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Title: EPISODE59 - Author Mike Jefferies of "A Family's Heartbreak"

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07/10/2009 09:00 PM EDT
EPISODE59 - Author Mike Jefferies of "A Family's Heartbreak"
06/05/2009 09:00 PM EDT
EPISODE58 - The hipocrisy in Parental Alienation
05/22/2009 09:00 PM EDT
EPISODE57 - What is working and what isn't working?
05/08/2009 09:00 PM EDT
EPISODE56 - Alienated Mothers Day
03/27/2009 09:00 PM EDT
EPISODE55 -Clinical Social worker & Mediator Larry Herren
03/20/2009 09:09 PM EDT
EPISODE54 - SpLiTnTwO.com
03/13/2009 09:00 PM EDT
EPISODE53 -"The Goodbye Syndrome"
02/27/2009 09:00 PM EST
EPISODE52 -A father's successful stategy to overcome parental alienation
02/20/2009 09:00 PM EST
EPISODE51 - When is it time to say Goodbye?
01/30/2009 09:00 PM EST
EPISODE50 - Dr. Reena Sommer
01/23/2009 09:00 PM EST
EPISODE49 - Dr. Douglas Darnall
01/16/2009 09:00 PM EST
EPISODE48 - Forensic Psycologist & Evaluator Dr.Rybicki
01/09/2009 09:00 PM EST
EPISODE47 - Child Therapist Vicki Barlow
01/02/2009 09:00 PM EST
EPISODE46 - Carol Cirocco and A mother named Ester
12/19/2008 09:00 PM EST
EPISODE44 - Ken Krajewski "Father Without Christmas"


forgiveness is a wonderful thing - Reviewer: MoM4MyKiDz 06/09/09 06:45 PM EDT
Full Comment: forgiveness does nothing for others but it releases you from the burden of carrying around unneceesary anger and resentment towards those who have done you wrong, even if they do not ask for forgiveness

Inside the heart of a child - Reviewer: Split n Two 02/19/09 02:08 PM EST
Full Comment: I have a son who is now 18 who has been severely alienated from "me" his mother for "five long years". Before this happened he could freely put his arms around me and give me a big hug wrapped with his love. "I love you mom" were his words followed up with a big smile. The last two shows were very difficult for me. My heart ached to hear two boys one who is now a man, one who will be a man not long from now and for my own . They were couragous for speaking up for how they felt and how they're voices have gone unheard. It ached my heart more so because, I have three children who have been forced to live a life of being silenced, without emotion and with constant torment in their hearts and minds. These two stories were amongst so many that have gone unheard. They were both very difficult shows to do for me, however both have helped me see inside the pain of a childs heart and how they are feeling. I can only pray that their hearts can heal from all of this, that the pain they feel now doesn't follow them throughout their lives and suppress them further.

************************ - Reviewer: Sister Charity 02/17/09 12:57 PM EST
Full Comment: **********

I'm so proud of you both - Reviewer: BetterhalfofSplit 01/01/09 09:14 PM EST
Full Comment: Tawnya you've been so strong through this whole experience and you are using it to help a lot of people thru their own alienation. I'm really proud of both you and Chrissy for doing this.

So Greatful..... - Reviewer: The Lee PAS Foundation 11/14/08 02:47 AM EST
Full Comment: You are a godsend to so many of us suffering through this horroble time without our children. You give hope, you give us belief, education, and support. I am so greatful for you entering my life, I feel as though it was just meant to be. You have given me purpose....and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

next ep.( 36) - Reviewer: Sheila_mb 10/24/08 01:30 PM EDT
Full Comment: I am Julia's sister. I have to work tonight while the ep. is on so I cant call in. I just want her to know that she and the kids are always in our hearts. Love ya sis. Sheila

Vital information for alienated parents - Reviewer: protectthechildren 09/17/08 12:53 AM EDT
Full Comment: Thank you so much Dr. Bone! I really appreciate your input. I wish I had this information when I first starting dealing with alienation. Your advice is needed by all targeted parents

THE SAME EXACT THING HAPPENING TO ME EPISODE 19 - Reviewer: annelieseRN 07/18/08 07:11 AM EDT
Full Comment: Thank you for sharing your story Gay and Mike. The same exact thing happened to me because I would not sign a prenup with my baby's father. He got a lawyer and went to the courts and made false accusations with his mother while I was away. So sneaky the way he did this. It only took the court a few hours to take my son away.

WHAT A GREAT SHOW! THANK YOU SPLITNTWO - Reviewer: momzkidzrmissed 05/31/08 09:53 AM EDT

I enjoyed it - Reviewer: matt07002 05/20/08 11:21 PM EDT
Full Comment: sbroe....Why is it that when kids speak up, they are automatically suspected of having one parent alienating them from the other parent? I wish my father cared as much as his father. The mother and father live in the same town and he only gets to see him a few days a month. I dont need to know anything else because that by definition is alienating. When you set everything aside, you are left with a mother that values the child support payments more than the child's feelings. If a child wants to see their parent, they should be allowed ESPECIALLY if they live in the same city. There is no need to talk to the mother. As long as she doesn't want the child to have 50/50 time with each parent while they live in the same city, she is in the wrong. CASE CLOSED!!

