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Title: June Interview: What does racism really mean & are we too easily offended?

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11/01/2012 02:00 PM EDT
Nov Seminar: Communicating During the Holidays
10/04/2012 02:00 PM EDT
Oct Seminar: How to Survive Social Networking
08/08/2012 02:00 PM EDT
Sept 5th: How to Teach Communication Skills in Your Homeschool
08/01/2012 02:00 PM EDT
August: The Art of Eloquence isn't just for homeschoolers anymore!
07/04/2012 02:00 PM EDT
July Panel: Christian Writers and Speakers Speak Out
06/13/2012 02:00 PM EDT
June Interview: What does racism really mean & are we too easily offended?
05/03/2012 11:00 AM EDT
The Power of Testimony
04/04/2012 02:00 PM EDT
April Interview: Meet Mitsy Lou Puppernickel--Humor and God's Word
03/07/2012 02:00 PM EST
March Seminar: Everyone Talks, Very Few REALLY Communicate
03/11/2010 01:50 PM EST
What are the Art of Eloquence Seminars All About?


- Reviewer: BeckyJoie 12/29/10 10:29 PM EST

This was excellent! - Reviewer: Club DEB 08/06/09 03:26 PM EDT
Full Comment: I love the voices, JoJo, and what you are doing with the show. This was a very honest discussion about what is going on with the GB YouTube clip. Good job on the research you did. I am passing this podcast around. Great show!

Jesus... Grace, Charm, Humor... The Ultimate Soup Recipe - Reviewer: bold4godattitude 06/30/09 10:10 AM EDT
Full Comment: In a bowl, add 3 parts Jesus, gently stir in 1/3 parts each of Grace, Charm, and Humor. Serve weekly to satisfy your needs to learn about Jesus, those who love Him, and to have the funny bone tickled in the process! Warning: Addictive! - My name is Tammy, and I design Christian Dog Tags and T-shirts. I was a guest on 03/19/09 episode called "Sharing Your Faith without saying a word..." and I had a complete blast on the show. I'd never heard of JoJo and Grace Talk Soup before she approached me about being a guest, but after being served her perfect soup recipe, I'm now hooked. Fill your own bowl by listening to Grace Talk Soup just once, and you'll be coming back for a weekly refill also!

Grieving - Reviewer: tmallen61 06/20/09 12:00 AM EDT
Full Comment: I took the time this evening to listen to the grieving episode. It was comforting to know that as I currently go through the grieving process that I am not "alone" in it. Listening to the comments from the chat room resonated with me. Thank you for taking the time to address an issue such as this very sensitive one.

You two are delightful and a true Blessing to all the hearts listening!!! - Reviewer: ajsmktg 06/04/09 12:41 PM EDT
Full Comment: Thank you sooo much for hearing the Lead of the Lord and walking in it for all the really neato things you cover and teach us or remind us about in the Lord's Word. There are few in the Body of Christ that hear their call and walk in it, but I pray the Father will both bless and prosper this show so that many will hear of it and come listen to yall... Thank you both again, in Jesus Royal Name!!!!! Ajsmktg...

Great shows Worth listening to! - Reviewer: jtdowty89 04/08/09 03:24 PM EDT
Full Comment: This is such an awesome site. I find it very useful to be able to listen to a podcast or recorded show if I missed listening to it live. The topics covered are always really good. I would love to hear more for parenting teenagers. Keep up the great shows!

This is a great show! - Reviewer: imagemaker 04/08/09 12:26 PM EDT
Full Comment: This show always has such good information and interesting guest speakers. The format is excellent, and I find out things here (particularly things that affect the speech rights of Christians) that the "regular" news won't cover. Keep up the good work!

Great Guest Speaker - Reviewer: cindyholman 04/08/09 11:50 AM EDT
Full Comment: I really enjoyed your former student today. He is very well "read" and a great speaker too - very impressive! He seems to have a firm grasp on so many issues including politics - and I love that his family is Rush fans!! Very enjoyable listening to him and I wish him all the best with all the things he is "passionate" about - including music - which speaks to my heart ;)

In regard to lead in Dr. Seus - Reviewer: Ellen5e 04/07/09 04:03 PM EDT
Full Comment: I think it is unreasonable for govt to try and legislate such classic books out of our libraries. Do you know how many books children would have to actually consume to be harmed by lead poisoning? Now, not manufacturing NEW products given that there are lead dangers, that IS understandable. We don't contribute to a potential danger.

