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Title: EPISODE61 - Maccast Loop Message

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Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
05/31/2008 01:25 AM EDT
EPISODE61 - Maccast Loop Message
05/25/2008 01:00 PM EDT
Maccast Loop 2008.05.25 - #53
05/18/2008 01:00 PM EDT
Maccast Loop 2008.05.18 - #52
05/11/2008 01:00 PM EDT
Maccast Loop 2008.05.11 - #51
05/04/2008 01:00 PM EDT
Maccast Loop 2008.05.04 - #50
04/27/2008 01:00 PM EDT
Maccast Loop 2008.04.27 - #049
04/20/2008 01:00 PM EDT
Maccast Loop 2008.04.20 - #048
04/13/2008 01:00 PM EDT
Maccast Loop 2008.04.13 - #047
04/06/2008 01:00 PM EDT
Maccast Loop 2008.04.06 - #046
03/30/2008 01:00 PM EDT
Maccast Loop 2008.03.30 - #045
03/16/2008 01:00 PM EDT
Maccast Loop 2008.03.16 - #044
03/09/2008 12:45 PM EDT
Maccast Loop 2008.03.09 - #043
02/24/2008 01:00 PM EST
Maccast Loop 2008.02.24 - #042
02/17/2008 01:00 PM EST
Maccast Loop 2008.02.17 - #041
02/10/2008 01:00 PM EST
Maccast Loop 2008.02.10 - #040


Always Great - Reviewer: InfTek 02/01/09 11:11 PM EST
Full Comment: We appreciate your shows! Thanks for everything! For Hosted Kerio at $5.99/mo. check out:

It Rocks - Reviewer: MichaelKing 10/28/07 12:43 PM EDT
Full Comment: This has to be one of the Mac Based Podcaster out there a lot of very good info on the Mac Hardware and software as well.

MacCast Loop Rocks! - Reviewer: SouthernMORacing 08/26/07 02:03 PM EDT
Full Comment: Adam at MacCast is THE reason I bought a 30gb ipod. MacCast Loop is one more hour of great info I can enjoy during the week when I miss the Sunday Talkcast.

always great - Reviewer: Pierre.B 08/26/07 12:40 PM EDT
Full Comment: Adam's podcasts are always great - to the point and very well prepared

Great (iPhone) Podcast! - Reviewer: rjmac 08/06/07 02:19 AM EDT
Full Comment: I really like this show.(iPhone) They talk about everything Mac related. (iPhone) You should join in and listen to pick up some pointers and advise (iPhone) on new Mac products, (iPhone) tips and tricks that you can use everyday. (iPhone) It's the Maccast (continuous iPhone) Loop!

Great for anyone who likes computers - Reviewer: griffey 04/15/07 11:15 AM EDT
Full Comment: It gets into more main stream aspects of cimputers with a Mac slant but if you have a iPOD or any other consumer product made by apple you will love it. It will cost you because after awhile you end up buying a mac after they talk about how easy they are to use. Which after my purchase I agree...

The Best of the best of Mac - Reviewer: thunder1979 04/10/07 09:34 AM EDT
Full Comment: After hearing your podcast, I have to say you have to be the one of the best podcast out there for the mac community, because just like others said you guys don't talk to so far above my head I have to get all my tech manuals out to figure out what your talking about.

The MacCast gone interactive - Reviewer: MarkSheppard 03/09/07 09:49 PM EST
Full Comment: The MacCast is the definitive podcast for the Apple/Macintosh community. Now, the host Adam has taken this one step further by bringing his great show here. Two Thumbs Up!

Great job, Adam! - Reviewer: Lance_G 03/04/07 10:27 AM EST
Full Comment: Adam has a knack for communicating in a way that users of all levels can appreciate. He doesn't talk above your head without explaining what he means. This means that this interactive podcast can be a valuable learning experience for all users. It's podcasts like this that makes the Mac community such a pleasure to be a part of. I look forward to great discussions with the Maccast Loop!

As great as the maccast podcast - Reviewer: hjruiz 03/03/07 05:05 PM EST
Full Comment: Adam keeps doing great shows. It doesn't matter if its live or recorded, they are all a pleasure to hear. Ada, keep the great work.

Great podcast! - Reviewer: AriX 02/24/07 09:36 AM EST
Full Comment: The MacCast was one of my first and favorite podcasts when I got into podcasting a year and a half ago... I recently discovered talkshoe, and one of the first things I said was "I'll bet Adam will make a live version of the MacCast soon". Well, it happened, and I can't wait to go live on the second episode of the MacCast loop!

Wonderful.. - Reviewer: chris24 02/22/07 05:05 PM EST
Full Comment: Adam has always been involved in the MacCast Community. This Show Really shows that, because he is talking live, possibly responding to what people are text chatting about.. And Of course taking calls... Great... Interactive... This is going to make talkshoe huger (than it already is)... With Leo and Adam both doing a podcast on talkshoe, this will be Great For Talkshoe! Can't Wait For The Next Episode !!