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Title: EPISODE14 - The Grey Area: The New Scifi series "The Real Exorcist"

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Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
12/03/2008 08:45 PM EST
EPISODE16 - The Grey Area: Guest to Be Announced
11/19/2008 08:45 PM EST
EPISODE15 - The Grey Area: Witchcraft - Not Recorded
11/05/2008 08:45 PM EST
EPISODE14 - The Grey Area: The New Scifi series "The Real Exorcist"
10/22/2008 08:45 PM EDT
EPISODE13 - The Grey Area: The Zenors
10/08/2008 08:45 PM EDT
EPISODE12 - The Grey Area: Guest Craig Woolheater of the TBRC
09/24/2008 08:45 PM EDT
EPISODE11 - Bart Cutino, Tom Yamarone, BoBo Fey & Cliff Barackman
08/27/2008 08:45 PM EDT
EPISODE8 - The Grey Area: Bill Munns
08/20/2008 08:45 PM EDT
EPISODE7 - The Grey Area: Brian (Bipto) Brown & Billy Willard
07/30/2008 08:45 PM EDT
EPISODE5 - The Grey Area: Eric Altman and Sean Forker
07/16/2008 08:30 PM EDT
EPISODE4 - The Grey Area: The Kentucky Incident - Researchers
07/02/2008 08:45 PM EDT
EPISODE3 - The Grey Area: Mr. Bart Cutino
06/18/2008 09:00 PM EDT
EPISODE2 - The Grey Area: Chris Buntenbah of the TBRC
06/04/2008 09:00 PM EDT
EPISODE1 - Meet Melissa and Monica


Sorry I tried - Reviewer: JoiseyGene 03/10/09 09:56 PM EDT
Full Comment: I have listened to most of the shows in the archive, and the prior reviews and I am sorry but they were difficult to listen to. The hosts were rude, hypocritical and defensive. listening to the first show was like listening to a couple of sophomoric high school school girls. Sorry,but this show actually made me tense.

It's Always GREYER On The Other Side Of The... - Reviewer: Kite-Squatch 12/01/08 04:58 AM EST
Full Comment: The show has moved to BlogTalk:

Well done - Reviewer: inthe559 11/03/08 05:36 PM EST
Full Comment: I loved your last show with the Zenors. learned more in a hour then I have reading all week. Keep up the good work, and let all the nay says get their own show if they feel they can do it better. Ted

Keep up the good work Ladies. - Reviewer: InSearchOf 10/08/08 08:32 PM EDT
Full Comment: I think you ladies are doing a good job with the show and I do appreciate the no-nonsense approach. Both of you know the score when it comes to the realm of sasquatch. I love the no-nonsense approach and sometimes you have to tell it like it is regardless of how it may come across. As for the complaints about the attack dog mentality that you are accused of,well sometimes that is needed to stop the BS in its tracks but I suppose you could lighten up a bit. Overall,a great show that seems to get better as the weeks go by. Good job Ladies. Peace.

The Grey Area *DISCLAIMER* - Reviewer: TheGreyArea 09/24/08 01:34 PM EDT
Full Comment: "The views expressed by the Hosts of the program belong to Melissa Hovey and Monica Rawlins, and in no way reflect the opinions of any group affiliation or membership they may have." In other words, if you have a problem with the opinions expressed by Melissa Hovey or Monica Rawlins, you should put on your big boy/girl panties and bring it to them. No one else can or will help you. Both Monica and Melissa hope you enjoy the show !!!!!!!!

lets get over it and continue on positively with this good show - Reviewer: NebraskaSerenity 08/11/08 07:03 PM EDT
Full Comment: I have listened to every episode of The Grey Area and I enjoy it. I think you are doing a good job and I enjoy listening to Women Bigfoot Researchers. I understand why you have a challenging way of questioning possible hoaxers and BS, because unfortunately it appears there is alot of it out there in bigfoot land. Although I will say that some of what others see as BS I see as potential truth, because I am pretty open minded, probably sometimes too open minded, but with that said I also appreciate you two ladies really making people think and offer more proof to certain claims. I think there is a place for this type of show, and I give you my support. I also enjoy the humor and joking around, I don't see it as hurting anything in fact it gives us a laugh. What I would really like to see is everyone being just a little more positive and kind to each other, both the people who are being critical with reviews and whatever, and the hosts. For the most part the hosts are positive, just sometimes come across as "tough." I have full faith that this show will continue to get better and better and there will be more shows with very positive and educational discussion. I will continue to listen and best of luck with the show.

