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Title: THT3 - Promoting Your Show and Increasing Downloads

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Past Episodes (88)

Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
03/22/2007 04:00 PM EDT
28 - TalkShoe Hosts - Sharing Strategies
03/16/2007 12:00 PM EDT
29 - Kivathon Planning
03/15/2007 04:00 PM EDT
27 - Features in the March 19th Release
03/08/2007 04:00 PM EST
26 - Growing Your Live Audience
03/01/2007 04:00 PM EST
22 - TalkShoe Hosts - Sharing Strategies
02/25/2007 02:30 PM EST
24 - TalkShoe Hosts - Sharing Strategies
02/22/2007 04:00 PM EST
23 - TalkShoe Hosts - Sharing Strategies
02/08/2007 03:59 PM EST
21 - New features; Top 10 countdown
02/01/2007 04:00 PM EST
20 - TalkShoe Hosts - Sharing Strategies
01/18/2007 04:00 PM EST
19 - TalkShoe CASH program details
01/11/2007 04:00 PM EST
18 - TalkShoe Hosts - Sharing Strategies
01/04/2007 04:00 PM EST
17 - TalkShoe Hosts - Sharing Strategies
12/21/2006 04:00 PM EST
16 - TalkShoe Hosts - Sharing Strategies
12/14/2006 04:00 PM EST
15 - Overview of TalkShoe's new software release
12/02/2006 07:30 AM EST
***BEST*** - 14 - How Host Lee Douglas is Breaking Out


hello - Reviewer: amina03 10/14/15 04:21 AM EDT
Full Comment: hello dear my name is amina please i will like us to know each other but am not often here on contact me with my email i will introduce myself to you and also tell you the reason why i contacted you ( please i will be waiting to hear from you

Love Listening! - Reviewer: Alex Hanson 05/07/09 05:51 PM EDT
Full Comment: Dave Nelson does a great job at running this show and keeping everyone updated on Talkshoe. I enjoy all the segments and callers put into this Show. Can't Wait until the next show Keep it Up!

Dave N. Does Good - Really GOOD! - Reviewer: Entrepreneurs On Call 01/24/09 08:48 PM EST
Full Comment: Think about it. How many Internet services, regardless of what there service application is used for, have a Founder, President & CEO of the their company that gets as involved at the customer level as Dave Nelson does? Personally I know of only a few. But those few service companies that do, just like TalkShoe, also provide excellent support from all staff members and convey a feeling that they actually care about their end users. That kind of care is what builds not just satisfied users/customers but a devoutly loyal following of user/customers. My hat is off to you Dave. Thank you for the great show and all the hard work you and your staff do for the TalkShoe faithful. On behalf of my partner Dale Stefancic and myself, here's hoping you and your entire TalkShoe team have a productive and prosperous 2009. Mike Claggett - Operations Manager

Quality Show - Reviewer: 01/22/09 09:02 PM EST
Full Comment: Excellent content. Thank You.

Great show - Reviewer: Kboer 03/27/08 05:20 PM EDT
Full Comment: Great show dave i even did all the steps for the talkshoe facebook app you talked about on ur show today keep it up and i cant wait for ur next show :D

Very helpful & informative - Reviewer: Paul (the voice) Stanton 03/27/08 04:28 PM EDT
Full Comment: A must listen to show if you are planning to, or are currently, hosting a TalkCast on TalkShoe. Also, how refreshing when the CEO himself (Dave Nelson) takes the time to explain this amazing system and how it all works. If you want to keep up on all the latest bells & whistles available to TalkCast hosts then this is the show for you... And... THANKS Dave for being a CEO that really does care and goes the extra mile for the hosts. Everytime I have had problems/issues (heh, heh, stuff I've goofed up & done wrong) he's been right there and got them fixed (I also enjoy listening to Dave's "Cellar Dwellers" Home Wine Making Show) - Paul (the voice) Stanton -

Talkshoe issues! - Reviewer: karmyn 12/05/07 02:56 PM EST
Full Comment: I really enjoyed your show! I've had trouble with Talkshoe in the past not working on my computer, but I'm excited about new changes! I'd love to be able to use it!! cool!

TalkShoe is Awesome! - Reviewer: Moneyworks1 11/20/07 04:09 PM EST
Full Comment: I had the great pleasure of meeting the Talkshow team at the Blogworld New Meda Expo in Las Vegas and was impressed by their product knowledge and willingness to assist podcasters get a show up and running. I continue to be impressed by their customer service, professionalism and ever continuing host development and support resources. What more can I say? Talkshoe is the place for talk...Chime in :)

Talkshoe is top notch! - Reviewer: michaelwmoss 11/04/07 01:03 AM EST
Full Comment: I am very happy and satisfied with Talkshoe and look to be a host for years to come!!

