Politicians and the Lies They Tell
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Hosted by: Tim the Heart Lawson
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Title: EPISODE1060 - Politicians and the Lies They Tell

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03/01/2013 01:56 PM EST
EPISODE1063 - Politicians and the Lies They Tell
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EPISODE1060 - Politicians and the Lies They Tell
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06/06/2010 07:23 AM EDT
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06/03/2010 11:26 PM EDT
EPISODE1049 - Politicians and the Lies They Tell


hello - Reviewer: amina03 10/12/15 04:27 PM EDT
Full Comment: hello dear my name is amina please i will like us to know each other but am not often here on http://www.talkshoe.com contact me with my email i will introduce myself to you and also tell you the reason why i contacted you (aminaidrissa03@hotmail.com please i will be waiting to hear from you

Full Comment: http://crotchshotradio.com/2010/04/15/james-stachowiak-is-a-traitor/ Hosted by: IconoclastRadio Title: Iconoclast Radio - Jim Stachowiak the Zionist Child Predator Time: 04/16/2010 09:01 PM EDT Episode Notes: Iconoclast Radio 302-566-1943 Jim Stachowiak the Zionist Drug Addict Child Predator Gets a call from Iconoclast, and leave Jim the child predator out cold on his own show. Lots of documentation. His criminal record. Internet search to see if he has registered as a Sexual Predator. Covered is how this jewish cop takes advantage of under age Goy girls, as the talmud tells them they can do. Also TJ talks about how Jim Stachowiak has a sexual addiction, and Louie B tells how Jim Stachowiak told Loiue he could butt fuck him if he wanted. Watch the Child Predator run when confronted by Iconoclast Radio, and more. http://recordings.talkshoe.com/TC-80448/TS-347490.mp3 �?�¢�??�??Lispy�?�¢�??�?? Jim Stachowiak of Martinez, Georgia is suspected of embezzling from a defense fund he was involved with meant for accused domestic terrorist Charles Dyer. Stachowiak is now under official investigation with authorities who believe he has fraudulently pocketed donations meant to be sent to the Charles Dyer Family for legal fees. WE HAVE also uncovered a long history of child sexual abuse allegations against Stachowiak that range back to the 70�?�¢�??�??s, during a period in which a teenage Lispy Jim had fallen under the spell of communism. Michael Turner with the website Chip In has confirmed that the Georgia Attorney General�?�¢�??�??s Office has subpoenaed financial records for an account set up to assist in the legal defense of Charles Dyer, who known as the July4Patriot has been detained for the possession of a destructive device and the alleged rape of a seven-year-old girl. It is suspected that while Stachowiak administered the account a substantial amount of money went missing. Turner would not comment further citing that while the investigation is ongoing his company would cooperate with law enforcement, but could not divulge details related to the missing funds. Besides Stachowiak, associated with the account being investigated are Travis Steffens of California and Nancy Genovese of New York. Stachowiak has recently undergone a number of financial setbacks that has seen the foreclosure of his home after his inability to make nine consecutive mortgage payments. In February both the water and gas utility companies ended service to his home. There is, also, rampant discussion of a deteriorating mental state as his neighbors have reported to police that he has been spotted roaming the neighborhood in soiled underwear carrying semi-automatic assault weapons. The Public Information Officer for the Columbia County Sheriff�?�¢�??�??s Department says in recent weeks they�?�¢�??�??ve had two complaints called in to their Emergency Services Department that included the allegation that Stachowiak was seen roaming a family neighborhood heavily armed and pointing an AR15 semi-automatic assault weapon at shrubbery, while declaring that �?�¢�??�??demons from the Georgia Grindstones I absolutely rebuke you!�?�¢�??�?? Stachowiak has previously been accused of inappropriate behavior with a female child, which saw his dismissal from a police training program. we have has also uncovered allegations that in 1977, while working with a communist youth group protesting the Panama Canal turnover, Stachowiak was deported from Panama after being accused of orally sodomizing a three-year-old boy. Stachowiak�?�¢s father was previously removed from a United States military service post in 1975 after suspicions arose that the younger Stachowiak was involved in recruiting German children for pornographic films. The teenaged Stachowiak is said to have fled to Czechoslovakia before reappearing in America and joining an anti-American youth group being controlled by Soviet Intelligence. Within months of his American return, Stachowiak was in Panama working on behalf of the communist organization trying to embarrass President Jimmy Carter. Lispy Jim has spent the previous two months asking for donations to the July4Patriot Defense Fund, which the Dyer Family is now claiming they never received. Whenever donations to the fund have waned, Stachowiak has threatened certain parties that if they did not donate an amount acceptable to him, he would declare them traitors on his internet radio broadcast and publicize the home addresses of their children. When allegations first came up that funds had disappeared, Stachowiak went on the offensive accusing different people of stealing money from the account. Authorities have dismissed those claims and are now focusing on Stachowiak as the prime suspect in the embezzlement.

