The RaT Project
Category: SciFi & Fantasy
Description: more
Hosted by: Rand al'Thor
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 21129
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Past Episodes (6)

Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
12/31/2014 11:00 PM EST
The RaT Project LIVE
10/20/2012 09:00 PM EDT
The RaT Project 104 Live - The Animanga Episode
10/13/2012 09:00 PM EDT
The RaT Project 103 Live - What Games Are You Playing?
10/06/2012 09:00 PM EDT
The RaT Project 102 Live - Back to the Airwaves
05/12/2012 09:00 PM EDT
The RaT Project 104 Live: Topic TBA
04/24/2010 07:00 PM EDT
The RaT Project 77 Live - Cyberman Conversion


Great Show - Reviewer: daveac 02/04/10 02:51 PM EST
Full Comment: Although I'm not greatly into games myself, I enjoy this podcast which covers more than just gaming. it and get into topics on movies, science fiction & other such cult interests. Mike makes a friendly and welcoming host with lots of knowledge on the topics covered. Cheers, daveac