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Hosted by: Paul (the voice) Stanton
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 2317
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Title: We're Back & With A NEW Business!

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12/07/2016 09:00 AM EST
We're Back & With A NEW Business!
03/17/2015 09:00 AM EDT
NEW! Hoe To Get UNLIMITED $20 PayPal Payments!
03/12/2015 12:00 PM EDT
02/26/2015 12:00 PM EST
STOP Whining & Complaining Like A Crybaby!
02/19/2015 12:00 PM EST
Auto Cash Robots Update!
02/09/2015 12:00 PM EST
How To Get People To PAY You To Be Your Prospect!
12/20/2014 08:00 AM EST
Only $18 ONE TIME! Don't Miss This One!
12/16/2014 10:00 AM EST
Make $400 PER SALE Making Simple & EASY 1 Min. Phone Calls from Home!
11/19/2014 08:00 AM EST
The BEST Time Of The Year!
11/17/2014 10:00 AM EST
My NEW Make Money Course is LIVE!
10/25/2014 02:00 PM EDT
Interview: Gim Cipriano - HARD-HITTING Political Talk!
10/23/2014 08:00 AM EDT
Once In A LIFETIME Opportunity!
10/06/2014 12:00 PM EDT
Joke Of The Week!
10/04/2014 12:00 PM EDT
NEW Bonuses INCLUDED With YOUR Interview!
10/03/2014 03:00 PM EDT
Political Fridays Are BACK! Special Guest Brian Bonner Today!


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- Reviewer: NULLANDVOID 09/21/10 09:34 AM EDT

Great advice Paul- this is worth a listen to any who want to succeed - Reviewer: winspire 02/06/09 11:54 AM EST
Full Comment: When people know the pitfalls of something up front and accept them, they are less likely to fall in. This is a good lesson about that, and having the tenacity to stay focused like a laser beam through all that would distract. Tim Wilson internetgoeslocal.com

One of the more professionally done shows on TalkShoe - Reviewer: CorvetteDave 10/02/08 05:27 PM EDT
Full Comment: Paul: Has anyone told you that you sound like Rick Roberts? I can see you becoming a fill in host down the road....it would go something like this..... This is Paul Stanton sitting in for Michael Savage on the Savage Nation.. Let me know what you think about this comment... I'll be listening!

REMEMBER: It's YOUR Business & Nobody Is Going To Work YOUR Business But YOU! - Reviewer: Paul (the voice) Stanton 06/24/08 01:12 PM EDT
Full Comment: If you continue doing what you've always done (in business or anything else), you'll continue getting what you've always got... Is it enough?... If it's NOT enough then you need to listen to this show & start making money like I do in home business - www.StantonEnterprises.com

Chocked full of golden nuggets - Reviewer: Rob White 02/18/07 07:16 PM EST
Full Comment: Recently, I stumbled across Paul Stanton's show as I was researching ways to do Podcasting on a more automated basis. During a Google Search, I found his site and after reviewing his archives, I downloaded one or two of his shows. After listening to these shows, I immediately went and picked up the iTunes feed and have spent several hours listening (and sometimes re-listening) to his past shows. I have been in several MLM/Network Marketing businesses in the past and I have learned MORE in a few hours of listening to Paul Stanton than I have EVER learned from any past training courses. Thanks to Paul, I now have my own TalkCasts and am having fun doing it too! My Show ID's 16010, 16212 and 16829. Thanks Paul and keep up the great work!

Paul your Show is Great - Reviewer: xyour925job.com 02/12/07 02:04 PM EST
Full Comment: I really Like your show. You do a great job and you are really good at it keep up the great work. Folks you can really learn alot on Pauls Show Pete Balasch Jr. In the tax me State Nebraska My Show 14444

A great help - Reviewer: guzzi1 12/30/06 02:49 PM EST
Full Comment: Stumbled on site trying to work out how to boost my home business here in New Zealand. Invaluable information in plain language

Worth Listening to whether it is for you or not - Reviewer: robint21 11/07/06 12:16 PM EST
Full Comment: I have done some MLM and have not been very successful with it, BUT, I found Paul Stanton's program and his upcoming program titles to be interesting to say the least. I will listen again. Perhaps, just perhaps, Paul will get me into MLM. I am looking for a business, home based or not. My eyes are open, and I am listening and exploring. Very much interested in the Dumping the Day job program coming up.

Paul Will Share What He Knows - Your Job is to Implement - Reviewer: Bill Quigley 10/31/06 03:18 PM EST
Full Comment: Paul Stanton has mastered the art of working in his underwear (the place where shaving and showering are always optional) and wants to tell you how to do it, too (in YOUR underwear, not his). Most self-employed people cannot seem to self-motivate and fewer have the tools they need to make it work alone - Paul knows this, so he gives you the straight facts and training to accomplish this. I have my own business and need to hear what he's saying - even Tiger Woods has a coach - so all of us can use the help. Listen to a few episodes and get yourself hooked - your time will not be used, but INVESTED. Art Blanchet (Your Home-Your Money)