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Hosted by: Matthew Wayne Selznick
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 20652
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Title: EPISODE18 - Matt Wallace & Mark Leslie on Horror

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Past Episodes (19)

Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
10/20/2007 05:05 PM EDT
EPISODE18 - Matt Wallace & Mark Leslie on Horror
10/06/2007 05:05 PM EDT
EPISODE17 - Live From The 2007 PNME
09/22/2007 05:05 PM EDT
EPISODE16 - Open Lines #2
09/15/2007 05:05 PM EDT
EPISODE 15 - Short Stories
09/08/2007 05:05 PM EDT
EPISODE14 - Flash Fiction
08/18/2007 05:05 PM EDT
EPISODE13 - Writing Schedules and Rituals
08/04/2007 05:05 PM EDT
EPISODE 12 - Open Lines!
07/28/2007 05:05 PM EDT
EPISODE 11 - From Prose To Script
07/21/2007 05:05 PM EDT
EPISODE 10 - Opportunities in Alternative Publishing
07/07/2007 05:05 PM EDT
EPISODE 9 - Beginnings, Endings, and Crossing the Void Between
06/23/2007 05:05 PM EDT
EPISODE 8 - Worldbuilding and Story Bibles
06/16/2007 05:05 PM EDT
EPISODE 7 - Collaboration
06/02/2007 05:05 PM EDT
EPISODE 6 - Point Of View
05/26/2007 07:05 PM EDT
Episode 5 - Writers' Best Con Stories
05/12/2007 05:00 PM EDT
Episode 4 - Drafts And Revisions


Thank you! - Reviewer: mccicc 07/14/07 07:14 AM EDT
Full Comment: I found this podcast at the perfect time. I'm editing my novel now and I love hearing how other writers tackle their writing process and challenges. It's what I've been craving and haven't been able to find yet in my local area -- experienced and newer writers who are willing to share their secrets. Thank you!

Honesty in Conversation - Reviewer: restevenson 06/02/07 12:50 PM EDT
Full Comment: To keep it short, this podcast and what it serves work so well because there's an honesty in the conversations that Matthew has with his interviewees, and in turn, with the audience present. This takes the realm of how to write to a more personal level, and offers listeners a chance to associate the advice they get with their day-to-day writing. It feels less like canned advice and more like personal advice. Great stuff, well delivered, good times.

All writers should participate. - Reviewer: GlennWebber 04/28/07 01:06 PM EDT
Full Comment: Great advice, knowledgeable guests, and a personable host. This show has everything beginning, intermediate and even veteran writers need to improve their skills and connect with others in the field. I especially enjoy the professional yet informal atmosphere.

Great interactive Podcast - Reviewer: KimiDreams 04/21/07 06:27 PM EDT
Full Comment: Listening in on the show was very helpful and exciting. I was happy to be able to bounce my questions off of the panel and hear good news and advice from others trying to do what I am. Thanks!