I Love Jojo! - Reviewer: penneymarie 04/03/09 12:20 AM EDT
Full Comment: I love Jojo's sweet spirit. She is helping us to speak with grace and eloquence and showing us how to glorify God in our relationships. She has a wonderful ministry. I enjoyed her Birthday Bash and the last interview with the author of The Love Dare. We Christians need to hear what Jojo has to say!

Sharing your faith without saying a word - Reviewer: rgabriel777 03/19/09 02:07 PM EDT
Full Comment: Hi my name is rachael and i was in attendance for the show today I really enjoyed this show and the topic you covered and how people are able to interact and share there experiences about the product. Even if you dont have the product discussed learning about what is behind the product say's alot i learnt so much about vissionsxpressed as a company and also Tammy as a person that i did not know , i have 2 of Tammy's key chain Dog tags and love them they are a great witnessing tool wearing the tag chain can also help you become a walking billboard for God. the quality of the products are amazing and you will not see another tag of this quality in the market i can vouCh for that because i have looked, i actually gave a keychain away to a youth pastor as he loved it so much and wanted to show people in his ministry and look at joining the fundraising programme that VisionsXpressed offers . as Tammy said these are scary times and in my eyes what better time to get involved with VisionsXpressed be Bold4God and try and minister to as many people as we can and save as many souls as we can. really enjoyed being here today and will be visiting for future episodes. God Bless

Stephen Kindrick Interview - Reviewer: rstading 03/14/09 06:38 AM EDT
Full Comment: This was a very inspiring and informative interview! Looking forward to seeing the Fireproof movie next month and getting a copy of Love Dare! Thank you JoJo and Stephen! :)

Love It! - Reviewer: fryeme 01/30/09 01:49 PM EST
Full Comment: Love the show JoJo!

December 1st Grace Talk Soup - Reviewer: LivingforGod 12/07/08 04:02 PM EST
Full Comment: Awesome! I rated 5! I agree with Stephen Kendrick that Godly marriages are important witnesses to the world. The Love Dare Book sounds really good. We plan to buy at least one Fireproof DVD in Jan.:). I'm glad that several Christians have started to make movies that glorify God and apply the Scripture. That's what my daughter, Alyssa, desires to do :). Thanks, JoJo, for another great interview! Urailak ("LivingforGod")

Wonderful! - Reviewer: Miss Amanda 12/07/08 02:39 PM EST
Full Comment: That was such an encouraging and amazing interview! thank you so much for conducting it! I am not married yet, but have learned so much from Fireproof and listening to this interview! Thank you Mrs. Tabares! :) Miss Amanda

JoJo is Fantastic! - Reviewer: Msterra29 12/06/08 04:17 PM EST
Full Comment: I would love to say that JoJo is truly a God-Given friend, speaker, mother, and so many other wonderful things. She has inspired me for over 2 years now and her inspiration for the love of God and helping others never ceases to amaze me. Everyone needs to listen in to her and her guest speakers and learn something new each week. Everything JoJo does is truly a blessing!!! Thank you JoJo!!

I am loving Grace Talk Soup! - Reviewer: HumanitarianMom 12/04/08 02:56 PM EST
Full Comment: The interview with Stephen Kendrick was an excellent, excellent discussion of marriage and unconditional love! For the 12 years that I have been married, I have been learning the HARD way, just what unconditional love is. I will never forget when I learned that love is not a feeling, it is a decision, a commitment- it was a profound moment for me. I think taking the Love Dare would help our marriage immensely, as many other marriages- what a great hands-on way to put God's teachings into action! I loved Fireproof, as did my husband- we were fortunate enough to see the movie on opening night! The message of this movie, needs to be heard by everyone. Not only was it full of truth, it was funny, too- the trash can scenes were hysterical! I am looking forward to seeing more films from Sherwood Pictures. The mainstream media is full of garbage, and it is refreshing, to see films with substance, purpose, and entertaining, while glorifying God. I think that this is very much needed and wanted, in our society, as there is such a war on Christians. Keep up the good work! I am looking forward to listening to JoJo's shows in the future- thank you so much for putting this all together! God bless.

