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Title: Final FREE Stump Markus broadcast

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04/21/2011 08:05 AM EDT
Final FREE Stump Markus broadcast


GIMME MY MONEY THIS THIS TRUTH CAST YOU SUCKERS! - Reviewer: MarkusWantsHisPay 12/05/12 10:14 AM EST

Get the Internal Revenue Service to do a full audit on this Markus Allen person. - Reviewer: Judas_Mamzer 11/23/11 08:44 PM EST
Full Comment: The fucker cant see beyond his dollars and sense, keep risin that price bitch well see who gets the last laugh. Your Markus Allen spam menu is feat of conology on all your least suspecting goofs who pull out their pay pal account for you.


Possibly The Most Reviled & Blacklisted Direct Marketer On The Web Today? - Reviewer: Georg_M 10/30/10 09:47 PM EDT
Full Comment: Perhaps so...but for surprising reasons even more than his opinionated personality, Markus Allen, capable host of Talk Shoe weekly show, "Stump Markus Live", often loses favor with many on the 'net's darkside' for his solid backbone called...integrity. Believe it. Regardless of your skill level, Stump Markus Live (SML) is a lively and often shocking forum offering not only the freely shared money makers marketing tips in detail, but offers anyone the opportunity to ask any marketing or publishing questions of Markus and his weekly guest panel of pro copywriters and marketers and get answers. Go ahead make their day: Throw your toughest most burning questions at these guys. Hence the catchy title â??Stump Markusâ?? One caveat though: This is forum is not for the faint of heart or those easily offended, as the topics covered often 'leave the ranch' blasting off down blind bunny trails, exploring tales of conspiracies onto Markus â??'no holds barred and no apologiesâ?? rants exposing the oft denied existence of the nefarious Internet Marketers Gurus Good Ol' Boys Club -also known as "The Syndicate". Watch your backsides now! All this does not ignore stadium sized amounts of monetizing direct marketing advice, online and yes even for brick & mortar businesses. You never know what will be in the upcoming surprising mix. Are you ready to ride this killer roller coaster marketers forum â?? very fast? High noon each Thursday on TalkShoe. Be there!

Stump Markus - Reviewer: KGegeben 06/24/10 02:08 PM EDT
Full Comment: We guarantee that if you apply the strategy we are about to talk about to your website you will see an immediate 20% to 30% increase in your sales. The best part is that: â?¢ It won't cost you anything, and â?¢ It will take you less than a couple hours to set up. This magic strategy is called cross selling. The bottom line is that if someone trusts you enough and likes your product or service enough to buy from you once, then they are comfortable enough to buy from you over and over again. The main obstacle you need to overcome when you are trying to convince someone to buy from you is gaining their trust. That's why upsell products are so critical. We have learned through testing and experience that if you present a customer with a second offer while they are placing their first order, at least 20% of them will buy the second product as well. This upsell can be as simple as asking a customer to check a box in order to claim their product and automatically receive the second product (and you will automatically receive the extra profits). What's great about this technique is that everything happens automatically for your customer. Basically, it's like you're asking, "Do you want fries with that?" For example, if you sell printers, then your cross sell offer could be, "Do you want ink cartridges with that?" It's really quite easy-all you need to do is offer a second product that fits naturally with the initial product. You can also offer more of the same product at a discounted price. Perhaps one of the best places to locate your "add fries" offer is on your order form. Your customer has just purchased something from you, they have their credit card out still, and you've already earned their trust and convinced them to make the buying decision. That means now is the best time to make your second offer. For this reason, it's very effective to add your second offer directly onto your order page so that your customer will be presented with it while they are filling out your order form. Your average cross sell rate if you use this strategy will usually be between 20% and 30%, although we have seen rates as high as 40% or 50%. The key to making your cross sell offer successful is to make sure the second product you are offering is closely related to the original product that your customer purchased. You should also offer it at an appropriate price. In our experience, the best price point for an upsell product is about 30% of the price of the original product. For example, if you sold someone a $45 winter coat, then they would probably be willing to buy a $15 winter scarf. You can include text that says something like, "Check this box to add [second product] to your purchase at a special discount of 25%." Then write a few paragraphs to describe how the second product compliments the original product and why your customer will benefit from getting both. Don't forget to state the price of the cross sell product, and mention your guarantee again too (to remove the risk of buying). You can increase your sales by another 10% if you add complimentary product offers to your thank-you-for-your-purchase page. This is a very simple upsell strategy that too many businesses overlook. When you consider that customers are most resistant to purchasing right before they decide to buy, and are more inclined to buy after they've finally decided to make that initial purchase, it seems hard to believe that every business doesn't take advantage of their thank-you pages to cross sell. The hard part is done, you've convinced your customer to buy, now all you have to do is present them with another, complimentary offer!