I am looking forward to many more episodes! - Reviewer: Kevin M 06/17/08 09:23 PM EDT
Full Comment: It must be kind of tough to launch an internet radio program with all the flamers and envious nobodies floating around. But, having spent many evenings listening to Mel's previous blogcasts on other programs, I am delighted to learn that she is back. Don't let the negative reviews of their first broadcast put you off; you may not be able to judge a book by its cover, but one look at the bad grammar and general bile of the one-star reviews seems to indicate from which grandmother's basement the reviews are coming from. Good luck ladies, and don't let the b***ards get you down!

JohnnySakko - Reviewer: MelissaHovey 06/16/08 01:22 PM EDT
Full Comment: First of all (incase you missed it), this is the "review" section for the show. Not the "Host jump on everyone who disagrees with you" area. People are allowed to post whether they like or dislike the show, so long as they stay within the guidelines set forth by Talkshoe. We do have our "Big Girl Panties" on, and not jumping in everytime someone has posted a negative review. People are allowed to disagree with us.. Not sure why you think a statement is necessary?? Maybe your just simply upset that Monica and I will not lower ourselves to the negativity being displayed? I do find it comical you call those who wrote positive reviews "attack dogs" and I guess the negative reviewers are just "misunderstood nice people"? Take for instance BigfootGal who says one of the callers is "Obvious Handicapped".. Really? Obvious? And she calls us rude? Where is your outrage for a statement like that? And Whisper, Rude? We were so rude the caller agreed to and then later sent the photo he was discussing?? Seems to me if Monica and I had been that "rude" the caller would NOT have sent his photo. If you choose to not listen because we allow people the right to post a review without comment by us, then fine - we wish you all the best. This show is not for everyone. Monica and I will not be drawn into every pissing contest brought up by these negative reviewers. Both Monica and I would like to thank everyone for taking the time to post a review, they sure have made this show popular. :)

Oh My God! - Reviewer: Whisper 06/16/08 12:59 PM EDT
Full Comment: Can I puke now? What is the world of Bigfoot coming too? We have two who think they are researchers. How in the hell did that happen? Both are rude and cruel to those who question them on their 'knowledge', when the knowledge of Mel was obtain from others who have done their time in the field. They have put them so above others that they have become rude with their listeners who have something to say or too share what they have. Why? Can some one please explain that one to me? I have no Idea who is riding who's shirt tails. I know one thing, I will not be contacting the TBRC while those two are aboard. Both should retire from this field. They have nothing to offer but their worthless knowledge that obtain from others. One can only hope that this show won't last long.

Way to go girls - Reviewer: ADAMSCLIMBER2 06/15/08 11:37 AM EDT
Full Comment: Johnny I'm by no means anybody's attack dog....Remember the thick skin comment....get some..would be my I said before, Ithink its great that these two have the guts to ask the questions that should be asked.....nobody forces anyone to come make these claims that we have all heard, but they do need to be questioned if they're gonna make those claims and have the evidence to back it up. That's just the investigative process. I sure as hell liked to go into court with a lil more than "because I said so". If I was gonna lose a day off, I sure as heck wanted to make sure it was a slam-dunk because of the evidence, not any vendetta or "because this is what I saw/interpreted those actions to mean" So let me be the first to say bu-bye

Big Girl Panties??? - Reviewer: JohnnySokko 06/15/08 01:17 AM EDT
Full Comment: I was all ready to give you a good review until I read the others. Let me see if I have this straight? All of us are supposed to put on our big boy panties and deal with your opinions, but if someone posts a bad review of your show, you send out your attack dogs to criticize them? Shouldn't Monica and Melissa put on their big girl panties and deal with the comments? Wow, I am not into hypocrites, so you just lost yourself a listener.

