Just Gotta Scoot
Category: Hobbies
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Hosted by: David L. Harrington
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 16296
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Title: EPISODE137 - Scooterfile.com with Nathaniel Salzman

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Past Episodes (129)

Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
04/20/2007 04:30 PM EDT
EPISODE9 - Scooterville Part Two
04/13/2007 04:30 PM EDT
EPISODE8 - The Scooterville Story
04/06/2007 04:30 PM EDT
EPISODE7 - Scooter Touring with Dave Marquis
03/30/2007 04:30 PM EDT
EPISODE6 - Honda Scooter History
03/23/2007 04:30 PM EDT
EPISODE5 - Ducati History with Avery Harrington
03/16/2007 04:30 PM EDT
EPISODE4 - Lambretta History With Dave Lee
03/09/2007 04:30 PM EST
EPISODE3 - Vespa History
03/02/2007 04:00 PM EST
EPISODE2 - Scooter History Before WWII
02/23/2007 04:00 PM EST
EPISODE1 - Just Gotta Scoot - Intro


Two Wheels Rcks!! - Reviewer: pooter 09/25/08 05:30 PM EDT
Full Comment: I love this show! Why isn't everyone listening to this?

EPISODE60 - The Scooter Boom - Ditto! - Reviewer: mpgmotors 07/08/08 04:10 PM EDT
Full Comment: David, We're too busy to listen live but I found time to catch up with JustGottaScoot.com over the holiday weekend. All I can say about the scooter boom and the price of crude and the future of scooters in the US - is what you already said... Good Job! Pat Yearick MPG Motors http://www.mpgmotors.com

Best Scooter Info. Around! - Reviewer: Paul (the voice) Stanton 06/12/08 02:36 PM EDT
Full Comment: Everything you always wanted to know about Scooters but didn't know who to ask! The host has an amazing amount of knowledge in his head when it comes to scooters (& lots of other things too)... If you have a Scooter Question then this is the guy to ask for sure! Paul (the voice) Stanton - StantonEnterprises.com

History of the Vespa - Reviewer: Dillinger63 04/12/07 10:09 PM EDT
Full Comment: This history was very informative. I own a 2006 LX150 that my wife rides, and I have a 2007 Vespa GTS.

Very informative! - Reviewer: bharrington 02/23/07 04:29 PM EST
Full Comment: This show is all encompassing- Safety, Learning how to ride, What uses and reasons people have and ride scooters, What types of scooters are out there, and the History of scooters.