The LOST Revisited Now : A LOST podcast
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Hosted by: Heath Solo
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 22047
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Title: EPISODE 125 - "lOST In Concert : We Have To Go Back"Review

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Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
09/23/2016 06:00 PM EDT
EPISODE 125 - "lOST In Concert : We Have To Go Back"Review
04/25/2016 04:00 AM EDT
Episode 124 : Lost in Order Special edition
05/25/2015 11:50 PM EDT
EPISODE 123 - "5 year anniversary since the finale"
09/25/2012 08:05 PM EDT
EPISODE 122 - The LOST Revisited Now Reunion Show"
03/08/2011 10:08 PM EST
Episode 121 - "The SERIES Bunny Awards - PART 2"
03/08/2011 08:30 PM EST
EPISODE 120 - "The SERIES Bunny Awards Part 1"
01/25/2011 08:15 PM EST
EPISODE 119 - "Season 6 Finale "The End" Bunny Awards"
09/21/2010 07:41 PM EDT
Preview of new podcast : "Podtourage" with Heath, Axel, Donald, and Alex
08/24/2010 10:00 PM EDT
EPISODE 118 - "EPILOGUE : NEW MAN IN CHARGE" produced by Axel foley
08/21/2010 05:15 PM EDT
EPISODE117 - "Epilogue Initial reaction and reunion show" Part 2
08/17/2010 04:50 PM EDT
EPISODE 116 - "Talkin' Lost : After the End PART 1" with Donald and Alex
07/27/2010 09:00 PM EDT
EPISODE 115- Bunny Awards for Season 6 ACT 3 with guests
05/30/2010 08:15 PM EDT
EPISODE 114 - "The End" part 2 Lost series finale breakdown
05/28/2010 11:52 PM EDT
EPISODE 113 - "The End" part 1 Lost series finale breakdown
05/28/2010 08:25 PM EDT
EPISODE 112- "LOST Finale Party Tales with Heath and Wendy"


not good - Reviewer: Lime 04/28/10 05:08 AM EDT
Full Comment: Ms Wendy is okay but Heath is just terrible and annoying. For some unknown reason he likes to sing with no other reason to get attention. He´s also seems to be on every podcast there is without adding much of value except constant talking about Sawyer and some more singing and bad jokes. It takes forever dor him to say a simple thing as well. A simple think often take him 5 minutes when it could easily been made in under a minute. The problem is the guy just like to hear his voice. And then he start singing again.

Great Podacst - Reviewer: kathryn_7 02/21/10 12:51 PM EST
Full Comment: One of the best lost podcasts out there, and one of my favorites.

It's not a podcast. It's a place where miracles happen. - Reviewer: Wick_K 12/23/09 09:05 AM EST
Full Comment: The two reviewers below who gave a rating of 1 are unduly harsh (especially to Heath, who is actually a podcasting Teddy Bear). The approach Heath and Ms. Wendy take goes beyond the normal objective exploration of the show's mysteries/mythology in favor of a more subjective and light approach, which not only allows for a greater appreciation of show, but also of the different perspectives and passions of members of the Lost fan community (best exemplified by the Ramble On and Bunny Awards episodes with the "Podcast All-Stars"). What results is a podcast that seems less like a pedantic lecture and more like a conversation among friends. And for those who doubt the greatness of The LR Now, I must quote the redoubtable Benjamin Linus: "We're all convinced sooner or later" Efren Salonga for Life!

Great Podcast - Reviewer: LostFanDan 12/18/09 03:31 AM EST
Full Comment: Keep up the good work love the podcast and I really enjoy the rambles

Thanks Heath & MsWendy - Reviewer: cutepoison10 12/11/09 03:47 PM EST
Full Comment: As per title, thank you for ALL the podcasts, and hard work you do, Its so appreciated, would take to long to review each one, but i LOVE THEM ALL. Happy Holidays both, I look forward to more from you guys in season 6.

3 stars for miss wendy - Reviewer: lenny_and_erin_foley 11/04/09 09:29 AM EST
Full Comment: we love miss wendy too, but she should stick with BRP. i know what whoever said it meant about heath being everywhere. at the end of the last DIL he sang the same lyric about underwear for 3 and a half minutes - it was repetitive, stupid and lame. mimicry is a form of flattery but leave the clever stuff to D. fortunately D was smart enough to put it at the very end so that on re-listen we can just skip right through. seriously BRP miss wendy, BRP.

Can't get enough - Reviewer: Zemus101 11/04/09 03:11 AM EST
Full Comment: This is by far my favorite Lost podcast. Which is saying a lot considering how many there are out there, and a good number of them are great. Mr Heath Solo is a joy to listen to and always shows up prepared to discuss anything and everything Lost related. Ms. Wendy is a very nice addition and shows up with the facts (and some crackpot theories) and together they are the perfect balance. I, for one, love that the show seems to go on forever. I can never get enough Lost Revisited Now... now, can he season 6 start already?