This show does hold promise.. - Reviewer: GoblinMan 06/14/08 04:37 PM EDT
Full Comment: Reverend Strone read my mind when he typed out his review. When I first read about this program I figured there would be negativity thrown toward these 2 women but, sprinkled in with the negativity is some serious humor. BigfootGal, what "new" information did you think you might gain by listening to a show that was advertised as "get to know the hosts"? I must admit I laughed at that for a while. There was no guest scheduled, it was simply Melissa and Monica. Did you think they were going to share the secret to winning the lottery numbers? Baking tips? Be serious. Why are Melissa and Monica called arrogant, and the negative reviewers are justified in having an opinion? I am thinking there are more people in the bigfoot community who "see bigfoot everywhere", than I once thought, and they do not like the idea of a show like this. Also, I should add BigfootGal, they do not represent the TBRC. Do you see the name TBRC in the title anywhere? Is there something posted stating the TBRC endorses this program?? No. You only said that to stir the pot, even with the posted disclaimer that the opinions expressed are those of Melissa and Monica. Despite the negative comments, I would like to hear an actual show before passing judgment (seems only logical to me). Good Luck Melissa and Monica, I am sure this show will be a big hit!!! P.S. BigfootGal, your bias is very obvious, you might want to consider registering two different names for talkshoe, before writing reviews. I think I have this figured out.. Sometimes sitting back and watching is very educational!!!

Very Disappointed - Reviewer: BigfootGal47 06/14/08 02:09 PM EDT
Full Comment: This was a very disappointing show. I listened for an hour and wasn't able to walk away with any new knowledge or information other than both hosts seem very negative and unprofessional. If these two are representatives of the TBRC, I'm thinking twice about spending my money to go to their conference this year. PS I have no bias. I want to learn something about bigfooting not listen to two people just talk rudely to an obvious handicapped person.

Holds promise... - Reviewer: Reverend_Strone 06/12/08 06:44 PM EDT
Full Comment: In the field of Bigfoot research there are opinions and approaches as diverse as one is likely to find anywhere, so it stands to reason that there will be internet radio shows representing these differences that are equally as diverse, ranging from the mystical to the skeptical. This show sets out to occupy a place at the more skeptical end, holding supposed evidence to account and examining it for alternative explanation, something which most Bigfoot researchers I know always say is a good thing to do. We can certainly expect nothing less from the skeptical community outside of the field so I personally welcome a show which professes to be straight talking and no nonsense and hope the hosts can achieve this goal every episode. It's a high aspiration for those imbedded in this quest, so I hope they can live up to it. So far, they appear to be. The first episode certainly put this approach to the test when the caller presented his opinions and offered his evidence. I listened to the show live and again a few days later from the archive to be sure I didn't miss anything (especially after reading some of these reviews), and I cannot find any point in the show when the hosts were anything but fair with the caller, especially given the clearly stated objective of the show, to be analytical and skeptical of claims made. There was certainly defensiveness detectable on both sides, but given the history of criticism the caller has made of the hosts in the past weeks, even calling in the previous day when Monica was a guest on another show, to criticize another TBRC member and restate his own beliefs, it was hardly surprising that both hosts and caller were guarded with one another. I applaud the caller for offering to share his evidence and am eager to hear the opinions of the hosts and others who have seen it. I would encourage him to share the picture with everyone, so that all parties can make their own minds up. Opinions - that is all that the hosts are professing to offer, all any of us can offer. They are no different than anyone else in that regard, not holding themselves higher or claiming authority, merely presenting their take and leaving it for listeners to make up their own minds. It staggers me that some would consider that to be disrespectful or some how arrogant. Surely looking at supposed evidence with a skeptical eye is what almost all in this field aim to do? If there was fault to find with the show, it was in the chatroom, which was not moderated and, as a result, saw some disgraceful behaviour on the part of anonymous "guest" chatters. Disrespect was shown to both hosts and especially to the caller, without consequence, and it is my hope that in future shows this will be addressed, because that was unquestionably wrong. However, as far as the hosts' conduct on the show and with the caller, I think they were both fair and reasonable.

