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Title: T is For Training 229

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Title: T is For Training 228 - Lobster in a boiling pan

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07/06/2018 02:00 PM EDT
60 min
T is For Training 229

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T is For Training 228 - Lobster in a boiling pan
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- Reviewer: xxxxEdClanofChattanxxxxEdClanofChattan 12/29/17 12:19 PM EST

An excellent resource for the training community - Reviewer: Jill_HW 12/23/17 04:37 PM EST
Full Comment: Maurice Coleman began T is for Training in Sept. 2008 with the recognition that library trainers often work by themselves, and could benefit from interacting with and learning from each other. Since then, a growing group of library trainers have participated is this twice monthly podcast. The group includes those who work directly in libraries as well as independent training professionals from across North America. During every episode, they share tips, techniques, resources and great ideas. As important as the podcast is the community that T is for Training has created. We are now a group that interacts through a variety of web 2.0 tools in order to provide just-in-time advice, help and support. We're also working together on conference proposals, conference sessions, etc. While we have not documented it, I truly believe that we have all become better trainers because of this podcast. It has opened our eyes to new resources and ideas, and allowed us an efficient and effective way of learning from each other. If you are a library trainer -or want to be one- I would encourage you to listen to T is for Training and then find a way to get involved with the "regular suspects". Join in on the call or participate with the group online using other tools (e.g., FriendFeed or Google Groups). Trust that you indeed have something to teach or share with the rest of us, as we always trust that we have something worthwhile to share with you.

T is for Training Rocks! - Reviewer: lorireed 04/08/11 12:00 PM EDT
Full Comment: Since many of us are one person training departments I would have to say that the best part of T is for Training is being able to share questions and ideas with other colleagues, get feedback on challenges you are facing, and just in general know that you are not alone in the library training world. The show's host, Maurice Coleman, is a skilled speaker and engages all audience members whether they be on the call or listening in. T is for Training is one of the best resources for anyone involved with training and libraries!

This show helps me do my job. - Reviewer: MarianneLenox 09/03/09 05:00 PM EDT
Full Comment: It's the only place besides conferences that I get that personal or 'real-life' connection with other people doing the same thing I am in my library. I learn so much from the friends I've made in this community. Thank you!

Any Trainer in a Library NEEDS to listen to this show - Reviewer: Stephanie Zimmerman 10/10/08 01:50 PM EDT
Full Comment: Better yet, why not call in and participate. It's so nice to meet others out there who do exactly what I do. I find this show very helpful for my job and consider it a part of my continuing education!