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Title: EPISODE 153 - Review of Kill The Moon and Mummy on the Orient Exp.SPOILERS!

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Past Episodes (193)

Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
10/17/2014 10:44 AM EDT
EPISODE 153 - Review of Kill The Moon and Mummy on the Orient Exp.SPOILERS!
10/04/2014 03:39 PM EDT
EPISODE 152 - Review of The Caretaker SPOILERS!!!
09/25/2014 07:45 AM EDT
EPISODE 151 Review of Time Heist SPOILERS!!!
09/18/2014 08:29 PM EDT
EPISODE 150 Review of Listen SPOILERS!!!!
09/07/2014 01:37 PM EDT
EPISODE 149-Review of Robot of Sherwood SPOILERS!!!
09/02/2014 12:31 PM EDT
EPISODE 148- Review of Into The Dalek SPOILERS!!!
08/24/2014 08:10 AM EDT
Episode 147- Review of Deep Breath SPOILERS!!!
01/27/2014 11:00 AM EST
EPISODE 146 -DWRT Monthly for Jan Review of Day and Time of the Doctor
10/01/2013 11:30 AM EDT
EPISODE 145 - DW Monthly for Oct.Review of The Reign of Terror
08/05/2013 09:46 PM EDT
EPISODE 144.5 - The New Doctor IS..........(spoilers)
07/29/2013 11:00 AM EDT
EPISODE 144 -DW Monthly for July :Review of The Greatest Show in the Galaxy
06/27/2013 11:00 AM EDT
EPISODE 143 - DW Monthly for June: Review of Planet Of Giants
05/29/2013 11:00 AM EDT
EPISODE142 - DW Monthly for May: Review of Nightmare in Sliver plus 7b
05/21/2013 08:08 PM EDT
EPISODE 141 Review of The Name of the Doctor SPOILERS!!
05/09/2013 08:23 PM EDT
EPISODE 140 - Review of The Crimson Horror SPOILERS


Wow what a show - Reviewer: Bear fan Ron 12/08/10 09:14 PM EST
Full Comment: This was one heck of an experience!!!! Bravo

This show knows it's WHO - Reviewer: Keys To Lost - Matt 06/27/09 04:45 AM EDT
Full Comment: Just ran across this show for the first time tonight. The expertise and insightful knowlege about all things DR WHO is awesome!

Good show - Reviewer: Applecreamer 06/21/09 04:51 PM EDT
Full Comment: This is a really good show with alot of different perspectives. I think it can still be improved. I love Robert, but i think he can be a bit dry. I can tell he has passionate for Doctor Who, it would be very cool to see that passion show with some more inflection in his tone. Nonetheless, he puts on a great and informative show.

Good show Robert - Reviewer: daveac 11/04/08 05:39 PM EST
Full Comment: I enjoy your show's Robert - on too late here in the UK for me to join in with. It's good - but if you could keep some of the audio clips shorter and include more of your insights - the show would be even better! For SF fans this well worth a listen! Cheers, daveac