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Title: EPISODE31 - Healing Path with Alice McCall- Macrobiotic Diet & its Benefits

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06/02/2009 09:00 PM EDT
EPISODE31 - Healing Path with Alice McCall- Macrobiotic Diet & its Benefits
05/26/2009 09:00 PM EDT
EPISODE30 - Healing Path with Alice McCall -Colon Hydrotherapy: what is it?
04/28/2009 09:00 PM EDT
EPISODE29 - Healing Path with Alice McCall - The Truth According to Horses
04/21/2009 09:00 PM EDT
EPISODE28 - Healing Path with Alice McCall - Earth Day Healing!
04/14/2009 09:00 PM EDT
EPISODE27 - Healing Path with Alice McCall - Guided Meditation
04/07/2009 09:00 PM EDT
EPISODE26 - Healing Path with Alice McCall - The Secret & The Bible
03/31/2009 09:00 PM EDT
EPISODE25 - Healing Path with Alice McCall - Questions about Acupuncture?
03/24/2009 09:00 PM EDT
EPISODE24 - Healing Path with Alice McCall - Heart Wisdom
03/17/2009 09:00 PM EDT
EPISODE23 - Healing Path with Alice McCall - Guided Meditation
03/10/2009 09:00 PM EDT
EPISODE22 - Healing Path with Alice McCall - Learn about Healing with Sound
03/03/2009 09:00 PM EST
EPISODE21 - Healing Path with Alice McCall - Yoga 101
02/24/2009 09:00 PM EST
EPISODE20 - Healing Path with Alice McCall - Healing Foods
02/17/2009 09:00 PM EST
EPISODE19 - Healing Path with Alice McCall - Guided Meditation
02/10/2009 09:00 PM EST
EPISODE18 - Healing Path with Alice McCall - How guides impact your life!
02/03/2009 09:00 PM EST
EPISODE17 - Healing Path with Alice McCall - What is a Thermogram?


The angels episode! - Reviewer: crystalclearday 02/05/09 12:19 PM EST
Full Comment: I listened to your angels and guides episode the next morning. I asked my Guardian Angel to help me all day. It was a very imported day for me I didn't want anything to go wrong! I lost my bus pass and didnâ??t even know it. A young man returned it to me before the bus came! That night I was going to a concert in a big city I knew nothing about and neither the driver. We arrived in town and was looking for parking when my sister knocked on my window so excited to see us! We needed to find a bank to get cash, we went right to it and found parking . I was able to see my sister on the front row with binoculars. It was awesome! We left and got to parking garage and couldnâ??t get in. Suddenly a women opened the door and we left town with no problem!!! I would also like to tell you about one of my guides my cat, AUGY who is my therapy cat. Two days ago I shut my air purifier off for awhile. To my amazement he jumped up and pushed two buttons to turn it on correctly! He also knows just how to touch me to heal me. I love him , I think he has always been with me through all my lives. Thank you Alice for you program! I also cant wait to work with you on my stuff during this journey. Thank you Angels and Guides!!!!!!

Right On Alice! - Reviewer: gaps13737 01/08/09 07:56 PM EST
Full Comment: I am new to your program by way of a freind! I enjoy your energy!!! The programing has been insitefull. Allthough the meditation has caused me to everytime fall a sleep {last time for four hours downloading from guides, only episode 3, was what I needed most, I didn't sleep], the music vibration in your voice is my healing my focus and journey here. It always, even in your talking on the program is soothing. Keep it up. I look for greater events coming from you! Love your show!!! Blessings always!! THANK YOU THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! gaps 13737.

"a breath of fresh air" - Reviewer: brian_a_lynch 10/17/08 06:53 AM EDT
Full Comment: I tuned into a Broadcast of "Healing Path with Alice McCall" this week and became a big fan of the program. Ms. McCall comes across the World Wide Web as a breath of fresh air to those who can appreciate alternative choices to a healthy way of living. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who would like to make his or her life more vibrant and less complicated

show with Sarah Christopher - Reviewer: Beach43Dancer 10/16/08 06:47 PM EDT
Full Comment: Thanks Alice to you and to Sarah for a great hour spent listening and learning. At my age I am definitely encouraged by Sarah's story. And I love hearing about the animals. I know my Sailor (cat) "talks" to me a lot. Makes me curious to find out more about what he is saying.

Healing Path with Alice McCall - Reviewer: Shawnaspeed 10/12/08 05:56 PM EDT
Full Comment: Bravo, Alice! I truely enjoyed your interview of Sarah Christopher on Talk Shoe. Together, I am sure that you inspied many to open their minds and seek a higher self. I look forward to many more calls.

EXACTLY WHAT WE NEED - Reviewer: Pet Psychic 10/12/08 04:01 PM EDT
Full Comment: Alice is presenting a dialog show with content extremely important in today's changing, evolving, ascending world. It is the most listener interactive show I have been attracted to becoming involved with. Keep the good work going, Alice.

WOW! WHAT A GREAT SHOW! - Reviewer: gailmp 10/12/08 03:48 PM EDT
Full Comment: I tuned in to the show last week on "Pet Communication." Alice's guest, Sarah, the pet psychic discusses how she communicates with animals. She was asked to talk to a horse and the information she received was for the owner. I can't wait to hear Alice's show this week. Tune-in.