PSU Football Insider - A Lion's ROAR
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Hosted by: Bill Contz
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 1464
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Title: Indiana re-cap / Ohio State preview

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Past Episodes (22)

Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
11/08/2007 07:00 PM EST
OSU & Purdue recap / Temple preview
10/24/2007 07:00 PM EDT
Indiana re-cap / Ohio State preview
10/17/2007 07:00 PM EDT
Wisconsin re-cap / Indiana preview
10/10/2007 07:00 PM EDT
Iowa re-cap / Wisconsin preview Garrity & Battaglia
10/03/2007 07:00 PM EDT
Illinois re-cap / Iowa preview
09/26/2007 07:00 PM EDT
Michigan re-cap / Illinois preview
09/19/2007 12:28 PM EDT
Buffalo re-cap / Michigan preview w/ Scrap Bradley & Curt Warner
09/12/2007 07:00 PM EDT
Notre Dame re-cap / pre-Buffalo / Mark Battaglia interview
09/05/2007 07:00 PM EDT
FIU Re-cap / Blair Thomas & Kenny Jackson chat / Notre Dame preview
08/29/2007 07:00 PM EDT
PSU Football Insider - A Lion's ROAR Season II
11/15/2006 07:00 PM EST
Temple re-cap / MSU preview / Joe DeLamielleure chat
11/08/2006 07:30 PM EST
Wisconsin re-cap / Temple Preview
11/01/2006 07:00 PM EST
Purdue re-cap / Wisconsin prev / Scrap Bradley II
10/25/2006 07:15 PM EDT
Illinois re-cap / Purdue preview / Wally Richardson interview
10/18/2006 07:00 PM EDT
Michigan re-cap / Illinois preview / Jeff Hartings & Brian Gelzheiser WWTT


Witty Commercials - Reviewer: RodStewart 10/17/06 11:17 AM EDT
Full Comment: Bill seems to know what he's talking about. I enjoy the conversation and esp. the commercials. Keep up the good work!

Answering the fans needs - Reviewer: aluf 10/02/06 03:06 AM EDT
Full Comment: You definetly fill a niche that was lacking. I rate this show highly but I do have some suggestions. With the level of people on your show you can do a little more analysis. Maybe take a player or a coach and "disect him" showing his strenghts and weaknesses. More detailed analysis on the upcoming game. Also on my computer it seems that the sound levle is different for each person, not a good thing. I listen to everybroadcast even if I can't hear it live some of the times and enjoy it very much 4 and a half stars

Great stories - Reviewer: Prognosticator 09/14/06 12:54 PM EDT
Full Comment: Great stories on the USFL, a forgotten chapter in US football history. And Bill really has a face for radio too.

There is No Better Host!!! - Reviewer: JoeDelamielleure 09/01/06 07:20 AM EDT
Full Comment: I'm now in the NFL Hall of Fame. I played with Billy Contz and he is the funniest, most entertaining, best-liked player I ever met in the 13 years that I played. I couldn't think of a better host. The guy is hysterical.

Great Penn State sports show - Reviewer: Mark Juliano 08/30/06 10:44 PM EDT
Full Comment: Bill really knows his stuff having played at PSU as well as the NFL. The show is casual, friendly, and very informative. Two thumbs up.

Great Host! - Reviewer: LionOnYou 08/30/06 07:54 PM EDT
Full Comment: Really funny and knows his P.S. football. Keep up the awesome job! We Are?Penn State!!!!!!!