Old Time Rock n Roll
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Hosted by: Lee Douglas
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
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Title: Show # 844: The hits that Time forgot- 1959

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Past Episodes (773)

Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
07/21/2018 06:00 AM EDT
Show # 844: The hits that Time forgot- 1959
07/14/2018 07:00 AM EDT
Show # 843: The Hits that tIme Forgot 1958
07/08/2018 04:00 PM EDT
Show # 842: The Hits that Time Forgot 1957
06/30/2018 09:00 PM EDT
Show # 841:Listener's Choice: Tops of Pops and Follow Up Flops
06/23/2018 09:00 PM EDT
Show # 840: Age has it's privileges
06/16/2018 09:00 PM EDT
Show # 839: Tracks on Tracks
06/09/2018 08:00 AM EDT
Show # 838: Devil or Angel
06/03/2018 03:00 PM EDT
Show # 837: Walking Along
05/27/2018 08:00 AM EDT
Show #836: Rockin Roulette May 2018
05/18/2018 09:00 AM EDT
Show # 835: Listeners Choice: It's all Greek To Me
05/11/2018 08:00 AM EDT
Show # 834: MAY Be HIts
05/04/2018 08:00 AM EDT
Show # 833: The Originals Part 6
04/27/2018 07:00 AM EDT
Show # 832: Listeners Choice{ NEW FAVORITES PT 2
04/22/2018 11:00 AM EDT
Show # 831" Listeners Choice: Old Favorites Part Two
04/13/2018 08:00 AM EDT
Show # 830: After the one hit wonder


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- Reviewer: flybob 05/27/18 10:12 AM EDT

- Reviewer: LDavid 05/05/18 03:16 PM EDT

- Reviewer: Lee Douglas 04/27/17 01:18 PM EDT

OTRNR Unlike Any Other - Reviewer: ReginaldCarstairs46 04/27/17 10:53 AM EDT
Full Comment: If you want to listen to the same top 50 songs you came to the wrong place. Just turn on your radio to the oldies and that is all you will hear. Now comes Lee Douglas, I call him one of the best historians of 50's and 60's Rock N' Roll songs today. Not only does he have tens of thousands of songs from that golden age of Rock, but he gives you the background on the artist and many times what lead up to the recording of the song played. Each week he brings you two hours of entertainment, and you have hundreds of shows here on talkshoe you can download. Folks you won't get this anywhere but here on OTRNR, the world's biggest podcast in the USA and listened to in many countries around the globe. Lee Douglas thank you for teaching me what old time rock and roll is all about. R.C.

Lee You Are Amazing! - Reviewer: WQ4D Radio 02/07/13 10:29 AM EST
Full Comment: Your love of and dedication to your work comes through clearly and surely touches thousands of hearts each week. You are SO appreciated! In this busy, impersonal world it's such a treat to have something to look forward to each week that brings forth those personal, wonderful memories of a world where people used to romance each other in person and send real letters instead of emails. And text? That's what you saw when you picked up a book, magazine or newspaper or read a letter from your loved one -- not when you looked at your phone! LOL

Pinapple Princes brings back memories - Reviewer: - bri 3 06/20/11 03:10 PM EDT
Full Comment: I remember Annette Funicello singing that, when I was a kid. She was a kid too. I, like most guys my age, was in love with Annette. ;-) - bri 3

Happy Listener - Reviewer: ldoperu 11/02/10 12:44 PM EDT
Full Comment: It was a rough start at the begining with the poor software you were using, and a few other glitches. However that was the start of great entertainment. I like almost all music especially 1954-1964 Rock & Roll and all it stood for. Rock & Roll was a way of life and we lived it to the fullest. At first I thought you were like a lot of other DJ's. You know, spinning the disc and reading the labels. After some shows I realized you had a lot of insight into the legends. I like hearing you talk about the way it was from your perspective. You are Groovey Cool Dude.