just another radio show - Reviewer: Belle_ 06/12/08 06:13 PM EDT
Full Comment: ["This is exactly what Bigfoot research needs, a show that takes the research seriously and tells it like it is"...............] I don't understand this comment when we have about 10 radio shows doing the same interviews but with more people who have been in research allot longer then Monica and a hell of allot longer than 'The Lolita' of Bigfoot Advancement.. 3 years is it?!!!!! How do these other Radio shows not take their research seriously?! It's just another radio show doing the same interviews with the same people. Just what kind of information do these two have to offer that others don't have? What gives these two, more insight to questions that have been already asked and answered....?! Tweedledee & Tweedledum of Bigfoot Radio .................IMO... It's just certain people wanting the Lime Light that really wasn't meant for them in the first place. Again, just another radio show doing nothing for research...... Belle

Finally !!! Welcome back and hello to Monica - Reviewer: USBigfoot 06/12/08 04:07 PM EDT
Full Comment: It's great to have you back on Talkshoe Melissa, and wonderful to hear a new voice as down to earth as Monica's clearly is. Backfired? I would say these two ladies fired up a hit!!!! Keep up the good work, and I will tune in for every show. It's great to hear honest opinions, and to finally hear someone tell these people who see bigfoot everywhere they go, they are full of it!!!! Thank you ladies for having a spine. Also something to consider ladies, maybe it's the couple of negative reviews that has made this show so popular. One has to wonder. People love controversy. You ladies are off to a fantastic start! USBigfoot.

By gosh............................. - Reviewer: Skepticalfooter 06/12/08 02:21 PM EDT
Full Comment: It is about time! I enjoyed the first show, and I am sure you will work out the technical issues. By all means do not stop what you two have so gracefully started. P.S. Thank you for getting this show available on ITunes!

Well... - Reviewer: wildphotographer 06/12/08 11:44 AM EDT
Full Comment: You finally are on the receiving end. Can you say "backfired"?

THIS IS WHAT GETS ME......................... - Reviewer: MakeMeBelieve 06/11/08 07:04 PM EDT
Full Comment: This part........"""The Grey Area *DISCLAIMER* - "The views expressed by the Hosts of the program belong to Melissa Hovey and Monica Rawlins, and in no way reflect the opinions of any group affiliation or membership they may have." In other words, if you have a problem with the opinions expressed by Melissa Hovey or Monica Rawlins, you should put on your big boy/girl panties and bring it to them. No one else can or will help you""""" WHAT??????? What does that even mean?? Because it SOUNDS like you're saying.......that your opinions are the ONLY opinions, and that if someone disagrees they need to grow up, and there's no help for them? Arrogant much?? I have no problem with anyone having a differing opinion from myself. I do however have a problem with an arrogant condescending attitude when expressing it, as if you were God himself. Seriously this is THE lamest show I've ever listened to. The Booger Award? That's the lamest of all. Who deemed you Queen of all things Bigfoot?? I can't decide which I think is more lame, the concept of it or the name of it. I can't believe women of this age can be so immature and simultaneously rude and arrogant. Delusions of grandeur is a sickness, do you realize that? Grow up girls. You're alienating some of the best people in this community with your immaturity. No loss for them, but one day it's gonna be a lonely life for you Melissa. Count on it. No one likes a bitch, at least not for long. ick.