Nothing going for it - Reviewer: dharmalite 10/28/09 12:07 PM EDT
Full Comment: There are many podcasts out there and some of them are really very good. This is not one of those. Wendy does her job, but is over-powered by a man with a Sawyer fixation. The closest he gets to Sawyer is Season 1 Sawyer - all swagger and not much substance. Don't waste your time with this one - may I suggest a couple of podcasts with alliterative titles?

Not him again! - Reviewer: leneaux 10/28/09 11:10 AM EDT
Full Comment: Listening to podcasts is a personal thing. Thankfully for Lost fans there are literally dozens to choose from. Some have soundclips from episodes, others write cool songs and for those who just use their personality, then if one podcaster is too abrasive for your liking you can just move on. Unfortunately in the Lost podcast world there has been a worrying trend of late for some podcasters to crash others' shows. And this guy Heath is the absolute worst for that. His style is loud, repetetive, and mostly trivial [frequently interjected with "I thought that was really interesting"] and seems to be full of his own self-importance. However, recently Heath has deemed it necessary to let everyone know what he thought was really interesting on many other (otherwise good) podcasts. Enough, please. Dilute the brand? More like spread the crap.

My new best friend - Reviewer: JamesLaFleur 07/14/09 05:06 PM EDT
Full Comment: Just when I think I have enough podcasts to listen to a gem comes out of the rough. I love this podcast! Heath and Miss Wendy are a great team and work so well off each other. The guests they have on are really great too. I'd say it's more of a fun podcast than a serious one which makes it stand out from the rest aswell as being able to feel like you are listening to your friends talking about Lost.

Matteo's Review - Reviewer: MK LOST 07/12/09 10:46 AM EDT
Full Comment: Hey, Really enjoyed the podcast last night! I ll be looking out to hear more from you guys!

Me Too...Oh right, you can't hear me. - Reviewer: Amy_K. 06/11/09 09:40 AM EDT
Full Comment: I've really enjoyed listening to this group of LOST podcasters. I feel like I'm in a room of like minded people, and often find myself answering questions and commenting out loud. Thanks for keeping the good work up thru the hiatus.

Take The Leap of Faith! - Reviewer: Nancy_Drew 05/31/09 11:26 PM EDT
Full Comment: This podcast is a must-listen/download for ALL Lost fans! Heath and Ms. Wendy are entertainingly compatible and provide an extraordinary format for listeners everywhere! This extremely detailed, highly energetic and profoundly original show reviews the present and speculates on the future while taking you back to episodes past. An awesome show for all who love Lost!

The greatest non-trucker community call on Talkshoe ;) - Reviewer: Degringolade 05/31/09 09:09 PM EDT
Full Comment: An AMAZING group of podcasters and fans discussing the show that tricked ABC into doing a primetime sci-fi drama. Heath is hilarious and does a great job of directing the discussion and keeping it spoiler-free (no matter what that means for you). Ms. Wendy is an absolute sweetheart and incredibly insightful. If you are looking for a funny and informed look at LOST-- look no further!

A great Listen and Participation CC - Reviewer: Keys To Lost - Matt 05/03/09 05:20 PM EDT
Full Comment: Heath and Ms. Wendy's regular shows have been a weekly must listen for me ever since I discovered them on the Lost Podcasting Network. The interaction with chatroom conversation and the mini rambles are a must participation for any LOST fan, and any person who enjoys meeting smart, friendly, warm, and funny people. It's a great 'at the water cooler' kind of feel.

one lost fan to another - Reviewer: zachfast 04/04/09 01:12 PM EDT
Full Comment: if you love the hit show lost, and you have ?s, well this is the place for you. come and join the chat room, and have a great time listening to Heath and ms Wendy.

Keep on 'Casting , LR :) - Reviewer: Ms.Wendy 10/08/08 02:00 PM EDT
Full Comment: I really enjoy listening to The Lost Revisted podcast. Heath has a clear love for the show and some terrific insight on characters, plot points and the mythology . I also appreciate that he is including questions that have been presented this past season on his LR Now podcasts. During this long hiatus, The LOST Revisited has been a welcome addition to the Lost fan community. And I hope there'll continue to be more podcasts for the two season that are left. Thanks, Heath!

The podcast i Strive to be like. - Reviewer: Donaldislost 08/23/08 05:59 PM EDT
Full Comment: Wonderful and entertaining, a great way to go back and relive the older episodes of LOST. This podcast is a must have companion to the show.