Grifball Explosion
Category: Sports
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Hosted by: GriffordPBall
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 16254
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Title: EPISODE20 - Grifball Explosion

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Past Episodes (13)

Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
12/14/2008 09:00 PM EST
EPISODE20 - Grifball Explosion
08/12/2008 10:50 PM EDT
SNGB Radio Broadcast
07/28/2008 09:00 PM EDT
GBSML08 Episode 2
07/11/2008 10:00 PM EDT
GBSML08 Preseason Show
05/11/2008 08:00 PM EDT
GBSL08 Playoff Week 1 Show
04/26/2008 02:45 PM EDT
Special UK Edition of the Grifball Explosion
04/25/2008 10:00 PM EDT
Grifball Explosion Week 5
04/18/2008 10:30 PM EDT
Week 4 of GBSL08
04/13/2008 10:45 PM EDT
Week 3 of GBSL08
04/06/2008 10:10 PM EDT
Week 2 of GBSL08
03/28/2008 10:10 PM EDT
Week 1 GBSL08
03/19/2008 09:00 PM EDT
Episode 2 - Pre Season Q&A
03/16/2008 07:59 PM EDT
Episode 1- Pre Season Q&A


Marry me! - Reviewer: Groupie 04/15/08 07:01 PM EDT
Full Comment: I love this show especially when they take the calls...secifically my calls. MARRY ME QUICK!

Grifball Explosion - Reviewer: LBCountry 03/20/08 12:29 PM EDT
Full Comment: Good stuff guys. Can you imagine next episode? Me unmuted for the whole time. I sense shenanigans. UPDATE: I had a blast being on the show, thanks for doubling the episode length! I had no idea that many people were into this kind of thing.

it's growing! - Reviewer: KinGoliath 03/19/08 06:56 PM EDT
Full Comment: wow a live Q&A internet talk show? this is brilliant. great for grifballers, great for everyone! great job on the first podcast guys, and i would like to agree with quik that it is VERY important to enjoy your fellow team players, so I suggest taking away some time from your matchmaking to practice, or play matchmaking with your teammates, to make yourselves feel a lot more familiar. last season my teammates were a bunch of fairly unfamiliar people, and we always had a lot of trouble knowing who exactly was going to be playing, so make sure that is also not a problem. good luck for the flood of people who will be on here tonight ^.^

Just what our league needs. ^^ - Reviewer: BlueZebra 03/19/08 01:22 PM EDT
Full Comment: It's pretty awesome now that we have a whole podcast system, especially for something this...well...griftastic. We can get updates from the grifball blogs but now also radio-style for those who get bored from reading(guilty). Really hope this continues through the league and probably further if we have more, plus it's great to hear framilier voices we know, love, and/or hate. =]

Awesome show! - Reviewer: DiverDan84 03/18/08 11:44 PM EDT
Full Comment: Great idea and i like the listening part because i hate reading! But good job and keep up the good work!

Grifball Explosion - Reviewer: jlamanna 03/17/08 08:38 PM EDT
Full Comment: Grifball is a hot new multiplayer sport thats sweeping Halo players everywhere. For more info on it you can visit Other than that this is a great way to keep in touch of whats going on in grifball throughout the season. Highly reccomended

Grifball Explosion - Reviewer: armyman09 03/17/08 02:14 PM EDT
Full Comment: I listened to the recording today I was sad I wasn't there to hear it live but it was still great. Good to hear Quick's answers. on the issues with some of the questions that a lot of people had in their minds. Can't wait for the next episode and hopefully Team L.I.E gets some sort of interview here haha.

Awesome - Reviewer: DeGeNeRoUs 03/17/08 12:42 PM EDT
Full Comment: Very well done, great idea.. lol my team was the team that had the game, and it was 48 minutes lol

Dispite the derned buffer ... - Reviewer: Hachrt 03/16/08 10:59 PM EDT
Full Comment: After the show was over and I listened to the replay Grifball Explosion was quite what I expected it to be. I kinda wish the beginning all hadn't lead back to well there is no secret to our success we liked each other. "Play with people you like." "Play with people you like." but considering the time they had to put this and the line of questioning all together I feel this was a successful show and answered many questions for newer players.