Fantastic Show - Reviewer: Washingtonian 06/11/08 02:09 AM EDT
Full Comment: This is exactly what Bigfoot research needs, a show that takes the research seriously and tells it like it is. I find that Monica's honesty and open attitude are very refreshing, no waffling here, no "possible" sightings or evidence, either it is or it isn't and I'm confident that all evidence will be given close examination and we'll be informed as to it's veracity. Those submitting any evidence will be told honestly "hey, you've got something there" or "sorry, that won't quite cut it" without any emotional baggage behind it. Obviously Melissa knows how to ask the right questions that get to the heart of the matter. Some listeners can't handle that either. She does this in a calm and collected way and doesn't make the person she is interviewing feel put out in the least. I say that these two are on their way to making net radio interesting and thought provolking. Their combined knowledge and experience will only help those who want to improve their research skills and will keep us informed on what is happening in the search for Bigfoot. Excellent show ladies, keep up the good work!!

Grow Up or Get Out! - Reviewer: 06/10/08 04:02 PM EDT
Full Comment: I see the reviews have not been overlay positive, which means that you ladies have done something right! Someone who posted seems to be suffering from penis envy - get real dude (or dudette). This show is exactly what it says it is - in not so many words, smash mouth football. If you don't like that kind of radio - don't listen. Seems to be a lot of people getting angry lately over the way Monica and Melissa handled the caller and his photos. For one, the caller was not a guest; who interjected in THEIR SHOW. He made some claims, was asked to substantiate- and that was not done. SORRY - NEXT TIME TRY AGAIN, with ladies who aren't so intelligent. Keep up the Great Work!

Despite what some think... - Reviewer: Show_me_the_proof 06/10/08 03:29 PM EDT
Full Comment: Despite the naysayers, I found this show was enjoyable for the first one. I found the ladies very objective. They were honest and objective and asked hard questions of the "claims" presented. If we were to believe everything that was presented to us, where would that leave us? Looking like a bigger bunch of idiots than the public already percieves us. We need more objective research in this field and less romanticism and fantasy. All I've heard are fantastic claims, yet have seen no fantastic evidence to back them up. Seems to me that those who are criticizing the hosts are the ones with the fantastic claims with no proof to back it up. Blobsquatches don't cut it folks, claims of interdemensional, shape shifting creatures wont give us any credibility. I dont think the hosts are rude at all. Just being honest. If you dont like it don't listen. If you want to be taken seriously, than present evidence to back your claims. If you dont have legit proof then quit your whining when you're called on it. When you ask for someone to listen to your claims and we ask for the proof, and you don't deliver it, than expect to be called on it. There are alot of great stories but thats all they are, are stories. I have yet to see any proof. Just hearing great stories. I think this show is what the field needs. More Objective researchers like these ladies who call BS, BS and are not afraid to take a stand against it.

The Grey Area? - Reviewer: whiteowl420 06/09/08 11:59 PM EDT
Full Comment: Wow, I believe you need to call the show "We Have No Grey Matter". This show totally sucks, the host are clueless and have no idea what they are talking about. I guess being an ass to callers gives them both girth and length.

Poor quality, meaningless drivel - Reviewer: biggie40 06/07/08 08:42 AM EDT
Full Comment: What on earth is wrong with the sound on this show? It sounds like either Melissa or Monica needs to buy a new telephone - a whole hour of clicks and scuffs is real hard to listen to. Monica was extremely rude to the caller claiming to have photos, simply because he hasn't been researching for as long as she has. Well where are your results Monica? Don't be so damn rude in future. Sure, his photos might turn out to be crappy blobsquatches, but the way you condemned him before you even saw them based solely on how long he has been researching - jeez, talk about being close-minded! I'd bet you are the first to complain about scientists being close-minded toward the prospect of bigfoot being real. The worst thing is that there is lots of dead air whenever the hosts can't think of what to say or are fumbling with the controls - it doesn't sound good. These two ladies read a disclaimer at the start of the show - I can see why the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy don't want to be associated with this show, produced by two of their members - it doesn't instil much faith in that organization if this pair is indicative of their membership.