BBN: Teaching you Business Reality!
Category: Business
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Hosted by: Sir Philip Gatlin
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 2362
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Title: EPISODE289 - BBN: NEW Show for 2010 - Outlook

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Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
01/22/2010 12:01 PM EST
EPISODE289 - BBN: NEW Show for 2010 - Outlook
10/16/2009 12:27 PM EDT
EPISODE288 - BBN: Teaching you Business Reality!
10/09/2009 11:30 AM EDT
EPISODE287 - BBN: Business Update: Project Ground Zero
10/02/2009 11:28 AM EDT
EPISODE286 - BBN: Brutality of today in business...
09/25/2009 12:28 PM EDT
EPISODE285 - BBN: Teaching you Business Reality!
09/18/2009 12:28 PM EDT
EPISODE284 - BBN: Teaching you Business Reality!
09/12/2009 09:58 AM EDT
EPISODE283 - BBN: New Business Weekly Recap!
09/04/2009 11:45 PM EDT
EPISODE282 - BBN: American Business Journal
08/28/2009 12:02 PM EDT
EPISODE281 - BBN: Get America Moving Again!
08/21/2009 12:02 PM EDT
EPISODE280 - BBN: Turn This Economy Around
08/07/2009 12:30 PM EDT
EPISODE279 - BBN: B.E.S.T. show on Talkshoe!
07/31/2009 01:30 PM EDT
EPISODE278 - BBN: B.E.S.T Show on Talkshoe
07/17/2009 01:30 PM EDT
EPISODE277 - BBN: Teaching you Business Reality!
07/10/2009 01:30 PM EDT
EPISODE276 - BBN: Business Basics Where to start!
07/03/2009 01:30 PM EDT
EPISODE275 - BBN: Teaching you Business Reality!


Pleasure - Reviewer: Leearlyn 10/19/07 04:41 PM EDT
Full Comment: I found this to be a very en lighting pod cast very informative and a good cast of personnel to share points of view with as well as knowledgeable

Golden Nuggets - Reviewer: Paul (the voice) Stanton 12/03/06 09:31 AM EST
Full Comment: Although I am in home business (a one-man show & that's the way I like it) and one might think that much of what's covered on this show would only apply to big companies with lots of employees etc., I always manage to pull a few of what I call 'golden nuggets' out of the show that can absolutely be applied to home business... Like shadow knowledge, having a written business plan, a daily schedule, telephone techniques, follow-up, vertical markets, contact management, etc., just to name a very few... I'll keep listening! Paul (the voice) Stanton -