Full Comment: Hosted by: IconoclastRadio Title: Iconoclast Radio - Jim Stachowiak the Zionist Child Predator Time: 04/16/2010 09:01 PM EDT Episode Notes: Iconoclast Radio 302-566-1943 Jim Stachowiak the Zionist Drug Addict Child Predator Gets a call from Iconoclast, and leave Jim the child predator out cold on his own show. Lots of documentation. His criminal record. Internet search to see if he has registered as a Sexual Predator. Covered is how this jewish cop takes advantage of under age Goy girls, as the talmud tells them they can do. Also TJ talks about how Jim Stachowiak has a sexual addiction, and Louie B tells how Jim Stachowiak told Loiue he could butt fuck him if he wanted. Watch the Child Predator run when confronted by Iconoclast Radio, and more. �¢�?�?Lispy�¢�?�? Jim Stachowiak of Martinez, Georgia is suspected of embezzling from a defense fund he was involved with meant for accused domestic terrorist Charles Dyer. Stachowiak is now under official investigation with authorities who believe he has fraudulently pocketed donations meant to be sent to the Charles Dyer Family for legal fees. WE HAVE also uncovered a long history of child sexual abuse allegations against Stachowiak that range back to the 70�¢�?�?s, during a period in which a teenage Lispy Jim had fallen under the spell of communism. Michael Turner with the website Chip In has confirmed that the Georgia Attorney General�¢�?�?s Office has subpoenaed financial records for an account set up to assist in the legal defense of Charles Dyer, who known as the July4Patriot has been detained for the possession of a destructive device and the alleged rape of a seven-year-old girl. It is suspected that while Stachowiak administered the account a substantial amount of money went missing. Turner would not comment further citing that while the investigation is ongoing his company would cooperate with law enforcement, but could not divulge details related to the missing funds. Besides Stachowiak, associated with the account being investigated are Travis Steffens of California and Nancy Genovese of New York. Stachowiak has recently undergone a number of financial setbacks that has seen the foreclosure of his home after his inability to make nine consecutive mortgage payments. In February both the water and gas utility companies ended service to his home. There is, also, rampant discussion of a deteriorating mental state as his neighbors have reported to police that he has been spotted roaming the neighborhood in soiled underwear carrying semi-automatic assault weapons. The Public Information Officer for the Columbia County Sheriff�¢�?�?s Department says in recent weeks they�¢�?�?ve had two complaints called in to their Emergency Services Department that included the allegation that Stachowiak was seen roaming a family neighborhood heavily armed and pointing an AR15 semi-automatic assault weapon at shrubbery, while declaring that �¢�?�?demons from the Georgia Grindstones I absolutely rebuke you!�¢�?�? Stachowiak has previously been accused of inappropriate behavior with a female child, which saw his dismissal from a police training program. we have has also uncovered allegations that in 1977, while working with a communist youth group protesting the Panama Canal turnover, Stachowiak was deported from Panama after being accused of orally sodomizing a three-year-old boy. Stachowiak�¢s father was previously removed from a United States military service post in 1975 after suspicions arose that the younger Stachowiak was involved in recruiting German children for pornographic films. The teenaged Stachowiak is said to have fled to Czechoslovakia before reappearing in America and joining an anti-American youth group being controlled by Soviet Intelligence. Within months of his American return, Stachowiak was in Panama working on behalf of the communist organization trying to embarrass President Jimmy Carter. Lispy Jim has spent the previous two months asking for donations to the July4Patriot Defense Fund, which the Dyer Family is now claiming they never received. Whenever donations to the fund have waned, Stachowiak has threatened certain parties that if they did not donate an amount acceptable to him, he would declare them traitors on his internet radio broadcast and publicize the home addresses of their children. When allegations first came up that funds had disappeared, Stachowiak went on the offensive accusing different people of stealing money from the account. Authorities have dismissed those claims and are now focusing on Stachowiak as the prime suspect in the embezzlement.

dETECTIVE AGENT PERP! - Reviewer: CSImiami 04/25/10 03:34 PM EDT

CYBER STALKING! - Reviewer: HPetersenPI 03/26/09 12:19 PM EDT
Full Comment: I have been witnessing certain people following others around on here and commenting on their pages. Normally I would look away and attribute it to kindergartners, but this case is much more severe. These people need to brush up on the law before they decide to do this again. I happen to know a certain detective that is investigating some of these perps and if it continues here on talkshoe, I would encourage you to also file a report. If there is anything else I have missed that should see for my investigation, please send me an email or talk to me when you see me on the next show.

