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Hosted by: Eric Odom
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 21651
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Title: August PlurkCAST kickoff

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Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
08/06/2008 05:00 PM EDT
August PlurkCAST kickoff
07/30/2008 05:00 PM EDT
Final July Episode
07/25/2008 05:00 PM EDT
PlurkCAST Special Friday
07/16/2008 05:00 PM EDT
PlurkCAST Episode Four
07/09/2008 05:00 PM EDT
PlurkCAST Episode Three
07/02/2008 05:00 PM EDT
PlurkCAST Episode Two
06/25/2008 05:00 PM EDT
EPISODE1 - PlurkCAST Episode One


What Great People - Reviewer: KDFrawg 07/23/08 04:45 PM EDT
Full Comment: This is SUCH a great place to connect with the astonishing people of Plurk! Two shows down an million to go. There is a lot to love about Plurk, and a lot to love about the PlurkCast, but it all comes down the the truly marvelous people of Plurk!

The Plurk Community - Reviewer: badseedjenn 07/18/08 01:31 PM EDT
Full Comment: Just a thank you to everyone for making such a big deal out of my plurk cake. I truly love this group of people and PlurkCast is a wonderful way to stay up to date on everything Plurk. Thanks so much!

PlurkCAST... need I say more? - Reviewer: Eric Odom 07/16/08 06:17 PM EDT
Full Comment: OK, so I'm a little biased here with my review. :-) But seriously, this is a lot of fun and I LOVE the Plurk community. Love this show too!

Eric Odom's PlurkCAST 4 - Reviewer: ESONLINE 07/16/08 06:06 PM EDT
Full Comment: Excellent show guys! The participation of Alvin from the A-Team just added extra to the program. Nice that the hierarchy of Plurk stopped in. Will look forward to next week.

great show! - Reviewer: pritcharddesign 07/16/08 05:58 PM EDT
Full Comment: Thanks for another great show guys! In the spirit of Plurk...chatting and great comraderie. Was nice to hear Alvin...He seemed to leave pleased!

PlurkCast Was Awesome ;) - Reviewer: TheSockKnitter 07/09/08 06:10 PM EDT
Full Comment: It was the quickest hour I've spent in a very long time as well! Thanks so much for bringing us all together -- it was great fun, and you two are two of the nicest guys I've had the pleasure to meet EVER! I can't wait for next time!

Plurktastical Show! - Reviewer: KeithHanson 07/03/08 10:25 AM EDT
Full Comment: The (currently) One and Only PlurkCast is all about plurk. A casual, fun, and most importantly knowledgeable group of people run this show and do a fantastic job of it. Of the two PlurkCasts I've attended so far (and admittedly spoke briefly on), I've had a blast listening and conversing. They're not afraid to take live callers, so call in and get your questions/opinions heard! :)

I've been Plurked and I love it - Reviewer: kellyww 07/03/08 08:03 AM EDT
Full Comment: Plurkcast is filled with great information about what you can do to take Plurk to the next level. Wen2 on Plurk

Making conversations vocal and sharing ideas - Reviewer: miketempleton 07/02/08 07:32 PM EDT
Full Comment: The PlurkCAST is a great extension of Plurk conversations. The format places a few hosts at the center to help moderate the discussions and answer questions. Callers are welcome and feedback is appreciated. The PlurkCAST also covers what the audience wants to hear about. Suggestions are taken before, during and after to improve the show.

enjoyed the show - Reviewer: nowsourcing 07/02/08 06:12 PM EDT
Full Comment: missed the beginning of the show, but enjoyed the conversation with Plurk fans! Brian @ Nowsourcing

A great show about a great service - Reviewer: TheNerd 07/02/08 06:10 PM EDT
Full Comment: It's great to see the community coming together on plurk and elsewhere. I love the show and have learned many valuable tips for using Plurk. Keep up the good work folks :)

Fun and great info exchange! - Reviewer: DebInDenver 07/02/08 06:08 PM EDT
Full Comment: That was awesome and glad you could facilitate an idea exchange! Look forward to the next one!

A highly Plurked discussion - Reviewer: Richard Disney 06/25/08 08:17 PM EDT
Full Comment: Nice discussion with some of the "big boys and girls" of Plurk, the new social network. A great program with information on extensions and how to maximize Plurk use (not that anyone really needs help using Plurk more)!:)