EPISODE 34 - Psychedlic 60s Times they are a changin' - Reviewer: wren523 04/27/07 05:19 PM EDT
Full Comment: Bob Dylan was a lot more than a singer of protest songs. While that's how he started, he soon revealed a lyrical and musical talent that were far more developed than in any other folk-singer of his or any previous generation. Bob Dylan was the single most influential musician of the 1960s. He started the fire. He turned music into a form of mass communication. He galvanized a generation through folk songs that became anthems. Then he embraced rock music and re-defined it as a genre of metaphysical, free-form compositions. Then he turned his back to rock music and delved into country-rock. The entire world of rock music followed his every step. Dylan has a voice that doesn't seem the least interested in following the melody. The difference is that Dylan doesn't sing his songs, he lives them. The others sound better because they only sing them. http://www.scaruffi.com/vol1/dylan.html Old Time Rock n Roll is a favorite of mine. Episode 34, however, unfortunately dismissed Bob Dylan's influence, genius and talent with an off-hand comment about his voice and the opinion he should've stuck to music writing. It would be hard to dispute that a song like "The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll" as performed by Dylan has unmatched & monumental impact; an American Idol-type rating of his voice is and insulting & irrelevant to its meaning and importance. Maybe a show of Bob Dylan covers would appeal to you as a way to pay homage to him. "The measure of his popularity should not be measured by the ten million records he sold (nothing compared to the Beatles or the Beach Boys) but by the 150 covers of his songs by others, a record never again repeated".

Really enjoy your podcasts - Reviewer: areacode270 03/04/07 08:02 AM EST
Full Comment: I'm 59 years old, and find myself being asked a lot of questions about old time rock and roll music, by my children and grandchildren and younger co-workers who never got to live the "good years" in music (1950-1965). Also at class reunions and such (I graduated 1965) we talk a lot about the music of our youth. The problem is, I never really got into the music. I was more interested in souped up cars and building my own souped up '56 chevy. I never really liked music a lot, until just recently, and the bug really hit me. I am now buying ipods, every rock n roll CD I can find, DVDs about rock stars lives such as "The Buddy Holly" story, etc. I can't get enough Old Time Rock N Roll now. I am becoming somewhat of an expert on it now, and can "talk the talk" with just about anybody. I have recorded every episode of Lee Douglas' podcast and have them all on my iPod. I listen to them all the time. The best part of them is not the songs (we already have all of them on CDs) but his personal thoughts and comments about the stars and the history of each singer. Lee occasionally apoligizes about talking too much, but please don't stop! That is what makes your show good (and unique), is your personal experience of the era, and your experience with meeting them and interviewing them and passing that on to us. Your experience is worth a million dollars, and the greatest asset to your show. Please talk MORE ! We want to know. We can listen to songs anywhere and anytime, but we are thirsty for knowledge and personal information that only people like you still can give us. Keep up the good works. Thanks.

FANTASTIC - Reviewer: PLOUGHBOY 02/26/07 09:32 AM EST
Full Comment: What can i say this show has it all excelent format fantastic tunes and a presenter who ouses enthusiasm for the songs he loves. A must for all RnR lovers, brilliant!!

Awesome music - Reviewer: hardwernch 02/04/07 05:32 AM EST
Full Comment: Keep on plays the hits, I have two Jukeses that I play the hits on them all time. The old songs are grate to hear at any time. You never gat tired of hearing them. Keep up the good work Lee. Ontario, Canada.

Fabulous - Reviewer: oldtime 12/15/06 12:42 PM EST
Full Comment: Fabulous, the best bunch of songs I've heard in a long time. Not your usual oldies that everyone plays.

JADCO and Company Relives - Reviewer: LEEWESTartweiss 11/13/06 12:16 PM EST
Full Comment: Hey Lee Remember me Lee West-from the dayswhen we said long live rock n roll and Johnny Cash-Bay 3 and of course Chineese Food-I still have the pictures of you and Joe framed-and here you and I are still performing--You still on Radio-and other venues and I now behind the camera- still shooting the performers--LONG LIVE RnR hello Bob Rosenthal--yes it is still alive-Moose says so LEE