Wise as Serpents: Unmasking the Beast
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Hosted by: Wise As Serpents
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 20318
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Thank you for your Show. - Reviewer: avidfisherman 11/13/09 04:42 AM EST
Full Comment: May God Bless you and your Ministry Frank.

thanks to our MIGHTY LORD JESUS for forthright people. - Reviewer: methusalem 06/12/09 11:44 AM EDT
Full Comment: well done bro.frank.excellent material and research.im new to your talks n am really enjoying them.thanks to our MIGHTY LORD JESUS, for giving us forthright and brave intelligent people,such as yourself.GODS blessings to you and yours.pat burns from ireland.

The man does his research. - Reviewer: dlcon96 02/19/09 01:17 AM EST
Full Comment: You can tell by the amount of information in each show, that a lot of research goes into making this podcast. Well researched, very informative, and put together in a clear and concise package (or rather podcast).

Worth Listening To! - Reviewer: KButler1169 06/11/08 06:13 PM EDT
Full Comment: I love Frank Lordi's view on things. He is committed to informing the public of what's really going on in the world with a Christian point of view. Frank is well researched and extremely passionate in his delivery.