Black Author Showcase Poetry Spotlight
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Hosted by: Black Author Showcase
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
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Title: Black Author Showcase Poetry Spotlight

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11/19/2008 07:30 PM EST
EPISODE5 - Black Author Showcase Poetry Spotlight
08/13/2008 07:30 PM EDT
EPISODE4 - Black Author Showcase Poetry Spotlight
07/09/2008 07:30 PM EDT
Black Author Showcase Poetry Spotlight
06/11/2008 07:30 PM EDT
To Slam or Not to Slam, That is the Question.
04/23/2008 07:30 PM EDT
Introducing the Black Author Showcase Poetry Spotlight


Poetry Slam June 11, 2008 - Reviewer: tahanee 06/12/08 01:36 PM EDT
Full Comment: I enjoyed being apart of a wonderful show. Listening to the great talent and wonderful stories was so inspiring! Thumbs up to everyone who participated and tuned in!!!!

Black Author Showcase Poetry Spotlight - Reviewer: Jill Delbridge 06/12/08 12:09 PM EDT
Full Comment: The Show was Amazing laced with Extreme Talent,Knowledge ,Wisdom ,& Fun.First Time I've ever recited any of my poetry.A night filled with enlightenment.I was honored to participate:)

Black Authors indeed - Reviewer: Phaso the poetrywoman 06/12/08 10:41 AM EDT
Full Comment: WOW. Even without the poetry recited, and the lyricists, this was an amazing show about getting more involved with the youth. The artists were an added bonus ;) Thanks for a great show.

The Show on 6/11/08 - Reviewer: imanera 06/11/08 10:25 PM EDT
Full Comment: I called in today and didnt know what to expect but as soon as the show progressed, I was delighted to hear of all the talent as well as the positive opinions coming from everyone. It was a pleasure to be actively involved and I'm glad I called.

The Show on 4/23/08 - Reviewer: Juanita Betts 04/24/08 09:35 AM EDT
Full Comment: I was a participate on the show with host Diane and she is a pleasant, intelligent and gold hearted person. This was a very good show, the authors, poets including myself was phenominal. Its amazing what the heart speaks. Beautiful, and I will be back and hopefully as a host one day! :o) -Juanita