Watch Out For The Lie brigade - Reviewer: Infidel News Hour 03/21/09 02:50 PM EDT
Full Comment: Russ Dove is a liar and fraud email me and i will forward Erics email as proof also Christie mocked a dead woman by the name of Marcia Mead too. JOINT PRESS RELEASE August 15, 2007 Minuteman Project, President Jim Gilchrist, 949-448-0411, Minuteman Corps of California (MCDC), Carl Braun, 858-254-8733 San Diego Minutemen, Jeff Schwilk, 760-525-1655 Save Our State, Don Silva, 818-601-8407, CHRISTIE CZAJKOWSKI EXPOSED: RADICAL ACTIVIST, CHRONIC LIAR SAN DIEGO, CA Christie Czajkowski is a failed anti-illegal immigration activist who has been fired from at least eight (8) different Minuteman groups over the past 14 months, including MCC, MMP, MCDC, SOS, Friends of the Border Patrol, SDMM and other mainstream anti-illegal immigration groups. She has been fired and banned from our groups for the following reasons: - Criminal History including 3 Misdemeanor Convictions in Utah (two for disturbing the peace) - Chronic Drug Use (medical marijuana?) - Unsafe weapons handling at the border - Insubordination and disobedience to Group Leaders at the border and public rallies. - History of mental illness (Sharp Mesa Vista Mental Hospital) - Radical public behavior including burning and defacing Mexican flags - Aggressive, confrontational behavior towards pro-illegal alien groups and rally's in public. - Not following published rules and guidelines for Minutemen members - Confrontational behavior with Law Enforcement - Filing False Police Reports - Erratic behavior, severe depression, and suicide attempts and gestures. - Treason: Openly working with pro-illegal alien activists to attack innocent Americans who do not side with her and her radical agenda. - Teaming up with radical activist Russ Dove and his known racist group in Tucson In addition to the above character issues, she currently has a false $700,000 lawsuit pending against Jeff Schwilk from her trespassing incident in his house on Feb 4th. She falsely claimed he assaulted her when she refused to leave his property. Oceanside Police also had to respond to Schwilks home on Jan. 20th when she showed up uninvited at 2am and threatened to commit suicide in his driveway. They had to physically remove her from his property when she refused to leave and after she tried to break into Schwilks house. She has attacked Minutemen, stalked them, and has falsely accused them of numerous crimes over the past nine months. Legal action is being taken against her for her illegal stalking and harassment activities. Now she is trying to imply that Minutemen vandalized camps in Rancho Penasquitos both in November and on Jan. 27th, a claim that is completely false and known by SDPD who have fully investigated the alleged vandalism. Law Enforcement is well aware of her activities and is monitoring her actions. She is an unemployed part-time mother of two young daughters who lives in a large rented house in Chula Vista paid for with donated money. She is currently President of the floundering internet group where Russ Dove is the Vice President, where they beg for donations to pay their living expenses. They have openly expressed their goal of trying to bring down the Minutemen groups. They tell the public that the Minutemen are too passive in their actions and people must become radical in their activism to stop the invasion of the illegal aliens. Russ Dove is a convicted felon and has also been recently convicted of another crime in Tucson, AZ. No sane illegal immigration activist in the nation has anything to do with Christie Czajkowski, Russ Dove, or their Truth Brigade. The media is now being used to promote the lies of these anti-American activists against good, law-abiding anti-illegal immigration volunteers

Hi Markus - Reviewer: RussDove 03/18/09 06:22 PM EDT
Full Comment: To hear my Rants on politics,religion and yes oriental women go to Also hear Christies claims of being able to do anything like for example moving matter with her mind

An unparalleled source for all media marketing - Reviewer: ChrisJackson 09/25/08 04:58 PM EDT
Full Comment: Markus Allen has encyclopedic knowledge on the subject of marketing and his presentation is very entertaining. An added bonus is a membership in his Marketing Junkies Circle for less than 20 bucks a month.

Great Show - Reviewer: 08/06/08 03:08 PM EDT
Full Comment: Great Broadcast and Content, could not ask for more. Thanks for the help on my show last week, it was greatly appreciated. We are eagerly awaiting your appearance on our show as a featured guest. Thanks again. joe...

Need marketing help? - Reviewer: 07/31/08 01:12 PM EDT
Full Comment: Have a marketing problem that you can't solve? Tune in to Markus' weekly broadcast and ask him -- one of the top marketing guys around. If he doesn't know the answer, he'll find out. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to grow their business.

Great Info - Reviewer: PandoraFiles (Richard) 05/29/08 01:25 PM EDT
Full Comment: Great show to exchange info about computer programing. You don't have to be a techie to understand, Markus does have patience. If you don't get the info the first time, ask again. This is a great free resource, all you have to do is listen.

From AskCarl (Carl Weisbrod) - Reviewer: AskCarl 04/30/08 05:47 PM EDT
Full Comment: This is going to be a Dyno-MIte program. Esoteric content with little pabulum. Markus stretches my brain corpsuckles!

Informative, Well Done, and the Host is in Control - Reviewer: Mike L. 04/24/08 01:17 PM EDT
Full Comment: Here's an excellent example of what a show can be. The host is well informed on his subject matter, has good delivery, and is in good control of the show. A must-listen show for marketing people.