VMware Communities Roundtable
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Hosted by: vmware
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 19367
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Title: #441 - VMworld Community Tips/Tricks w/Ariel Sanchez, Yadin Porter

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Past Episodes (451)

Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
01/14/2009 03:00 PM EST
#31 - Misc topics + Virtualizing Exchange I
01/07/2009 03:00 PM EST
#30 - VMware Communities Roundtable
12/17/2008 03:00 PM EST
VMware Communities Roundtable
12/10/2008 03:00 PM EST
#28 - View - Guest TBD - VMware Communities Roundtable
12/03/2008 03:00 PM EST
#27 - Open Topics - VMware Communities Roundtable
11/19/2008 03:00 PM EST
#26 - Open Topic Roundtalbe - VMware Communities Roundtable
11/12/2008 03:00 PM EST
#25 - VMware AppSpeed - VMware Communities Roundtable
11/05/2008 03:00 PM EST
#24 - EMC's Chad Sakac - VMware Communities Roundtable
10/29/2008 03:00 PM EDT
#23 - VMware Server - VMware Communities Roundtable
10/22/2008 03:00 PM EDT
#22 - vCloud - VMware Communities Roundtable
10/15/2008 03:00 PM EDT
#21 - Open Topic - VMware Communities Roundtable
10/08/2008 03:00 PM EDT
#20 - VDC-OS - VMware Communities Roundtable
10/01/2008 03:00 PM EDT
#19 Open Topics with Mike DiPetrillo - VMware Communities Roundtable
09/24/2008 03:00 PM EDT
#18 - VMworld, Cisco Nexus 1000V - VMware Communities Roundtable
09/10/2008 03:00 PM EDT
#17 - VMworld Predictions - VCR


Great Content ... But The Audio Quality - :( - Reviewer: snutter 06/29/18 12:49 PM EDT
Full Comment: I've been listening to this podcast since the early days of John Troyer hosting it and it's always had good content. But why does VMware struggle to achieve professional (or even reasonably decent) sound quality? I know this has been supposedly "addressed" in the past, but in 2018 it still sounds like two tin cans with a string compared to everything else I listen to. A lot's been said about this in the past so I won't dredge all the issues up again, but every other technical podcast I subscribe to has figured out decent audio. Why can't VMware?

the best song - Reviewer: gilberts 01/27/18 05:06 PM EST
Full Comment: You give the best song to us, it's really cool

Not bad - Reviewer: vickicasey 01/18/18 11:18 AM EST
Full Comment: Interesting, great facts, like such audios

Improved Audio as of May 1 2017 - Reviewer: vmware 07/26/17 09:48 PM EDT
Full Comment: Thanks for the feedback, we adjusted the mixer and believe we have improved audio yet again. Let me know what you think on #397. We still talk to fast and ramble. Trying to clean that up as well.

Easy to fix - Reviewer: davidnaude 06/28/17 07:47 AM EDT
Full Comment: The content is good and relevant, but a lost opportunity to grab a bigger audience. It is the audio quality that lets this podcast down, just 2 episodes back on what's new in vRA 7.3, the keyboard slapping was so loud you could not hear anything the guest had to say. I noticed a recent comment about how the audio issues have been addressed, but I do not feel it is enough. Listen to a podcast similar to the Datanaughts, or Software Engineering Daily. Both of them are clear and afford the listener the opportunity to focus on the topic at hand, where I was unable to complete the episode in mention.

Podcast, #385 - Reviewer: bodasatish 04/13/17 11:38 PM EDT
Full Comment: vSphere encryption is more better as my understanding.