Wonderful! - Reviewer: karlaroo 05/09/08 11:15 PM EDT
Full Comment: I really enjoy JoJo's show. My favorite speakers so far have been Carol Barnier and Malia Russell. They inspired me to continue homeschooling my wiggle-worm of a son. Rather than throwing my hands up in the air in defeat, I'm forging ahead with God as my guide.

04-24-08 Show - Reviewer: Testing.... 04/24/08 11:55 AM EDT
Full Comment: Hello, I enjoyed listening to your show and look forward to doing so agaon:) Where there is grace, there is No race...

Great for newbies and veterans alike! - Reviewer: Felice Gerwitz 11/08/07 03:53 PM EST
Full Comment: I have learned many things listening to episodes of Grace Talk Soup. JoJo does a wonderful job moderating the speakers and allows each for their input. This is a wonderful resource for anyone wanting to learn more about Christian values as well as valuable information on homeschool topics.

Homeschool Socialization Talk - Reviewer: Gretchen1 09/21/07 07:13 PM EDT
Full Comment: JoJo, wonderful show. I was happy to listen in. Keep up the fabulous job.

Bravo!!!!!!!! They are all Great! - Reviewer: LovingLife1 06/01/07 01:26 PM EDT
Full Comment: I love all the topics. I down load them to my pc and listen to them. Great job JoJo!!!!!!!!! Nita Lopez

What a wonderful Talkcast! - Reviewer: BalancedNow 04/30/07 03:13 AM EDT
Full Comment: Hey Jojo! I just listened to your most recent talkcast and I am so blessed! What a great idea! Your creativity never ceases to amaze me! Thank you for such a great place to come and visit each week! Keep up the good work work make my heart smile! Love you! Deb Wells from Oregon

Grace Talk Soup Is Cookin'! - Reviewer: turtlephil 04/21/07 11:20 AM EDT
Full Comment: Leave it to JoJo Tabares ( to bring her unique style and humor to The Word of God, the subject most near and dear to her heart. The information she presents is right out of the news, real life situations that we all know about, NOT pie-in-the-sky religion. JoJo tells it like it is and, more importantly, she instructs us how we are to tell it like it is, boldy, yes, but always with that side orde of grace and humor and, most importantly, in love.

Thanks for good info! - Reviewer: hayhoea 04/17/07 10:44 AM EDT
Full Comment: Thanks for accurately proclaiming God's truth and the importance of evangelism. Keep up the good work!

This is a wonderful show... - Reviewer: Dana Williamson 04/15/07 11:47 AM EDT
Full Comment: It's a talk show w/o interuptions!!! Love it. (now it's hard to learn how to leave comments.) Keep working for the Lord Jojo...awesome job

A great way for Christians to get current on important topics - Reviewer: Jadee77 04/14/07 04:43 PM EDT
Full Comment: This is a great show to help Christians stay current on some important events that affect us all and how we can help make a difference. The show is not only informative, but the host is warm and fun to listen to. She is very likeable and easy to listen to.

Great show and way to share your faith... - Reviewer: jconnert (Wearingtheword) 04/12/07 11:10 AM EDT
Full Comment: Being an advocate of alternate methods to sharing your faith, I appreciate what Jo Jo is doing and enjoy her show. Jim Conner Wearing the Word

I love listening to Talk Soup - Reviewer: NCCM/New Life Speakers 03/30/07 09:40 AM EDT
Full Comment: Talk Soup is a relevant show that brings us updates on what's going on with the Christian community. I appreciate the host's dedication to defending the faith. Keep up the good work.

Great Job! - Reviewer: Marcie 03/23/07 07:04 PM EDT
Full Comment: This is great information about new stories I wouldn't be aware of otherwise. I enjoy the show. Keep up the good work! I am sharing this with many of my friends. Marcie