For Sally Broessel - Reviewer: Just A Dad 05/19/08 09:37 PM EDT
Full Comment: Thanks Chrissy and Tawnya for your courage in having this segment. For the commentor below: My battle with vicious alienation has been long and difficult. I've spent thousands of dollars and thousands of hours to prevent his alienation from me and to keep him safe. This show brought it to light from his point of view. How can this discussion ever take place unless someone can state what happened and tell how he feels about it? Jamie's recollections are not my reiterations, they are his recollections. We really appreciated everyone taking the time to listen to us. Jamie has reached an age where he is questioning his mother's behavior for the past 8 years. Please don't presume to know what he remembers and what he doesn't-regardless how you feel about the show overall. This didn't start yesterday or last week. I know some of what I said didn't sound pretty and I know it was uncomfortable for us to know he was present. But, the events I conveyed were factual and not judgmental and in this specific case experienced directly by him. The PURPOSE was to allow him to talk about it in a safe environment and allow others to interact with him. And, I am certain that had Jamie's mother been listening, his statements would not change. If I thought he was still at that stage, this show wouldn't have happened. What bothers me is that when a child finally does have the courage to stand up and express himself, he is discounted, invalidated, and viewed as not capable of determining and interpreting his own experience. And then my motivations are questioned and it is suggested that I am an alienator in what I'm doing. And who do we usually find doing that along with the courts? Who are the naysayers that frown with disapproval? Very often it is the therapists, law guardians, and other so called professionals who make judgments based on their own prejudices, experiences, and on brief observations of people they know nothing about. Feel free to contact me anytime: MY WEBSITE www.thegeezerzone.com

Son talks about PA - Reviewer: sbroe 05/17/08 02:36 PM EDT
Full Comment: This young boy (12) was too young to be speaking out regarding this issue. He claims he "remembers" things that happened when he was 3 y/o, but it is very much more likely that these rememberances are what he has heard his father reiterate. The father promised at the start of the call that nothing negative about the mother would be said, but alot of negative things regarding her were said. For instance, she screamed and swore and unfairly denied the father equal contact. This anger, though sutble, could be picked up by the child. And the fact even that he was being nice to his son, is something that can make an abused person identify with the abuser. This father was placing a lot of emphasis on the childs expressed wishes, which we know can be tainted, especially since this son was seeking his father's approval, and he would naturally want to avoid the anger from his father that he sees him expressing toward his mother. This child was not alienated from his father, and the biggest point they made was that they felt the mother was unfair in granting them as much time together as they wanted. There did appear to be signs the child was alienated to some extent from the mother. I would like to see the mother be offered a chance to speak out on this show, and appear with the son, and see if the son's statements remained consistent. Sally Broessel, LPCC, CBPI

Corruption at the very beginning - Reviewer: RedWriter 03/21/08 09:00 PM EDT
Full Comment: Sadly our children are thrust into a world of ugliness and hatred and then our very own government victimizes them. Then one thing of beauty sprouts and grows into two from the cess pools of this vileness, Split in Two is here to help guide the lost and damaged children. Thank you to Tawnya and Chrissy for the sacrifices they are making to bring truth to a generation of children that have been lied to and emotionally raped by the P.I.M.P.s (Political Ingrates Manipulating Parents) The Red Writer

Very useful information and dead on in our situation ... - Reviewer: cyndiann 03/08/08 11:53 AM EST
Full Comment: This was so good ... I felt like you were describing our situation to a T. Thank you for this program Tawnya!

The Pain of Alienation - Reviewer: Little T 03/03/08 10:12 AM EST
Full Comment: This is real-time support from experienced people. A wonderful idea by eager advocates in our efforts to expose and stop parental alienation. 'Agents for Change' becoming a part of the solution. Keep the faith and never give up! For more information on how you can help stop these abusive behaviors, please visit http://paao-us.com and for more general family rights organizations and activities, please visit http://unitedcivilrights.org - together we can make Change!

This is GREAT! - Reviewer: bernedine 02/29/08 08:33 PM EST
Full Comment: I hope this give me an opportunity to not be alone in this and hopefully learn something in might plight in getting back my 3 lost babies! Thankyou Split n Two!!!!

This is awesome! - Reviewer: lexygrl65 02/29/08 04:56 PM EST
Full Comment: The word needs to get out and what a perfect way for people like me to learn about it. Parental alienation is full of so much pain for the parents and children. I've seen it happen first hand to my best friend!

Flat out Awesome - Reviewer: YatteFu Pennsylvania 02/28/08 11:10 PM EST
Full Comment: Gotta listen in.