Doctor Who: Podshock LIVE
Category: SciFi & Fantasy
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Hosted by: Louis Trapani (Podshock)
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 23358
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Title: DWP LIVE - "Magician's Apprentice" & 'Witch's Familiar' Review

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Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
04/22/2007 01:00 PM EDT
Ep. 77 - Doctor Who: Podshock LIVE - Daleks in Manhattan Reviewed
04/15/2007 01:00 PM EDT
Ep. 76 - Doctor Who: Podshock LIVE - Gridlock reviewed
04/08/2007 01:00 PM EDT
Ep. 74 - Doctor Who: Podshock LIVE - The Shakespeare Code reviewed
04/01/2007 04:37 PM EDT
Ep. 73 - Doctor Who: Podshock LIVE - Smith and Jones reviewed


Phenomenal Program! - Reviewer: MythicDocWho 04/04/10 03:50 PM EDT
Full Comment: Not only is Podshock a fabulously brilliant show with a wonderful community to be a part of, but the live call in format adds to that magic so much more. If you are unable to meet with the hosts, who are great chaps to begin with, then this format is an excellent way to interact with the hosts and other listeners. Become a Podshock Supporting Subscriber Today!

Great! - Reviewer: Xantos 12/04/08 04:49 AM EST
Full Comment: Always a great listen, Doctor Who: Podshock very much suits the Live format. My only criticism is that it is Live at about 4am in Australia - so it's hard for me to join in.

One of my favorite podcasts! - Reviewer: Rand al'Thor 06/16/08 05:51 PM EDT
Full Comment: I started listening to Doctor Who Podshock a couple of years ago, and immediately liked the pacing and content of the hosts. More than that, I liked the rapport among the hosts. It was great fun to listen to. Now that the podcast has become, more often than not, a live broadcast with listener participation during discussions, it's even more enjoyable to listen to. If you're a fan of Doctor Who, and enjoy hearing fellow fans discuss the greatest sci-fi television series around, I definitely recommend Podshock!

PODSHOCK ROCKS!!! - Reviewer: robert-carrieking99 05/17/08 06:12 AM EDT
Full Comment: Hi guys: I just wanted to say how much i enjoy your show. I listen to at work, on my ipod over and over again.I just saw the doctor's daughter today,and what can i say but spot on. I wish you guys would do dvd reviews on your show as well(you know you want to ken).Also I wish you could get the shows to i tunes a little faster, because for me it's better for me to get it from there.Downloading it by computer takes forever. all in all a great show ,and i enjoy it so much.keep up the great work and thanks.cheers-Robert (columbus, ohio)

I tunes.. they are behind the times......... - Reviewer: fieldgeneraluk 04/29/08 10:51 PM EDT
Full Comment: Hu guys, I'm in the UK. I love the podcast's but on i-tunes the latest download is still episode 109 (the 9th Doctor )cast. Podcast LIVE doesn't appear on their site so maybe someone from podshock can contact I -tunes direct over this issue! I will try to listen live now at some point now I've found talkshoe ! Keep up the good work guys!

What the hell is a jejeune? - Reviewer: uncledeercamp 04/19/08 06:42 PM EDT
Full Comment: Any show that someone feels compelled to call "jejune", and then is dumb enough to misspell in their comments, must be good.

A Great Who Podcast, Seriously! - Reviewer: ivoted4saxon 12/30/07 07:16 AM EST
Full Comment: How do you know when a podcast is great, maybe when other podcasters from all over the world, show up everytime to join in. This podcast is informative, entertaining and the subject manner is worthy of serious discussion. To JackLass: It's a Roundtable, not a lecture. If you don't think the subject of Doctor Who warrants serious discussion, why don't you tune in to World PoliticsShock instead or just take the stick out!

Love it! - Reviewer: DarthGymRat 11/27/07 05:13 PM EST
Full Comment: Thanks so much for having this podcast. It is such a pleasure to be able to hear like minded Dr Whovians! I just finished listening to the Peter Davison episode and only had a small comment about Cannon. I completely understand the idea of being too rigid on that, but at the same time Cannon does play a role in making things consistent. I don't think Cannon was disturbed at all by Time Crash and loved it. In fact, I just recently watched The Time Monster when the 3rd Doctor put his Tardis inside the Master's and created a very similar situation as that seen in Time Crash. I hope to be able to call in and contribute in the future. Again, thanks for a great podcast and keep up the great work! Chris

a great broadcast! - Reviewer: lonelyangel10 05/20/07 02:45 PM EDT
Full Comment: I didn't want to call in, but just felt more comfortable in sampling the live chat as the live discussion was going on. I'm not a whovian(and probably spelled it wrong) but its a great link between watching the current series of Doctor Who and getting an impression of various opinions from around the globe.

Articulate your ideas. - Reviewer: JackLass 04/30/07 03:19 AM EDT
Full Comment: Repetitive, badly communicated, trivial and jejeune. This program is a fictional entertainment. The discussions seem to treat it far more seriously than the subject merits.

What else can be said? - Reviewer: West-RVPshock 04/22/07 09:52 AM EDT
Full Comment: There is no podcast in the world like it. Louis, Ken and James have added the right amount of ingredients to make Podshock the most fun to listen to. Not only do they know the subject matter, they let others contribute their ideas. how cool is that. the discussions are lively, and they are always informative. I don't think they are JeJeune at all they are just Podshock!

Doctor Who:Podshock - the Which What Where When and perhaps, even occasionally the Why of Who! - Reviewer: Merlin_McCarley 04/15/07 01:00 AM EDT
Full Comment: Louis, Ken, and James are now joined by the fans in realtime chat. Be of strong heart and join the friendly banter. Almost as good as going down to the Pub after the show ;). Cheers mates, Mike M.

Podcast Overview - Reviewer: daveac 04/08/07 01:53 PM EDT
Full Comment: This Dr Who Podshock podcast is quickly becoming THE place to be to chat with like-minded people from across the world especially as the current season airs in the UK. Fans brought together here in their love for this continuing adventure across time and space - the characters, the themes, the dilemmas and how that is realised from week to week, exciting both young and old - will give you lot's to think about and urge you to get involved. This podshock gives everyone exposure to such varied viewpoints and if you're a newcomer or an old hand your input will be both valued and challenged, dissected or echoed. Listen in and then join in - Dr Who Podshock! Cheers, daveac