Like a family get together - Reviewer: Chris Riddle 10/18/07 02:36 PM EDT
Full Comment: Great job on the this show Mr Nelson, I love being able to get together and disscuss with my fellow talkcasters!

Love This Show! - Reviewer: TVSeriesFinaleFan 09/14/07 11:10 PM EDT
Full Comment: This show is too fantastic and it talks about the fantastic TalkShoe with the CEO! How many websites have that? Not very many I think! It's awesome as a.a journal to TalkShoe in a way--the first episode was recorded back in TalkShoe's early days--and b.It's cool as a way to get the Top 25 Most Live Participated and Downloaded talkcasts for the week! Of course now the top 100 are on Ning (a fairly new thing with TalkShoe is the Ning network) but it's still exciting to hear the Top 25--and actually before the Ning list it was the only way to get the Top 25. Now of course yeah there's Ning but before it was only TalkShoe--it was only this show. But still an overall fantastic show and a nice guy Dave Nelsen is along with the other TalkShoe staff.

best company in the cloud - Reviewer: ..moze.. 06/25/07 08:27 PM EDT
Full Comment: what a great time for these guys, great people, great service and above all great product.

Dave and Talkshoe are for real! - Reviewer: randulo 05/31/07 01:54 PM EDT
Full Comment: No matter how big the Internet is (and it's big!) the folks at Talkshoe are the best on the web. The whole Talkshoe community can be proud that from the top of the Talkshoe management down to the most modest talkcaster like me, we're all here to help. Great job, Dave and all of you.

A Great Podcast... but even better now! - Reviewer: mark-rizzn-hopkins 05/09/07 04:54 PM EDT
Full Comment: Even better now that Dave et. al. has recognized the greatness of RizWords! I'm excited to be listed at the number three slot on the site now! As to this podcast, though? Great stuff. If you're a TalkShoe host, you need to listen to this podcast to know what's going on in the world of TalkShoe.

This helps a lot - Reviewer: Marian Heddesheimer 01/04/07 11:07 AM EST
Full Comment: I'm just starting my first talkcasts here on talkshoe (coming from skypecast). This talkcast was very helpful for me to have a good start and find all the features. Really well done.

I LOVE TALKSHOE! - Reviewer: Cliff Ravenscraft 12/21/06 03:55 PM EST
Full Comment: I've been podcasting for more than a year. File hosting has become quite inexpensive with a large number of services offering free hosting for only allowing the host to insert a short ad in the front and/or the end of each show. The problem? They are making a TON of money off the content we podcasters put so much work into. I'd always choose to PAY for my bandwidth until I found TalkShoe. A company who hosts your files at a very low flat rate and they SHARE ad revenue with the podcaster! I have moved my entire network of podcasts over to TalkShoe.

Great, Enjoyable! Must SEE! - Reviewer: chris24 12/20/06 06:53 PM EST
Full Comment: Every Thursday, right after school, I always come over to Talkshoe, to listen to Dave's Show. He counts down on the top podcasts, shares new talkshoe information, from new Talkshoe Releases, and upcoming Talkshoe Features. It is an amazing Show! All your questions are usually answered! It is an awesome show, you've gotta check it out... And This show is one of the only shows on talkshoe I LIKE Downloading, AND participating Live!

Dave is Connected to His Clients - Reviewer: Bill Quigley 09/15/06 06:03 PM EDT
Full Comment: I've been chasing around the so-called podcast hosts for months (and months). Without exception, no one takes the time to explain their system or process - they leave it up to a website or forums to guide you. This TalkCast is a perfect example of how it should be done - great info and instruction from a man and company who walk their talk(shoe) - Dave wants us to know what's going on. He also explains it in terms the average Joe (or Jane) can understand - no techno gibberish. If you don't know your RSS from from a hole in the ground -or an FTP from your BVDs - this is the place to be.Thanks and "hats off" to Dave Nelsen and the TalkShoe team. (ranchexit)

This is a great idea - Reviewer: Pat Bruce 09/14/06 05:11 PM EDT
Full Comment: I love this site - it has unbelievable potential, my show is going to be about marketing a website, using a combination of traditional media and sales and marketing strategies and bridging them together with today's technology. Great Job David