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Title: EPISODE 88 - Shape Up Your Business for 2011 w/ Phaedra Stockstill

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Past Episodes (88)

Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
07/10/2008 03:00 PM EDT
EPISODE13 - Meet Stephanie Inge - All Around eBay Professional
07/08/2008 04:05 PM EDT
EPISODE12 - Meet the Dynamic Duo; Marcia Cooper and Harvey Levine
07/01/2008 05:05 PM EDT
EPISODE11 - Meet Donna Bond, The Online Auction Princess
06/27/2008 08:00 PM EDT
EPISODE10 - Meet Stephanie of Katiyana's Collectibles
06/25/2008 04:15 PM EDT
EPISODE 9 - Meet Janelle Elms - OSI Rock Stars Visionnaire
06/10/2008 10:05 AM EDT
EPISODE 8 - Meet Debbie Levitt - CEO of ASWAS
06/10/2008 09:05 AM EDT
EPISODE 7 - Meet Sharon Ware - Founder of Dandelion Consulting
06/05/2008 03:00 PM EDT
EPISODE 6 - Meet Linda Martin of Lady Linda's Loft
06/03/2008 12:05 PM EDT
EPISODE 5 - Meet Dany Byrne of Ghost Leg Media
06/02/2008 08:05 PM EDT
EPISODE4 - Meet Joyce Banbury, CES
05/22/2008 01:00 PM EDT
EPISODE2 - Meet Cindy Shebley of CloverCitySells
05/22/2008 10:00 AM EDT
EPISODE3 - Meet Janieruth Reding - The Fabulous & Funky JR
05/12/2008 03:00 PM EDT
EPISODE1 - Meet Wendy Siegel aka WebWendy the Lyricist


Great - Reviewer: vickicasey 01/18/18 11:17 AM EST
Full Comment: I like this one, really useful as for me )

Very Helpful - Reviewer: DCPodcast 03/22/15 01:42 PM EDT
Full Comment: We are currently trying to get our business off the ground and there were some amazingly useful tips! Thanks!

Excellent information from Savvy Seller on - Reviewer: DreamAdventures 05/19/10 04:33 PM EDT
Full Comment: This was an easy to understand and informative podcast with a true entrepreneur. It was entertaining to hear about his background and his passion for success. We've just begun to hear talk of, and this podcast is right on the cutting edge of the newest social media technology. Great job!

Learn Tips Tools and Techniques with the Savvy Seller - Reviewer: insatiablegeisha 12/24/09 11:41 PM EST
Full Comment: All 77 of Marlene Gavins "Tips from the Top with The Savvy Seller are priceless! I cant tell you how much I appreciate the archives and to go back and listen again on all the great Top Entrepreneurs she has had on the show. Its advise that I don't think anyone else could get out of their guests. Thanks so much! You truly know how to captivate your audience with rich content!

One of the most helpful e-commerce podcasts around - Reviewer: kayceestudios 08/14/09 01:20 PM EDT
Full Comment: Marlene focuses on people, products and services that can enhance your online business/presence. Her podcasts are focused and not filled with fluff, definitely one of the best around today.

Great no nonsese advice that you can put to work right away. - Reviewer: AuctionWally 03/02/09 04:33 PM EST
Full Comment: This podcast is a wonderful example of why business podcasts are doing so well. You get solid information that you can use immediately. The SS has a way of asking just the spot on questions relevant to the topic at hand. This is one that every netrepreneur should follow.

Unmissable Shows - Reviewer: Andrew J Titcombe 11/19/08 06:54 AM EST
Full Comment: and so many to catch up on. Marlene U R certainly a savvyseller so thanks for sharing your contacts and your knowledge. I'm a bit of a late starter so I have a lot of your shows to listen to. Might have to take up jogging (perish the thought!) so I can listen to you on my iPod

Randy Smythe - Reviewer: OLARadio 10/28/08 06:19 PM EDT
Full Comment: Great interview! Must have information for the ecommerce seller.

Thank you for letting me be one of your guests. - Reviewer: katiyana 10/09/08 03:51 PM EDT
Full Comment: It was a fun experience to talk with you, and I look forward to maybe exploring some other subjects like Squidoo with you in more depth in the future. Stephanie Katiyana's Collectibles

Great information Well worth Listening to! - Reviewer: ladylindas 06/05/08 02:15 AM EDT
Full Comment: I thought the content of this interview was very helpful and it made me want to try some new media in my listings.

What an exciting series for online sellers and entrepenuers! - Reviewer: chloeev 06/04/08 09:38 AM EDT
Full Comment: I really enjoy your series Marlene. What an exciting way to share information, tips and trick from successful online buisnesses! You are showing people they too can be successful by gathering information from others! Thank you for this series! I have posted it on my Facebook! Mary Evans Drei Katzen Media

Thanks so much, Marlene! - Reviewer: janieruth 05/22/08 02:24 PM EDT
Full Comment: Marlene, just a quick note to let you know how much fun it was to be on your podcast! You made me feel right at home and I enjoyed talking to you about my eBay business and OSI Rock Stars. I can't wait to see you "in person" at eBay LIVE in Chicago! janieruth