State Of The Union - Reviewer: Tim the Heart Lawson 09/09/09 03:30 PM EDT
Full Comment: Who Can Carry The WEIGHT Of Children And The Poor But A Man Who Has Been There. It`s Time To Act, For The Future Of The Depressed. Wars Are But A Weapon Of The Rich To Gain Power And Become Richer. This is not referring to all Rich. Bring our troops home safely! To hell with a one world order! Christians of values, and those of faith can and must find a common ground. But The Poor, And The Homeless Will Be The Victor`s In The End. And the Veteran who stood up for my right to say this. Tim The Heart Lawson Is President Bush doing the right thing? I just saw an article where Former FBI director Mr. Hoover wanted to lock up 12000 American during the Korean war. Are we that close with the Bush administration as far as having our rights being taken away? Being a person who cares about the sovereignty of our nation and the up holding of the US Constitution I fill that not only are our rights being taken away they are political profiling now! Governors are signing into action a bill to do away with away with the death penalty. I support this act completely, but is this another politicians ploy to your vote? Yet we have our children to think about as far as pedophiles go, etc. Since I believe that the human life is sacred, I would support the act of chemical castration. Only at election time are we given the candy. Yet we are treated like a second rate society any other time. Look at poor the homeless our enviroment ect. Please at election time sign in the best person for the job!!! Here in Virginia they can take your home for failure to pay taxes. Yet our constitution states that they have to compensate you for your home. Is this compensation? How precious is A CHILD IN YOUR EYES? IS HE OR SHE WORTH THE FIGHT TO STAND UP AGAINST THOSE WHO KILL THEM? MY GOD IS HOLY HE DOES NOT HURT LITTLE CHILDREN OR WOMAN. OR MEN AS FAR AS THAT GOES. DO YOU HAVE A HEART OF LOVE WOULD YOU KILL A CHILD? What make`s a President a President? One who listens, one who observe`s. One who goes to the people for advice on a regular bases!!! One who debates with the Congress and Senate. One who is not afraid to lose a vote or two over something that is going to do his or her country a satisfaction. One who stands up for children, women, men. And is that order. One who know`s that women and children are to be protected and that men are the protectors. One who realize`s that the poor are just as important all the time, as the rich. One who realize`s that there are racial deference`s, but not afraid to put to record strait that we are all humans of equal value in the eye`s of God! One who realize`s that he has to clean his own back yard before he can mess in someone else`s. Also one who can take advice and heed to it. One who also hug`s his or someone`s child every time he pray`s. One who runs his country in a way that is becoming to a President or any other man woman or child. Who has a heart that is bigger than a whale? A human`s that has love in it!!! We are about 16 Trillion dollars in debt. Do the politicians have any ideal on how to get us out of debt? I do. America belongs to Americans. United we stand Divided we fall. So lets Unite for whats good for America and our neighbors.

Bash Bush - Reviewer: Freedom Fighter Radio 01/01/09 04:29 AM EST
Full Comment: I love this show and how you jump on bush this show is great

5 star show - Reviewer: jeffreydrhodes 12/25/08 05:42 AM EST
Full Comment: this is a great show!!!!!

America throwing their children away - Reviewer: Educate All Youth 08/20/08 09:23 AM EDT
Full Comment: My son ricky, at age 16, became a aggravated lifetime high risk offender due to teen consensua sex. The government refuses to change the alws saing the public demands cases like this to be prosecuted. I believe America needs to be educated about the laws so no more children, like my son, lives are destroyed and forever lost. Please read our story www.rickyslife.com and share it, sign my petition and educate your own children. Please help me save a child it could be your child. Want to hear Ricky and me live go too www.talkingpointsradio.com or visit Derek site who got forty years for consensual matters www.derekoftexas.blogspot.com or ten year olds becoming registered due to palying doctor www.ethicaltreatment.org Please folks help me save these children from this life of hell