06:19 PM EDT
Full Comment: this series is very informative i commend you loooooong and all true freedom fighters for standing up and walking it out because you have personally opened my eyez and i thank you.

Attention All!! Who Listen to this show - Reviewer: Loooooong 10/05/08 09:48 AM EDT
Full Comment: I would like you guys to leave a review and start leaving questions and such on this page:)) So the next show I can cover the questions or consult someone that knows about it:)) Not to mention I love opinion:)) Since its like a Asshole, I know you have one:)) So POST IT!! LOVE YOU ALL!! THNX FOR TRYING TO LEARN!! LOOOOOONG